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Chevrolet Blazer Seats

Hello All! I am the proud owner of an '89 Blazer (1500 series) and I have just one stupid question: is there anyway I can reset the seat angles of the bucket seats so that they actually can go straight up and down?
With the seat back fully forward, there is a good amount of angle, and it makes it difficult for both myself and the missus to drive the truck and be able to actually use the head rest.
Okay, the smart one started driving the truck with a cooler behind the driver's seat, which, while it works, isn't that great a solution to me. Any Ideas??


  • I recently purchased a 2001 Chevy Blazer. I love the vehicle but discovered after driving it for long trips that the bucket seats aggravate my lower back and sciatica problems. Friends suggested that I have the seat reupholstered or replaced. Uphosterers I contacted didn't want to take on the responsibility and so I am looking to replace the front seats. I was told by a parts supervisor at a local Chevy dealer that the GMC Jimmy and Olds Bravada are comparable vehicles. The Bravada seat contours appear to be what I am looking for. Can the Bravada seats (or are there others) easily replace my seats? I've looked at JC Whitney and other companies like that but they don't have any seats that have the same fastening system as the Blazer. Any ideas from anyone?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    All use the same 4 holes on the base and the LT seats are the best (leather) and come in several types - 6 way (stays set to position not remote dependent) and the 8 way (adds position based on which remote use used to open for 2 diff drivers but remote keyed so...) The only thing you need to check on is if the power plug is below the current drivers seat - should be as all same from factory but check and add the fuses for the heat/lumbar under hood in the fuse box. Look in the owners manual for pic.
  • Thank you for the reply and please pardon my ignorance but I'm going to ask for clarification. I have a full power seat on the driver's side that adjusts forward and back, raises or lowers the front part of the seat, raises or lowers the back part of the seat, reclines the back and has a lumbar support. The passenger side is manual except for a power lumbar support. When you say the LT (leather) is the best, is that the Olds Bravada you are referring to? Because I "googled" images of a 2001 Bravada and the seats look more like what I need - more open design, not a deep bucket like my Blazer. If this is the case, it would greatly help me out.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Blazer LT models also have leather and I have a 99 and 01 and they have great support while the 98 models I have are cloth and LS models - 1 power like yours and 1 bench both no support as you have found. There are more Blazers out than Olds so just wanted to point you in their direction. There is a good site on ebay that sells blazer parts called s10warehouse (on vacation till next week) and great stuff shipped right to you if you have a junkyard search problem.
  • But wouldn't all Blazers still have the deep bucket seat? That is what really gives me the problem. I'm a tall guy and wide framed so the risers on the sides of the bucket seat don't allow me to fully sit in the bucket. That's why the Bravada seat appeals to me - it is flatter and more open design. If it means that I have to look harder, so be it, because it wouldn't help to just make my seat leather. I need the flatter, open seating that I see in the Bravada. But since the bolting pattern is the same, it makes it worth while to search. And since I want to drive my Blazer, I'll be on a mission. Also, what years am I limited to looking for in the Olds for my '01 Blazer. I figure the latest model Olds would be the best choice - less wear and tear. Thanks so much for the help.
  • Ok... so i have a 2001 Chevy blazer, about 9 months ago I shampooed the carpets in the front (they were getting a little nasty) and low and behold.. both seats stopped moving as soon as i started the truck. Along with the airbag light coming on and staying on.. Now i've searched the users manual and asked as many mechanics as i can find to figure out where the fuse/fuseable link/relay for this may be.. but to no avail. Both fuse panels have nothing listed for power seats, or airbag. they have heated seats.. but those still work... Now I'm really starting to get agrevated about this as being stuck in one spot while driving (as much driving as i do) starts to get uncomfortable.
    So any ideas on where the problem would be? i'm up for any suggestions. I know i'm missing something somewhere....
  • Hi All,
    I can't get the larger of the back seats to go down.
    The other goes down just fine but the bigger one seems to be stuck Any ideas?
  • The back seat is held in position by the bar in the middle of the seat in back. I believe you have to pull up on it to release the seat. I just got my k5 2 days ago and the seat works great in the rear.. front need to be repaired ( vinyl worn out) and the driver side rocker panel is beyond gone but other than that.. the truck is solid.!! :shades:
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