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    Hey Car_Man -

    Looks like we're past January 5th, and I suspect new rates are in place. I was hoping you could share the latest Audi Financial Services buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 A5 Coupe, 2.0 manual, Premium Plus. 12,000 miles/year. (Note that I'm targeting the 36 month lease because I assume it has significantly better terms than the 48 month - if not, would love to know!)

    Second, thanks to my work I have the opportunity to buy or lease an Audi using their "valued partner" program. It appears this program basically takes 6% off of the MSRP (tax/destination not included), and if my dealer cost research is correct (from Edmunds), this means the negotiated price of the car ends up being a few hundred dollars over dealer cost. However, the dealers are loath to let the car go at this price, and try to reduce the residual or up the interest rate to try and recoup.

    My questions to you on this are twofold.

    First, is my understanding of this program (basically giving you just above cost) correct, or are there other hidden pockets of money I should know about when negotiating?

    Second, let's assume the car price does end up being a few hundred above invoice. What would you recommend to be a fair "bump" in the charged interest rate or changed residual which should make the dealer want to do business around this program?

    Thank you very much for your time!
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    Hello Everyone,

    New here. I just put a $500 deposit on a 2010 A5 2.0T Premium Plus. MSRP is $40,405 - $1,800 discount = $38,605. 51% Residual

    Doing a 36 month / 15k miles lease. I'm putting $9,134.24 down including deposit for a monthly payment of $398.80

    Good deal for car on lot with shipping plastic wrap still on body and seats? Thank you in advance.
  • taassstaasss Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Car_Man :)

    Do you have details for the new Lease plan, I have yet to find a deal, especially as no quote came close to what you mentioned before!

  • taassstaasss Member Posts: 3
    Hi Car Man,

    Just to add to my request, I'm looking at the Audi A5 Cab Premium Plus. I've been quoted 49% 0.00046 for 36 months 12k.

    Sounds pretty different to other quotes on here but this is after the price change.


  • ghigginsghiggins Member Posts: 5
    Hello, new to this forum.

    I am looking at A5 3.2 6 speed with tiptronic and quatro, premier plus package, nav system, B&O stereo.

    Can anyone advise what they have been paying, total drive out / lease 36 months 12k per year ?

    Thanks for any guidance
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    FYI, just leased a new A5, ($38,275 MSRP, 2.0, bluetooth, heated seats, ipod interface) for $1,380 over invoice in NJ.

    36 months
    10k miles/yr
    zero down
    bank fee and tax included in lease payment of $550/mth. $900 out the door including 1st month's payment.

    86 miles on it. Luv it!
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    Hi shayan30. This car has a spread of a little over $3,000 between its full MSRP and dealer invoice price. That puts the selling price that you were quoted at seven hundred something dollars over invoice, which is a pretty good deal. If you like the car, I personally don't see any reason not to go for it. Just don't put any money down.

    I always advise consumers to go with zero down leases. Those who make large down payments on their vehicles risk losing part or all of the money that they put down if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered.

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    You're very welcome, avrignaud. Here's the information that you're looking for. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 A5 Coupe Premium Plus with 12,000 miles per year are .00136 and 52%, respectively.

    It's great that you can purchase the Audi that you're interested in using its supplier purchase program. As long as the dealer uses AFS' buy rate money factor to calculate your payment I don't think that you have to worry about them trying to slide any hidden profit into your deal. I personally would try to find a dealer that will lease you this car through the program using the base money factor.

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  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hey Ben. Here's the information that you're looking for. Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Audi A5 Cabriolet Premium Plus without quattro with 12,000 miles per year are .00046 and 49%, respectively.

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  • 1pt21jigowatts1pt21jigowatts Member Posts: 25
    Hello all, new here.
    I looked at an A5 2.0 with an MSRP of $39950 today at a dealership in NJ today.
    I am considering purchasing or leasing. Here's the rates I was quoted:

    36month/10k lease
    Money factor .00136
    LEV% 57
    $1869.74 up front
    1st payment due 2/28/2010
    $568.24 monthly

    42month/10k lease
    Money factor .00156
    LEV% 54
    $1843.84 due up front
    1st payment due 2/28/2010
    $542.34 monthly

    on a purchase:
    Sale Price $38750
    $1850 due up front
    4.9% financing
    $761.37 monthly

    Advice on all three options is much appreciated.

