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Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry vs Nissan Altima (V6 Models)

I have been watching the introduction of newer styled models of the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, and the Honda Accord for 2008. For those out there with indepth knowledge - Which of these cars are the best $$$ for reliability, cost of ownership, and overall value.

I have been driving a 1996 Toyota Corolla that has been great for me over the years! I have racked up 320,000 miles on it from my initial purchase. I am looking for another car that can do similar, but with upgrades (i.e, leather seats, bluetooth, sunroof, etc).

Please post answers to my inquiry on board.

Thanks to everyone!


  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    I am looking for another car that can do similar, but with upgrades (i.e, leather seats, bluetooth, sunroof, etc).

    If that is the case you may want to take a look at the Nissan Sentra SL... Giving you everything you are looking for in a size that you are used to and also it is more economical :)

  • I think i'm your guy, at least 2/3 of one. I owned a '07 V-6 Camry XLE and now own a '07 Nissan Altima V6 SE. These are two very different cars. The Camry is more elegant inside, is very quick, and gets respectable mileage. It has a nice JBL stereo and has a great reliability as did your Corolla. It has a small back seat, small truck, and handles like a battleship. It also has a very high frump factor and I always felt like an old man in mine. I ultimately told my salesman to take it back, treat me fair and find me an Altima V6 SE. The Altima with its CVT tranny is an awesome ride, handles superbly, has a huge trunk, and a great Bose sound system. It gets good mileage, 1 or 2 less than the Camry, is more sporty inside, but you feel great in it. Nissan enjoys a good reliability rating as well. The Altima out performs the new V6 Accord, but most people like Accords better. Go figure. also if you want to stay with a 4 cylinder, the Altima 2.5 has a great enjoy and can hit 34mpg. Get the CVT tranny though! It has a learning curve, but you'll dig it after a couple of weeks. I'm not bashing Honda, they are an awesome car, but I some times think people get stuck on a make and can't see beyond it.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Since you aren't getting many responses -- I'll copy a post I made on the Accord v. Camry thread several weeks ago. These comments apply to the 4 cyl. models --NOT the v6 -- but, hopefully my thoughts will be of some limited use. Just my $.02 on the Accord vs. Camry part of your dilemma :) You can't go wrong--they are all awesome cars! Good luck in your search!

    Accord or Camry ..... that's a loaded question in this forum. Here is my $.02 (the length of this post might suggest I'm giving you $.04 ) -- I think you can't go wrong!! Both cars are excellent for their price...but very different for a discerning driver. The engines/transmissions, while having similar ratings, have significantly different characteristics. In the 4cyl models (which it look like you are looking at), the Accord is higher revving (190HP model) and perhaps has better pick-up once your into the RPMs. The transmission is more sporty in the Accord and, IMHO, better able to read your right foot (I think the auto tranny in the Accord is the single biggest mechanical advantage that the Accord enjoys. . . and its a significant advantage). The Camry clearly has a smoother ride and is better insulated from the road. The Accord, more firm and sporty. Although I don't feel the Accord is "noisy," the Camry is decidedly quieter. The Camry feels more like a luxury touring sedan and the Accord more like a sport sedan (although neither actually get there when compared to the true benchmarks for luxury or sport - but consider the low price!!!).

    Although some disagree, I feel the Camry has a little more bomb-proof interior feel. To me, it seems less luxurious, but perhaps a bit more durable. The interior look / design is so much different between the two cars, it is simply a matter of personal preference. The Accord's myriad of buttons and complicated look will turn some off. The Camry's ultra-sheik, minimalist look will turn some off. If considering a black Accord interior, I do think the aluminum-looking accents on the black Honda interior are awful! It looks good, but is a terrible effort at trying to look anything like brushed-aluminum.

    On both the base levels and premium editions, I think the Camry stereo is significantly better than that in the Accord (especially the up-graded stereos).

    The Accord has more contoured seats and impressive bolstering in the front buckets. But, they hold you relatively tightly and discourage much shifting around. It is somewhat uncomfortable to sit in the passenger seat of the Accord and angle your body toward the driver to talk. The seat wants you to sit straight ahead. The Camry's seats are much wider feeling and likely better for large people.

