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I have a 2003 Ford Explorer NBX that I bought new in OCT 2002. When I found out in late 2004 that I would be moving overseas for a few years, I purchased PremiumCare Extended Service Plan from Ford because I did not want the person I was leaving the Explorer with to have any worries.

To make a long story short and to get to the point, I had two instances where the Explorer was taken into dealers (two) for what I thought were warranty problems. Both times coverage was denied. When I asked the dealers why, I was more or less told "they talked to the company and coverage was denied". So, I took it up with Ford (Dearborn, MI).

Ford more or less denied coverage, and I have this in writing, because the Explorer is "beyond the normal warranty provisions." Geez, what the hell do I have the PremiumCare Extended Service Plan for (which expires in OCT 2008 or 100,000 miles; it is only NOV 2007 and the Explorer only has 55,000 miles)?

I made two written complaints with the Federal Trade Commission.

If you are having problems with Ford honoring their Extended Service Plan, file a written complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

I will never purchase another Ford product.


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    great experience, love to hear that stuff; JERKS! :(
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    My daughter got an extended service warranty (not Ford). It covers failure due to breakage but not wear. Things do not break while sitting still; they break when you try to use them. Using them means they are getting wear. Thus, anything that went wrong was determined to be due to wear, and warranty coverage was denied.
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    I just received a extended service plan from ford.I was wondering if anyone had a problem with this plan? Or is it a waste of money.
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    With extended warranties, you must determine if it covers "breakage" only, or also "wear and tear". I purchased a 2006 Explorer in January 2010 from CarMax. I purchased the extended warranty for additional 3 years / 36,000 miles. That warranty covers wear and tear. A month or so after the purchase, I noticed a drip on the driveway. Took it to my mechanic, and a gasket on the gear transfer for the 4 wheel drive was leaking. Also had a brake shift interlock problem, where it was difficult to shift out of park (gear would not release). Took it to CarMax and it was all covered.

    The point is, check the Ford warranty. If it does not specifically state wear and tear are covered, I would cancel the policy and get one from another company that covers wear and tear.

    Bel Air Car Guy
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    Thanks for the very good advice. Can't wait to check and see what excuse they give me.
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    I been thinking about getting a set of headlight bulbs. Has anyone heard of having trouble with wiring burning or other problems? Its for a 2008 Mountaineer.
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