  • go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    Do you know the invoice on the car? The upfront doesn't include the 1st month's payment? I got mine for about $1400 over in NJ. It looks like some people were getting about $1000 over. I may have been able to squeeze a little more, but I wanted the car.
  • chirostuffchirostuff Member Posts: 10
    +Dear Go8

    Are you able to tell me the dealer or the package that the car was quoted on , like the type of wheels and such .
  • go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    Bell Audi. Heated seats, i-pod connector, homelink. Everything else is standard. 6 speed manual 2.0.
  • victooriousvictoorious Member Posts: 9
    So I am looking to lease a Audi A5 Prestige with the S-Line Package, 15k Miles a year and 36 month term. Im able to put down anywhere from 3.5k-5k

    What do you guys think would be a reasonable monthly payment?
  • newflaudifannewflaudifan Member Posts: 2
    Hoping you can help...

    i just ordered an a5 cab prem plus - MSRP was roughly $52k, sale price $50k.

    I'm planning on leasing it - 36 months 12k a year. I have excellent credit (mid 800s) and income.

    My issue is that the dealer keeps changing the terms of the lease around, like he's moving numbers around a page – I’m hoping someone can confirm what he is saying:

    I first got the following breakdown of cash due at signing:

    Security Deposit - $425
    Acquisition Fee - $699
    Dealer Fee - $599
    Plus first month, tag, & title.

    He quotes me a 49% residual and a .00076 factor.

    I push back at him on the fees, he agrees to waive the security deposit. I also asked about the factor – I had read in these forums that the current program is .00046, so I was wondering why he was using .00076.

    His answer is that Audi requires that the security deposit be paid up front, or rolled into the factor??? I said I would pay it up front, rather than bumping the rate. He comes back and says that the $450 was part of a special A5 lease, and that the real security deposit depends on the payment - in increments of $25? So rather than $450, based on my payment I’d be looking at a security deposit of $750 - $800.

    Does any of this sound right? Pardon my ignorance – I’ve always bought my cars, this is my first (and last) lease….. It just does not sound right to me…

    Any general thoughts on this deal? What items beyond selling price should I be paying? Should I get the .00046? Thank you in advance! (Sorry for the length)
  • zupermariozupermario Member Posts: 8
    thats funny, because my sales rep told me the sec deposit could be waived by the bank (assuming you have good credit)

    I think you are being humped by the salesman... I have never ever heard of that , and I have leased from plenty of high line cars from Mercedes to Porsches.
  • zupermariozupermario Member Posts: 8
    thats a steal, Bell audi quoted me 602 but still $1800+ upfront to cover acquisition, reg taxes etc.

    How the hell did you get that deal?? Did anyone else get anything remotely close?
  • zupermariozupermario Member Posts: 8
    correct me if im wrong, but my sales rep told me they are not leasing any 3.2 models.. only 2.0, did anyone else hear the same?
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi zupermario. What you were told by this salesperson is not correct. Perhaps HE is not leasing any A5 3.2 models, but Audi Financial Services does have a lease program on it.

    According to the latest information that I have seen, Audi Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 A5 Coupe 3.2 Premium Plus with 15,000 miles per year are .00172 and 50%, respectively.

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  • newflaudifannewflaudifan Member Posts: 2
    Car Man, thanks for all you do in this forum - i don't know how people bought cars before you! Any advice on my situation? Thanks
  • go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    Keep in mind, this wasn't one of the more expensive A5s. It's a manual 2.0. The only big add was the heated seats.
  • go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    I think he is trying to jack the rate up on you. Regarding a monthly lease rate and using .00046 , I did a quick calc assuming 52k msrp and 50k and came up with $788 per month. I included the 625 bank fee, which Audi charges on a lease, sales tax, and the luxury tax (not sure if it applies). Dealer fee of 599 sounds outrageously high and you should not have to leave a security deposit. With the dealer fee and 1st month payment, I est your out of pocket to be $1,645. So, $1,645 + $788 for 35 months.
  • go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    FYI, the 1st price they quoted me was $592 + 1800 upfront.
  • alex113alex113 Member Posts: 1
    PLEASE HELP!!! I wish to buy/lease a 2010 A5 Coupe tiptronic. First of all I dont know whether it is better for me to lease or buy. I live close to work and I dont see myself driving more than 3-4 K/yr. In addition what will be the better deal, to lease or buy. I also need help in understanding what money factors mean and how to go about getting the best deal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first car since college. I live in Los Angeles, CA
  • packrfanpackrfan Member Posts: 50
    i think the general answer to your question depends on how long you intend on keeping the car. the economics are clearly in favor of keeping cars as long as possible as that's the least total cost (over time). this points toward buying rather than leasing. if economics aren't a limiting factor for you, or if you just must have new wheels every 3 years (or whatever period you'd consider leasing), you may be influenced to make a different decision.