    I never thought it was a selling point, but the steering wheel in the Honda is awesome (at least in the EX-L's)!! It has a smaller circumference, its thick and has perfect contours for a VERY sporty feel. In general, you can achieve a very impressive driver position in the Accord. The Camry is equally adjustable, but somehow is not able to achieve an equally aggressive position. It may simply be a matter of the bolstered seats and sporty wheel in the Accord???

    With regard to the exterior, you just have to decide which style you like. Again, I don't think you can go wrong. If you are a wheel guy (I think it plays a BIG part in how a car looks), consider the wheel options between the Camry LE and Accord LX-P. The Accord's wheels are considerably more "styled" --whether for better or worse (Personally, I give a huge advantage to Honda in this regard). Consistent with the ride/handling characteristics, I think the Accord looks more sporty, particularly if you can afford a rear spoiler, while the Camry looks more classy. Subjectively, I think both cars fail in front-end design. The Camry looks like a clown with a big nose and the Accord looks like . . well . . like every other car on the road. I strongly dislike the cheap-looking black, plastic fins on the Accord's front grill. The Camry's painted grill is much better executed. I think Honda does a great job with their chrome assents. To my eye, the Accord looks more styled (not necessarily stylish) from the side and the Camry looks a bit "huge" from the side. I think both cars get kudos for their rear-end, tail-light design. I particularly like the broken C-pillar design on the Accord - very 5-series BMW-ish.

    When selecting a car, don't forget color. Because the Honda looks sportier, in my opinion, it clearly wins the "looks" battle if you select colors and options that are sporty. Conversely, the Camry looks great in conservative and rich colors. Frankly, I feel the Camry has limited its audience by selecting such a conservative design. The Camry looks like a big touring sedan. In the same vein, perhaps the Accord has limited its appeal by looking more sporty. However, the Accord seems to be more adaptable. The light gold exterior with tan leather/cloth is a very rich looking car, whereas the silver with black leather interior is very sporty (particularly if you add a spoiler). The Camry can look very classy, but I'm not sure it does as good a job pulling off the sporty look. (Sure you can get the SE, but my personal opinion is that it looks like a draft horse with a racing saddle )

    As I mentioned, I don't think you can go wrong. If you spend too much time trying to decide which car is "better," you'll go insane! They are both excellent! For me, it helped when I finally let go of weighing the technical specs of each car and started looking at what I like. For me, I picked an 08 EX-L Accord, silver exterior with black,leather interior. Because I was going for maximum sport, I added a rear full-size spoiler, which I would have omitted if I had bought a darker, more rich color. I absolutely love my Accord and have not had a single regret, even when a classy Camry pulls up beside me at the stop light!
  • golfrskigolfrski Posts: 262
    agree I have the silver V6 with black leather as well.. did the deck lid spoiler. The car is very sporty looking. I totally agree with you on feel. I have had the car for 3 weeks and logged 2400 miles (loads of highway driving) The seats are pretty uncomfortable to me. They are very firm and I agree they position you to sit straight up.. not the best on a long drive. city driving no complaints. I cant seem to find my mojo yet. I will say the road noise is pretty bad.. this accord is MUCH louder than my 03 V6. and I think the low frequency baffling coming from the engine in 3 cylinders (even with the noise cancellation) adds to the db levels... sporty for sure,, new higher performance tires on 17" rims with stiffer seats, road noise and you get a much diff ride than the camry.
  • golfrskigolfrski Posts: 262
    btw like the car alot,, it will just take some getting used to after 5 previous generations that really were much diff in every respect.
  • Thanks for all of the info. I think I am leaning more towards the Toyota Camry (V6) fully loaded model. I am familiar with the brand and it definitely has my vote for reliability and durability over the years!

    Thanks again to everyone!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Thanks for all of the info. I think I am leaning more towards the Toyota Camry (V6) fully loaded model. I am familiar with the brand and it definitely has my vote for reliability and durability over the years!

