2009 VW Touareg 2

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VW has a new Navigation System coming out. It's called the RNS-510. The Tiguan will get it first then the rest of the 09 models. This new model has lots of features.

Touch Screen Operation
6.5"VGA 16.9 TouchScreen LCD
400 mHz CPU
Standard map display, or 2D or 3D
Audio Playback in MP3 or WMA formats
SD Card Slot for MP3 data which can be copied to the hard drive
30!! GB internal hard disk
Videos while not in motion. It will play both audio CDs and DVDs
The DVD Maps are from Navteq not TeleAtlas
CD Changer, IPOD Interface, Analog and DVB-T Tuners can be connected
Off Road GPS


The unit should be available later this year with the DVD maps. The maps will install on to the Hard drive

There is a made for touraeg version that fits in the dash opening. Only works on Touareg 2's. Touraeg 1's need an adaptor that isn't out yet. Thats from what I have heard. Also there is a premium bluetooth kit that works with it. Backup camera is a possibility too. US version will probably not get TV but will get Sirius Radio. Just wanted to let you know about it.

Non navigation Touareg's are getting a touch screen for 09. There will be premium bluetooth and that's about it.


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    The Tiguan will be sold in the US on May 2008. Could someone give feasible prices for this car. In Europe there are 3-models: What model will be sold here? I would like to order the model “Track and Field”. Will this model be sold in the US?
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    The RNS-510 for the USA is coming soon. For those owners who have a touareg 2 and want a touch screen hard drive navigation system then it will bolt right in. Older models will need a CAN 1.6 to 2.0 adaptor. This will allow you to use this system in an older model. US models are going to have Sirius and HD radio support. They are different from the european version. I don't know if the 1.6 to 2.0 adaptor will work with the US rns-510. The Touareg 2 has the 2.0 interface so it will drop right in. It might have to be coded but it's a cool unit.

    Comes with a DVD map disk. It's a hard drive system but the DVD loads the software and maps.
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    Does anyone know what the Tier 1 & Tier 2 money factors and 39 mth residuals are for a Touareg 2 V8 w/ a 10K annual mileage allowance?

    Are there any buyer incentives planned for February?

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    Incentives are usually a well kept secret until they are announced.

    Try the Volkswagen Touareg Lease Questions discussion for money factor help.
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    So does anyone know when the 09 Touareg will be coming out?
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    The summer. Bluetooth should be out by then. Perhaps it will be able to use the RNS-510 or RCD-510's touch screen. The RCD-510 is the RNS-510 but without the navigation feature.
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    This new Unit will work with HD radio. At least the USA one does.

    A new iPod/USB adaptor is coming out this summer. Will fully integrate the ipod and treat it as an iPod not a CD changer.
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    The non touareg version that fits the VW cars and tiguan is now avaliable. No word on maps yet but they are coming out soon. It's 3499 USD for the Unit. 199 USD for the maps. Not sure on the map price but thats what navteq usually charges for VW map updates. No word on the phone button. That would be required in case you want the new bluetooth module. Perhaps 09 model year will get the required switch.
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    Touareg 2 Part number is 7L6 035 684. Not avaliable yet. Does work in a Touareg 1 but needs a Can-Bus Adaptor. That may not give you perfect steering wheel functionality but it will work. The good news is that it will bolt up to a touareg 2. If you have Dynaudio then it has to be programmed. Same for the non Dynaudio DSP system. For those Touareg 2 tech package owners then they will need to get a new harness for the backup camera in order for it to work properly. Part number for that 7L6 971 192 G.

    No word yet on bluetooth but it will require you to take apart the speedo, tach controls and require you to route a can bus cable. You plug that in and you get MFD support. Also that unit requires VAG-com now VCDS programming. Hope this helps.
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    It is amazing that VW is so far behind and first now start to have a decent system in the car... My 2004 (yes 2004) Acura TL gave me all these features for about $2,000 (nav. system cost). Works while driving, BT standard, Voice activation, touchscreen etc etc
    I was going to get a 08 Touareg, but didn't mainly because of the audio system (6 disc changer in the back are you kidding me). The only question is if I haven't bought a car when the 09 comes out....
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    An online parts store for VW now lists the RNS-510 for the Touareg and the cars. Part number for the unit is 7L6 035 684. No maps yet. Dynaudio will need to be programmed. The MDI is now avaliable as well. The MDI is the new USB audio adaptor. Will have USB thumb drive and iPod support.