    i'm a similar low mileaage driver (got my a5 in july and have about 3k on the odo) and bought it outright. i kept my last car, acura tl for 10 years - still looked & ran great. hope the '5 does as well. btw, love it - only issue is not enough drive time!
  • go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    I would suggest you go to the "how to calc a lease payment" forum and read about leasing. That should give you a good base of understanding.
  • peftekhpeftekh Member Posts: 1
    Hey Everyone
    This is a great forum...Im about to close a deal but wanted to ask your opinion on a lease deal 2010 A5 2.0 Quat Prem Plus MSRP 41,500 ( i have Audi pre-owner incentive as well) and im thinking of putting 2500 down and asking for 500 a month (tax included) 12k/year (dealer asking $3K down and $540 a month)...How does this sound, and should I aim lower? Thanks everyone
    What is a good deal on this car as I have hard time understanding Lease Deals
  • jsk1020jsk1020 Member Posts: 3
    I am graduating this Spring and am looking to lease a car. I bought a 1997 A4 1.8T about a year after I got my license from money I saved up. I sold it couple years ago as in college I didnt need a car. I absolutely loved my A4 and love Audi's. They are where my heart is.

    I am looking at leasing an A5 as I will have a full time job and will be able to make payments. Does anyone know for someone my age (22) and with the Audi college grad promotion they have, how much it may be monlthy to lease? (I understand money down, credit scores, and amount months take part, id just like a quick estimate).

    Also would I be better served to get an 08, 09, or 10? Would getting the earliest year effect price a significant amount? Also the different between the premium package, s line package, etc.? And any other info anyone would like to share.. Thanks so much everyone
  • go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    How many months? What is the sales tax? How much is the pre-owner incentive? What is the invoice on this car?
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    You're very welcome, newflaudifan. Thanks for noticing :blush: .

    Vehicles' security deposits do vary depending upon their payments. Generally speaking, they are equivalent to the monthly payment rounded up to the nearest $25 or $50 increment.

    If you pay a deposit at lease signing, insist that the dealer uses the .00046 money factor to calculate your payment.

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    Hi jsk1020. I've never heard anything about Audi having any sort of special program for recent college graduates. I would be happy to use Audi Financial Services' current lease program to work up a sample lease payment on the exact car that you're interested in for you. Just provide me with its full MSRP and approximate selling price, or its MSRP and invoice price and I'll crunch some numbers. You can find that pricing information over in the New Vehicle Pricing section of

    If you really want to lease, you're going to have to go with a 2010 model. That's the only model year that Audi is providing lease support on any longer. If you would consider paying cash or financing your new A5 then you may want to consider going with a leftover 2009 model or a slightly used 2008 model. You will save yourself some money by doing so.

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  • blutz56blutz56 Member Posts: 1
    i am thinking of leasing an Audi A5 but before wasting my time i was wondering what type of credit is required. My score is in the 670 range.
  • kremdogkremdog Member Posts: 2
    Can anyone comment on this proposal? Seems fair -

    6-speed premium w heated seats, Bluetooth and the ipod interface.
    $300 over dealer invoice,
    36 mth lease with 10K miles per year
    $520.74 per month with $1283.24 total due at signing
    **Includes all taxes and fees except your plates which we bill you for when they arrive.

    MSRP $38,750
    Selling Price $36,850
    Residual at end of lease $22,087.50

    The $1283.24 is comprised of:
    -$520.74 first mth
    -$625 Audi Bank Fee
    -$12.50 NY state tire tax
    -$75 doc fee
    -$40 DMV processing fee
    -$12.50 temp tag/plate

    12K miles per year $531.59 per month...
  • go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    Sounds like a great deal! Unless there are manufacturer to dealer incentives that we don't know about, $300 over invoice is really good. The lease payment makes sense. Go for it!
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi blutz56. Audi Financial Services has several credit tiers, A, B, C, and D. I'm not sure of what the exact cutoff for them is in terms of credit scores, but you definitely will be able to lease through AFS if you want to.