    You may want to do a double take. Consumer Reports no longer recommends the Camry V6 because of below average reliability. If you are buying the "yota" based on reliability, you may want to double check.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    It's true. I voted for the Accord sedan V6 EX-L w/ Navi in Mystic Green Metallic w/ black leather interior and I am going to buy one soon.

    One thing: Honda is an engineering focused car manufacturer while Toyota is marketing focused counterpart. I test drove the Camry V6 XLE and Accord V6 EX, I finally I bought the Accord because the Accord's engine/ transmission/ handling...are more sophisticated and more smoothly than the Camry.

    In 1990, even with my recommendation, my wife insisted to buy a Toyota Camry '90 for her. It finally turned out to be a lemon with leaking oil issue into the spark plug tube @ 50K-55K miles. Then, the car only ran on 3 engines and could not climb up hills with all HP. Since then, we have only purchased Honda Accord V6 EX. Even a small cheap Civic is excellent. My '86 Civic at 120K miles ran on highway like a "dream" and its manual transmission shifted like...butter. I have felt in love with Honda top-notch engineering.
  • Wow! I didn't know this. It seems that I'm back to the drawing board a bit. I love the bells and whistles of the Altima (V6); however, the luxury of the Camry (along with what I thought would be continued reliability/durability) caused me to lean towards the Toyota. I haven't test driven the Accord but I have sat in one - it seems to be very plastic and cheap looking/feeling. If I am going to pay upwards to $35k for a car, I am looking for something that has quality engineered into it. Thirty five thousand is my limit and I want it to last around 10 years (if possible). My Corolla is a real trooper of a car with 320,000 miles on it. I don't know if I should expect the same of another car but it would be nice.

    Any further thoughts out there?!
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    If your budget includes cars up to $35k, you may have options not previously mentioned here. I received offers for base-level 07 Acura TLs for right at $30k [base level in a TL gives you virtually everything but the navigation system]. The 08's likely are slightly more expensive -- but if you are willing to wait for a month or two, I'll bet you could step into one for $30 - 32k. In my humble opinion, there is no contest between a TL and a loaded Camry -- the TL wins!
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Unless you're in Canada, none of these cars cost $35K. Fully loaded Accord EXLV6/NAVI is $31K and change. Altima would run about $32K, and so would Camry. And who pays MSRP anyway?

    As for interior, I can't imagine anybody picking Altima (or Camry) over the new Accord. But then, perceptions might vary.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The Camry I sat in at the auto show last week had poor tactile quality and interior trim assembly. The stereo knob wiggled around in my hand as if I could just yank it off.

    The Honda and Nissan were both better, in my opinion, although not up to the standards that Honda and Toyota set 15 years ago. I own a 2006 Accord 4-cyl EX and absolutely love it, but with the new Altima and Accord, I'd give the Altima a close look.

    And, I second the opinion that said check out the TL. It will ride rougher than a Camry, but it will handle beautifully; it's a sporty ride (especially with the 6-speed Manual!)

    Robertsmx has a TL and seems to really like it. It's a beautiful car with lots of lux for your bux. :)
  • hey,i want to buy my younger brother a good used car, that doesnt eat a lot of gas and still runs fast enough for a high school kid.
    so what do you recomind ?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I was a high school kid not long ago, and trust me, you want as little power as is safe; it keeps kids out of trouble, it saves gas, it keeps insurance costs down. I started out in a 130hp Accord with 120k miles on it, with an automatic. It was (and still is, I drive it regularly) plenty of power to merge, pass, etc... but wasn't particularly "fast." The new V6 models of these vehicles have double that horsepower, more, actually.

    Any of these cars would be good in 4-cylinder form, but as a young person (I'm 20) out of the 2008 models, I'd guess the new Altima 2.5 would be the "coolest." It still runs quicker than V6 sedans of 8-10 years ago, but gets excellent fuel mileage.

