2004 Chevy Suburban and E85 Ethanol

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I have over 48,000 miles on my vehicle and have used E85 before without any problems, but went back to 87 due to better mileage. Now, I just use E85 to clean out the water in the system now and then. Well, this last tank (last week) of E85 has caused me starting and stuttering problems. Today, I needed AAA to jump start my vehicle as my battery went dead while trying to start it. It was not cold, but once started, there was a "smoke screen" effect as I'm guess I had a bad tank of gas. Has anyone had an issue like this for an extended period of time?


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    You may want to check in over at the Your E85 Flex Fuel Experience discussion and see if anyone lurking there has had problems.
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    i have a 2001 blazer that will not start after i filled up my tank and added fuel system cleaner i went through my rig with a fine tooth comb could not find the problem ,gave me no code had to take it into the shop then i drove my harley to exact same gas station unaware filled up then bam same exact problem needless to say how i feel right now i am out of vehicles off work for 3 days no way to work so in closing some people always have it worse just keep smileing
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