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I have a 2006 Toyota Sienna with Bluetooth capability. In the past I've used a Verizon Motorola cell phone where Verizon has severely limited which Bluetooth features I can use in the car. My Verizon contract is up (yeah!) and I want to go with a company and phone that will let me use all the Bluetooth features that Toyota built into the 2006 Sienna. Can anyone out there advise me on both cell provider and specific phone???


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    Hmmmm, are you sure?

    Toyota's press release said it was a new feature for MY2008. I didn't think models prior to 08 had that.
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    They made Bluetooth Standard on all JBL systems on 2008MY but it was available 2006MY with navigation.
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    OK, thanks for the clarification! :shades:
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    I should have been clearer... my Bluetooth features are completely linked to my Nav. system :-).
    I wish I could find answers to this. There's a Toyota "Let's Talk" web site implying that the Verizon LG VX8500 might work with the car's Bluetooth features. Other than than all I could find were a small handful of Samsung and Sanyo phones that have Sprint/Nextel as the service provider. Sprint gets just horrible reviews where I live (service can be spotty here on Long Island even with the terrific Verizon network).

    Does anyone have knowledge of what the story is with the Verizon phones and Bluetooth?? When I wrote their customer service, the answer I got was gobblydegood! This is what they said: "I can assist you with general information. You can use the LG VX 8300 and perhaps the 850 equipment with your allow me full access to all of your 2006 Toyota Sienna's Bluetooth features.

    Verizon Wireless is always looking for ways to enhance our way of doing business to better meet the needs of our customers. Your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate department for review and consideration. Your feedback provides us with the perfect opportunity to hear exactly what you think, and often leads to improvements you will see in the future.

    For your general information, the Bluetooth capability is a specialized function of this handset, not a feature of our wireless phone service. Verizon Wireless offers limited support of this technology for select devices such as wireless headsets, hands free car kits and dial up networking. It is the intent of Verizon Wireless to provide the best equipment and services possible while maintaining reasonable security measures to protect our customers and the security of our wireless network. This issue has been acknowledged by Verizon Wireless as a potential concern and we are working to provide a suitable solution that will ensure the best customer experience possible. " I certainly don't understand this nonsense...first they said YES, then they said NO.

    This is what customer service said: "
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    A guy I know who is in a wheelchair asked me a question about Bluetooth. He is getting a Toyota Sienna which is outfitted with a ramp and driving gear since he is in a wheelchair and has only partial use of his arms and of use to his legs.
    The Bluetooth in the Sienna is (I think) like that on my 2007 RAV4: not entirely hands free. You have to hit the “off hook” switch to answer a call and have to hit a button to say a name and hit another to make a call.
    The problem is that he cannot hit those switches. He needs it to be completely hands free.
    Would anyone know if this can be accomplished?
    Ear pieces are bad, too, since they usually have to be activated with a finger touch, so far as I know..
    Thank you in advance for any light you might shed on this.
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