    Check out the Altima; if you want to give a really "cool" version of the car, check out the Accord Coupe or Altima Coupe! :)
  • Please think Twice about the 2007/2008 Toyota Camry. I have had Toyotas since 1973 (16 in all). I had a 2000 LE 4 cy and waited for the 2007 model change and purchased an XLE 4cyl in Aug 2006. Worst car on the road. Poor milage. Brake system jogs forward after stepping on the brakes. Surges during town driving. Idles too fast that you have to really keep the brakes on when setting at stop lights, etc as it will go forward up to 6/7 mph without stepping on the gas. When hitting a bump, gas pedal bounces up and down. Cruise control will not hold and if set on 67, you will be close to 75 at bottom of hill. Why doing a resume, you had better hold on because it is like being shot out of a cannon. Shotty worksmanship on the interior. Dash rattles, cap on rear of passenger seat will not stay on. Went thru arbitration and final result - "Car is operating as specified". Saw same reports on a couple other web sites where 3 or 4 people went thru arbitration with no satisfaction. Toyota is definitely not your mother's car anymore. All my 16 previous Toyotas were fantastic with no problems and great gas milage. This new computer system and transmission are the worst. Check other web sites. Thought of getting an Nissan Altima, but it does not have running lights, which I really want for safety's sake. Love the interior appearance and set up of the Camry XLE - best on the market and love the exterior. Toyota just needs to change everything under the hood!! Think twice about a 2007/2008 Camry. 6 cyl has problems too.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    I agree with Robertsmx on the fabulous interior of the new Accord. It's very tough to resist not buying it. The exterior looks super nice too.

    Some new owners of the Accord V6 EX EX-L said the more they look at their new Accord the more they love it.
  • Mystic Green Metallic EX-L V6 No Nav:
    Seems like the new EPA mileage estimates are right on the money my low has been 19MPG and high has been 29MPG. Avg 22MPG as only 700 miles have been highway.
    Still love the interior look and feel to all switchgear. Center stack has been criticized for to many control switches by many but in reality once you've set things up to your liking you rarely use more than 3-4 and they are rock solid.
    I liked the exterior styling when I first saw it and still do.
    Road and tire noise may be an issue to some but I've never felt the need to raise my voice over a normal level while cruising @ 70-80 MPH. Transmission and engine are a good fit to each other and I guess others feel the Altima and Camry have better low end grunt but for my driving style the Accord hasn't left me wanting for more. VCM activity is noticeable but not objectionable.
    Very impressed to date with it's ability to get me around in snow-slush-ice so far.
    New England has an 8-12 inch storm coming thru today so I'll get a good feel soon as to how it can handle in a decent size storm.
    All in all I'm happy with my choice and it was a choice as I did consider and drove the Altima-Camry-Taurus & Lucerne and the Accord does the family sedan with a touch of enthusiast feel just right.
  • hurlshurls Posts: 1
    "It's true. I voted for the Accord sedan V6 EX-L w/ Navi in Mystic Green Metallic w/ black leather interior and I am going to buy one soon."

    I purchased this exact vehicle six weeks ago and love it! I added the rear wing spoiler, splash guards, clear bra and the sun roof visor. My only wish is for a bit softer ride, drivers door top a little closer in so it is comfortable to rest your arm on and memory seats.

    I drove the Loaded Camry (felt boring and the steering was too soft), Altima (Nice car also), Ford Fusion and Taurus (nice but didn't want to lose $10k in value the first year), Accord V-6 EXL won!

    NOTE: I drove the 4cyl Accord and the non-EXL Accords and thought they were very boring vehicles. The 6cyl - EXL with Navigation is worth the extra money.

  • Some things to remember when purchasing the cars mentioned here:
    -Altima V-6 needs premium gas
    -only the Honda has Stability Control standard ---it cost extra on the Taurus and the Camry--perhaps $500--it's not even offered on the Fusion/Milan--and to get it on the Altima, you have to order the full size spare tire package which cuts down on the size of the trunk space available.
  • You are correct in all your statements. I own a 3.5 '07 Altima and premium is not required only recommended. I've been buring regular since I've owned it. Even the manual says 87 octane is ok, but reduces the maximum horsepower. It is hardly noticable, and I get about 1 to 2 mpg less with regular. Ocassionally I burn a tank of premium just to keep everything clean and open. My dealer said about every 5th or 6th tankfull.
  • I tested drive both Camry 2008 SE V6 and Accord 2008 EX-L V6.

