Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Seats/Interior

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First entry here, and if you know of a site that's more dedicated to 2000 Sonoma 4X4 ext 3 Door with funds to burn, then I'm ready.
Ok first off, the 2 bucket seats are the worst thing I have ever encountered.
1] They don't even recline. That's just not American. I'm taking my Isuzu 4x4 instead on a huge US tour instead. As a crow flies, minimum 4000 miles with V-Nose trailer loaded with gear and VTX 1800. No worries, it has a 3.2 V6 that pulls it 85 all day with 4 on board the last tour. On a truck scale during the tour, combo rig weighed in at 6700 lbs with one person missing.
2] The seats are being replaced regardless as they are junk.
I haven't researched it fully yet, but I'll do something similar to BMW 740 heated seats.
So if anyone has better thoughts on this, I'm all ears.
Racing seats and cushion floor mounts have only briefly come up, but I'm afraid the padding won't be as soft. Being that's an unknown or tried with my butt.
Thanks, and so far the chores it does climbing hills too steep to walk up loaded down with scrap steel from boat docks off shore was impressive with 1500-2000 lbs of it back there.
Oh, don't worry, I lined the box with plywood first. Winch straps to keep it in, and tail gate down.


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    can you remove the 2 seat and midle console and put a bench seat with 3 place i can bring a extra person and it will mak more space in the midle.... thanks
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    I have a bench seat, you can seat 3, but it will be cozy. Go to a junk yard and look how it is bolted up, I would assume it will go, the capture nuts must be already there.
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