    Module: P/N 5N0 035 341
    iPod cable: P/N 4F0 051 510 E
    USB cable: P/N 5N0 035 558

    Part numbers for the MDI and cables. For those with factory nav then some backup camera work will be needed. Also the Sirius antenna will need to be re routed since the RNS-510 has it's own sirius tuner. Also if you have Dynaudio then it will need programming. There is also a can bus adaptor for older models. If you have a touareg 2 then it will work without a can bus adaptor. Some VAG-Com now VCDS if it has a dsp sound system. Hope this helps.
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    Forgot to tell you guys that a new Diesel is coming out for it. It wont be the v10 monster but will be avaliable in all 50 states. Uses Urea Injection to clean the diesel exhaust. Also there will be some non urea parts that will also make it clean. The diesel is a 3.0L v6 unit found in the European model but with US spec modifications.
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    imageSee more Car Pictures at CarSpace.com
    imageSee more Car Pictures at CarSpace.com

    The new and improved MDI aka Media Interface. It's the USB iPod unit that everybody is talking about. It also has full RNS-510 integration and other radio support. The RNS-510 again is the new touch screen navigation system for 09. It also supports Aux in and USB. For tech package owners you should be able to use this to replace the aux in as well. The USB port supports thumb drives. The iPod cable for this thing is sold seperately. The Unit could mount below the armrest. The iPod integration should actually behave like one. It will be much better than the current one. Won't officially come out until may. It requires a harness but thats fine. The harness will allow the song info to show up on the MFI. Hope this helps.
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    The Diesel Touareg is now a 3.0L TDI unit. The price for the 09 diesel starts at $42,800 plus destination. Follows the v6 option package structure. Now you don't have to spend over 60k for a diesel touareg. Like I said it will be a 50 state diesel thanks to it's urea system. The Urea system however has to be monitored. Supposedly at every oil change or something like that. This is pretty good news that a cheaper 50 state diesel will be avaliable. No v10 for those who like 553 lbs-ft :(.

    The 09 Touareg might finally get bluetooth as an option. The RNS-510 for the USA has a bluetooth audio menu. That means they are working on a module just for that version of the RNS-510 :). Meanwhile the Skoda/VW kit with the European Phone button/Audio controller works well. The RCD-510 might also be avaliable. It's like an RNS-510 but no navigation. The RCD-510 only has sirius radio, and no hard drive. The RCD-510 does have a 6 cd changer that does MP3, and WMA. This new Bluetooth module has touch screen dialing and full integration if you have a RCD or RNS-510. It requires you to replace the audio controller with an identical one that has a phone button.

    Hope this helps.
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    Option packages are same as 08 except the Tech package. Tech now gets the new HDD equipped touch screen RNS-510 navigation system. A RNS-510 retrofit kit is likely since it was in an accessory training video. No word on bluetooth yet but it might be a standalone or dealer installed option. It's likely going to have RNS-510 support. The 09 might get the phone button/audio controller if it does have retrofittable bluetooth. Maybe the kit includes the audio controller with phone button

    Diesel should make 221 hp. Mileage is probably better than the v10 monster. No mileage figures yet. Torque should be at around 404 lbs-ft.

    One more thing is that the diesel should come out in January 09. The option packages are again identical to the VR6 model. A $3500 premium over the VR6 model so ok but could be priced better. Must be that Urea and US emission system.

    Hope this helps again.
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    All 09 VW's in general are now getting a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty but with free maintnence until the warranty is up. No longer a 4 year/50,000 mile warranty.
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    hi, anyone here owns a TDI Tourareg?? just wondering what's your experience with it, performance and reliability. Thanks. :shades:
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    About a month ago I received my special order 2010 Touareg TDI, white gold metallic, tech package, lux package, air suspension and trailer hitch. By now I drove about 2000 miles. Excellent vehicle, very smooth and quiet, can't hear the engine and hardly any road noise. Power is excellent, fuel economy as stated, 18/25. I have some small concerns, which I will bring up at my courtesy checkup.
    1. The trip computer shows my MPG about 6MPG more then I actually get. It shows about 30 to 32 on the highway and 26 to 28 overall. Hopefully that is only a fuel flow sensor, as we say for a computer, garbage in garbage out.
    2. It pulls slightly to the right.
    3. The rear body is about 1" lower at the left then on the right, I hope that maybe a minor sensor adjustment of the air suspension.
    Other then that I love the car, the comfort and performance.
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    very nice. I wonder if your #3 concern has to do with the air suspension.
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    As I said, I hope it is just a sensor of the air suspension. It looks like it has fixed itself. I noticed it not being lopsided any more, so I checked it again and it was even on both sides.
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    I have found the problem with the trip computer. I the setup menus, there is a menu for UNITS. In this menu are options for l/100km, MPG US and MPG Imperial, or English. On my car the MPG Imperial was checked and since the Imperial gallon is larger than the US gallon, my MPG was higher. I selected MPG US and my problem was gone. I am wondering about the people who report 30 or more MPG have the MPG Imperial checked, as I did.
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