    New Accord is more roomier, and the engine responses (kick down) quicker. But I don't like the back (look) of the Accord. The front is OK. The interior is very plastic feel. The door looks very thin, and you feel not many protection if you got side impact.

    The Camry is quiter. The engine is a little lack of response when you step down on the gas padel. Maybe all the Camry are the same (focus on quality of ride not drive). Lack of head room compare to Accord. Feels like the windshield is very close on your face. Your head almost reaches the moonroof even I am not tall at all. I like the look of the Camry better, especially the body kit of the SE model.
  • You are definitely correct niceguy! I did notice all of the above too. I still haven't decided. I will soon.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    "But I don't like the back (look) of the Accord."
    There's no accounting for taste. We all have our individual preferences.

    "The interior is very plastic feel."
    Same as above. I am very satisfied with the interior surfaces.

    "The door looks very thin, and you feel not many protection if you got side impact."

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranks the 2008 Accord Good for side impact testing, their top grade: ccord&GoButton=View+specific+vehicle
  • Norwestgal, I am adding to your question instead of helping you make a decision...

    This p.m. I test drove the above three cars in the 4 cyl. and walked away more confused than enlightened, but here are my reactions/opinions with a request for input. I drive about 25,000 miles per year, mostly highway, am short and have a bad back.

    Honda Accord. Loved the superb handling, cornering, pick-up, best overall performance imho. Nice interior. Neg - no lumbar unless you get leather (out of the question - too many dogs) and found it least comfortable on my back. Highest priced.

    Nissan Altima -- positives -- comfortable seating, fast! Like the look and less expensive. Negative -- not as tight a ride as the Honda but better than the Camry. Kind of chintzy interior. Felt smaller inside overall.

    Toyota Camry LE -- positives -- very comfortable seating with lumbar support available for cloth seats, simple controls (for me a positive), nice ride once you get up to the speed you want. Negatives -- sooooo slow pick-up, "loose" drive around corners (opposite of Accord). And, I'm not comfortable with all the bad press on Camry transmission problems.

    I'm at an impasse, but there is one item that could make or break the deal -- Does anybody have any experience with their performance in the snow?

    Thanks for your reactions and input!
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    "Nice interior. Neg - no lumbar unless you get leather (out of the question - too many dogs) and found it least comfortable on my back."

    The 2008 Honda Accord EX (not just the leather interior EX-L) comes with both cloth seats and power lumbar support for the driver's seat.

    You may find, as I did, that the Altima will kill you with the cost of options.
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    I bought an Accord V6 EX-L w/ Nav. and am 999.99% percent happy with it, inside out. Its 270-watt stereo is fabulous, Navi is awesome. It is currently sitting in my garage under an X-large car cover with 39 miles on its odometer. This is my sixth Accord.

    If you buy a same one, remember to set up auto (turn off) head light, one-touch AM/ FM radio stations, blue-tooth set up, etc.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    "is currently sitting in my garage under an X-large car cover"

    For how many months or years have you kept your previous cars under covers? Doesn't all of the on-off business get tiresome after awhile?
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    and if its in a garage, why bother with the cover? we're not exactly talking ferrari here.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    I try not to drive my new cars very much so all my 5 Accords run like new. Their engines look new and shiny. Putting mileage on cars slowly and take good care of them inside out to minimize maintenance costs and prolong enjoyment.

    One thing I can tell, the '08 top Accord is a great new model with big body, powerful engine and roomy interior. 270-watt audio and navi. are awesome.

    Three years ago, my cousin bought a cheapest C entry level Mercedes with no Navi. @ $35K OTD. He had to install an aftermarket navi. He also modified the navi to watch movies. It costed him about $37K total for the car. I do not like that Mercedes as it is smaller with less HP.

    The Accord may be not "prestigious" as other European models but it is practical.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    My college sons and a bunch of his friends play "ping-pong" in the roomy garage and lean on my new car. I told them not to mess up with my new car. Also, my wife's cat sometimes jumps on the car roof and may scratches the paint. That's the 2 reasons for the thick car cover.
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