Fj Crusier Trail Team Special Edition!

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Anyone knows what's the MRSP on this?
I know they are going to build 3200 of them which I guess they won't budge on the priceA??


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    I was expecting to make the same question.

    In the Toyota main web page it is announced a FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Special Edition (Iceberg paint). How can I order and where this FJ Cruiser with the specifications shown in the web page? Do I need to be a member of the Trail Teams?
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    I just bought one in Portland, Maine. Supposedly 1 of only 13 in New England so I'm not sure what the distribution areas are like.
    Base $ was $24k and went to $33k after the packages. I got them down to $29k but my buddy bought a regular Fj at the same time so they were working hard on the double sale.
    It's a beautiful ride...
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    We got ours for $30,700 with a sticker price of $33,927. We had been looking for a Voodoo Blue for over a year with no luck finding one with the options that we wanted. The Trail Teams Special Edition had all we wanted with a bonus of a navigation system. Two local dealerships had one each with varying options, but I haven't seen another one here in New Jersey yet. :shades:
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    i'm looking to buy a new fj trail edition my question is did you have a trade involved
    saw that they discounted off list price and how is the mpg
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    No, we did not trade-in a vehicle, but we had been working with the dealer for almost a year trying to get a Voodoo Blue with the options we wanted. The Trails Edition had all the options we wanted, so the dealer made us the deal.
    Around town we are averaging 16 mpg though on my last fill up we got 17 mpg.
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