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  • prezlincprezlinc Member Posts: 2

    Need some help with a lease. Looking at A5 with Premium Plus. MSRP is 41,175
    According to the TMV should get for 40,500. Test drove it and I think that is the car I saw, no special options added. Told him I was also going to look at the G37. Dealer said it should be about 600 a month, with no money down and 12K yr. This was him thinking out loud because we did no haggling on price yet as I do want to drive the other car as well. Any thoughts?
  • go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    How many months? Does the "around $600" include the $625 bank fee and taxes? If it does, $600 per month for 36 months implies a sale price of $38,200. If it doesn't, $600 per month for 36 months implies a sale price of $40,000.

    From what's been posted, people are getting the A5 for $1000 to $1500 over invoice. One person on LI said they got it for about $300 over invoice. You can find invoice price estimates on edmunds.
  • prezlincprezlinc Member Posts: 2
    He ballparked that figure as an out the door price, and it was for a 42 months lease.
    I was hoping to get the residual and money factor for both a 36 and 42 mo lease.
    I haven't really haggled yet just trying to get an idea of what to realistically shoot for.
  • bamabillypbamabillyp Member Posts: 5
    All - I have been researching and negotiating for several weeks on wanted to share what I had, and also ask others on their advice. I also have a really good lease software package I used from ExpertLease that is well worth the investment.

    2010 A5 Premium with Nav with Wood Trim Package as the only option
    MSRP $44,425
    $699 and $599 doc / acquisition fee respectfully
    $3,000 down
    7% tax
    $634 monthly payment (includes tax)
    This brings the residual to about 52% and money factor to 0.0016

    It seems the money factor goes down when you move to a package with Premium Plus. Also, Audi does offer Audi Loyalty that is $750 and also a Supplier Program that knocks off 6% from the MSRP.

    While they say the residual and money factor are set by Audi, I don't believe it and think they have room to move.

    This is in Atlanta and I'm wondering how this compares to others. I am coming off on Infiniti lease and they are offering a very, very aggressive program to keep me.

  • jsk1020jsk1020 Member Posts: 3
    Carman, Im not sure but lets just say MSRP 39,995 looking to finance the car with lets say 3,000 down. Thanks
  • jj316jj316 Member Posts: 24
    edited March 2010
    I have a car that is loaded premium plus, Nav, Auto, Milano leather, B&O stereo, mats, wood trim, and Audi care
    615 per month 2500 upfront ( tax plates, first, and bank fee)
    36 months 10k per year
  • dfa1dfa1 Member Posts: 4
    jj316 - What was MSRP on your car described above?

    I'm looking at A5 Premium Plus 3.2L. Options = $1,850 and total MSRP: $46,675

    Can u or anyone else confirm MF = 0.0016 and residual 52% on 36 mths and 12k miles? This would be in NJ.

    Thx friends
  • spybondspybond Member Posts: 7
    That sounds pretty amazing. Which state are you in and where can i sign up?
  • jj316jj316 Member Posts: 24
  • jj316jj316 Member Posts: 24
    long island
  • dfa1dfa1 Member Posts: 4
    jj316 - Thx for reply bro. I'm in negotiation process and must admit this not my favorite pastime, but necessary evil in life.

    Your lease seems to blow away everything I've seen here in NJ. Just wondering what Residual and MF were used and is it 2.0L?.

    Is it true A5 2.0L Prem+ has better residual and MF than A5 3.2L Prem+?

    Thx again
  • kenjo57kenjo57 Member Posts: 1
    do you have an S5 with Premium+ ?
    And what kind of discount off MSRP?
    I am ready to buy,
  • jj316jj316 Member Posts: 24
    No they were the same so we went for the power not the mileage.
  • jj316jj316 Member Posts: 24
    When it was ordered in Jan. they gave it to us at tissue as they have to move them. Buy at the end of the month that is when the prices are better.
  • sehw1sehw1 Member Posts: 2
    edited March 2010

    I urgently need your help. I've only leased one car before, didn't get a great rate, but need to get a new car BY THIS FRIDAY (!) when my current lease ends. Looking into leasing an A5 3.2L Prestige Coupe with a sport package here in CA. Car costs $51,975. I want to have a low a drive-off as possible. I've been offered:

    $1,040.53 total drive off fees
    41 x 828+tx = $909.27, including BMW conquest program rates.

    How does this look to you guys? What should I be looking to pay a month for this car, with this kind of down payment? Any help/advice much appreciated! Not sure the money factor, etc for this type of car....
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