2008 Hyundai Veracruz Odometer Speedometer Trip Computer Questions

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I have a 2008 Veracruz (love it!) that I purchased in the US and brought into Canada. Does anyone know how to convert the electronic odometer and electronic climate control systems to display the readings in metric? I couldn't find anything in the owners manual. There must be a way to do it without changing out the whole system.


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    I did the same thing, where did u purchase yours? I got mine from Bellingham which is nice and close to the border. Mine is unique as well, u can't get Satin Beige in Canada. As for your question, u can only change the settings to convert from farenheit to celcius. It is in the owners manual. I don't have access to the manual at the moment but I do remember how to convert the heat settings. Press the DUAL switch and press MODE at the same time till it converts the setting, then you're done. Keep on Cruzin'
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    Hey thanks Brooch! I will try that. I purchased mine in Missoula, Montana. Got the Black with the Saddle leather interior, very sharp. The only thing it is missing is Bluetooth but I'll add that later I guess. Thanks again.

    Oh and by the way, are you saying that it is not possible to convert the odometer readings to kilometers or you just are not sure how it is done?
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    I called the tech and he said the only way to do it is to switch out the odometer for
    the Canadian version. I thought it was done thru the computer because thats how BMW's are done but I guess I was wrong. BTW, have u installed the day time running lights yet? Once I get this done, I can finally get it inspected and registered. I am in Calgary btw.
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    Yes I had the dealer in Montana install the day time running lights. Now I'm just waiting for the form 2 and inspection. I'm in Edmonton. Thanks again for the info.
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    Is the DRL a plug-in module? Can you get it in the US?
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    I have 6,100 miles on my vehicle. I noticed about 3 weeks ago that the trip computer would reset to zero on its own. Sometimes when I get in to leave office for home or sometimes when I start to work in the morning. The total miles since last fill up do not reset, but the MPG, avg. MPH, and the elapsed time starts over. Anyone else experience this?
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    I have my VC for 4 weeks. I noticed it from day one. I've already have given the dealer a heads up. He needs to see it happen (HA HA). Have you solved your problem yet
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    No resolution. My dealer said they would need to see it happen and the chances of them seeing that are slim to none, unless they want to keep it for a couple of weeks. They told me that there have been no other reports to dealers regarding this issue. Worse case, they remove the dash cluster and install a new one. That means the odometer is reset to zero which then requires certification on the title and a notice on the door of the vehicle; not an option for me. Since the temps here in TX have increased, my computer seldom resets.
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    Now that the morning temps in North TX are cold (below 40 degrees), my tripmeter functions are acting up again. The MPG, avg. MPH, and total drive time, are reset to zero when I start up on cold mornings; not every morning. The Trip A and Trip B miles never reset to zero. Anyone else in colder climates experiencing this problem?
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    I have noticed a similar issue. First I noticed the trip computer cycling through the points with no input from me, then I noticed the MPG resetting itself with no input from me. Sounds like a bad switch, but I will definitely have to follow up with the dealer about this.
  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Member Posts: 54
    My trip computer is still resetting, but vary rarely. The last time is reset, the outside air temp was around 50 degrees. My dealer told me last March that no one had filed the same complaint and that the only way to fix it was to remove the replace the gauge cluster. That creates headaches with Dept. of Motor Vehicles since the original mileage is gone and a special plate has to be affixed to the door.
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    My dealer here in atlanta ended up replace the instrument gauge cluster after consuluting with HyundaiUSA. Took about 2 hrs and have had any further problems with the trip/mpg computer resetting itself.
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    My dealer told me that if they had to do that and since the odometer resets to zero, I would have to notify the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. A validation sticker would have to be placed on the back of the driver door so that a future owner would know that the odometer mileage is not correct.
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    I have had this problem off and on since I bought my Veracruz SE. One thing I didn't realize before, was that it is related to cold weather. It was working fine in summer and started giving me trouble as soon as the temperature fell below 40s. Even if the dealer is willing to replace it, I dont want to go through the hassle of notifying the DMV and adding a plate on my door.

    If only Hyundai would compensate us for this.
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