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We have the availability of a Chrysler EC (Employee Choice) Plan.
(1)Question: How does work?
Do we have to take what is on the lot or can we order exactly the color/features we desire?
What is the "EC" price & how is that determined?

(2)Can the EC Plan be used in conjunction with OTHER "incentives" such as rebates, etc.

(3) Bottom line: How would we know we would be getting the BEST price and not just some arbitrary number pulled out of thin air... you did take note of my skepticism of auto salespersons'??
Thank you in advance for any and all help.
Olive Green


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    As a 24-year employee of Chrysler, I'll be glad to answer all of the above questions for you.

    First, "EC" stands for Employee Choice. Every Chrysler employee is permitted up to 6 discount purchases per year on most Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles, excluding the following models: Dodge Sprinter, DC 3500/4500 Cab Chassis Truck, Dodge SRT10 Coupe, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, Jeep Wrangler 4DR.

    Two of the six discounts can be designated as Employee Choice for the employee to give to someone who would not normally qualify for the employee discount (non relatives).

    To obtain one just contact a Chrysler employee. The employee will have to register the buyer online and then the control number will be issued. I just did this for a friend last week and the info the website asks for is this:

    1. Buyer's first and last name
    2. Complete address, including zip
    3. Date of birth
    4. Phone #
    5. SSN (last 4 digits only)
    6. Email address, if you want the control # automatically sent to you
    7. Relationship (if any) to employee
    8. Vehicle you're interested in purchasing

    The EC price is the same as the EP (employee purchase) price listed on the invoice that the dealer should show you on request, plus a $200 program fee.

    If you'd like to know what the discount price on a particular vehicle would be before even stepping inside a dealership an employee can look that up if you ask nicely. :)

    Go to and click on the Build My Own link and configure what you want. Make a note of whatever packages and options you want and then relay that information to the employee. He/she can access the same link through the employee website but it will show them the discount price as they go. They can then tell you the exact price, including delivery fee, of what you want. It should exactly match the EP price on the invoice at the dealer, that I mentioned earlier.

    To answer some of your other question, you can either select a vehicle off the lot, have the dealer do a search in the surrounding area (you can do this yourself at the Build My Own link) or order one from the factory if you want to wait 6-8 weeks.

    Any rebates currently available on a particular vehicle can also be applied to the EC price. I recently bought a Sebring and it included a $1,000 rebate. Combined with my discount I saved over $4,000 off the nearly $30,000 MSRP.

    Another advantage of the discount that many people don't seem to know about is that it also applies to any extended warranty you might decide to purchase. I didn't get one (yet) for my sebring but I think I could have saved around 25% off the price.

    With the current lifetime powertrain warranty being included for free in most Chrysler vehicles you have to decide if you think it's worth the investment. I read somewhere recently on Chrysler's extended warranties that if you never use it you get your money back at the end of the warranty period.
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    Good Morning Tedebear (like your name!)
    Your very detailed answers brought up more questions, but will hold off until I have more information about the availability, exactly what he has, etc. Seems what you are describing isn't what he told us he has. Won't have the paperwork in our hands until end of the month/early December.
    Thank You
    Olive Green
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    We are planning on purchasing a Chrysler Town and Country. We would like to know if there is any Chrysler employee who would be interested in selling one of his EC numbers. Hope everyone has a fantastic day.
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    We would like to know if there is any Chrysler employee who would be interested in selling one of his EC numbers

    One of the rules on giving out the EC numbers is that the employee cannot be compensated for it. Bad things can happen if Chrysler learned that people were making money on the side off this.

    Anyway, the program is free. Employees don't get any bonuses or anything for giving these out. I would gladly give you one but I just gave out the last of my two for the year a few days ago.

    Keep posting on different forums and I'm sure someone will be glad to help you out.
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    Desperately looking for an EC number as well...I have 3 children and an elderly father that I take care of, so the more financial help I can get in purchasing a car, the better :) Aloha! :shades:
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    Hi I'm in the market for a new Town and Country and an EC number would help me out greatly. I've been posting on boards, but so far nothing :( Thanks!
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    What is the apprx. difference in price for a T&C Limited between the EC plan vs the plan I can get through my job (not Chrylser related)? I forgot what it's called - some affiliates program where you also see the invoice.
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    What is the apprx. difference in price for a T&C Limited between the EC plan vs the plan I can get through my job (not Chrylser related)?

    Without knowing what the price is through your job plan and also not knowing exactly how you want the T&C configured it would be impossible for me to say what the difference in price is.

    Here is an example of what someone with the EC control number could expect to pay versus MSRP. This is based on a 2008 T&C Limited with no other options.

    Base MSRP (including destination): $36,400
    Employee Choice price: $30,820

    There is also a $200 EC program fee in addition to that.
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    Hello good people!

    I have found a tremendous amount of information here. Our lease end is coming up on our 05 Grand Caravan SXT. We used to live in Northern Delaware near the Chrysler plant and finding a relative, friend, or friend-of-a-friend with an extra EC number near year-end was not too difficult. Well, now we live many states away and are seeking a good samaritan with an extra EC to bestow upon us. If there is anyone out there that could help we'd be much obliged.

    Thanks to everyone here that takes the time to post so much useful information!
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    I am looking for an EC number. If anyone has an extra Employee Choice number that they are not going to use please let me know. I am looking to lease a Chrysler Town and Country minivan and the price is coming up out of my range. I don't know if it is beacause the rebates are really low but I need help getting the price down. I can be reached at [email protected] , Thanks to all!!
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    Hi Guys

    Im currently looking to buy 2008 T&C Limited ( or touring with package 25M ) this weekend.

    I would greatly appreciate the help of anyone out there with a EC or Friend ( 1% below invoice )code

    I was originally looking at Honda Oddysey but when my 3yr old son saw the commercial for swivel n go seat with the TABLE , he literally begged me to buy the T&C for 3 days using his limited vocabulary lol
    He thought it was the coolest car he has ever seen..

    With a 3 yr old and a new one coming soon I think its time to give up my xterra and go for a more family oriented car..

    I can also promise that this code will be used as my son will not take any other car without swivel n go with the table lol

    thanks again for your help in advace!

    My email is [email protected] or you can use my carspace PM [email protected]

    I can provide you with all the personal details through email

    p.s. Im in NY if that matters..
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    Wow! I have a 3 year old and just bought the T&C last weekend. A friend had one EC code left and gave it to us, so I cant help there. We ended up getting the Touring package with the 25M package. My wife was driving an 05 Durango with a HEMI so to go to a minivan was a change. She loves the VAN and our son who is 3 thinks it is the best car in the world. As a matter of fact on Tuesday my wife was driving with our son and he said : "Mom I love my hotrod Van". That is so cool. Best of luck on your deal. We ended up out the door with the EC deal at around $27,000. I am a car guy so I wanted the Limited with the BIG engine and the Chrome but for an extra $5,000 I could not justify. We have most every option you need. Again, good luck and you will not be disappointed.
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    LOL chryslertcman
    You are in the exact same situation as me except for the fact that you have an EC code lol

    I think the 2008 T&C is the best thing ever made on wheels for parents (well other than strollers ) , I cant wait to walk into a showroom this weekend for a testdrive..

    Since Mr.Tedebear is hooking me up with a friend program , I guess Ill end up picking up the touring with M for about $28,000..which is still a great deal as I was considering oddysey EX for about the same price with a LOT less option lol

    Anyway thanks again for your reply Im sure I wont be disappointed!!
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    You are in the exact same situation as me except for the fact that you have an EC code

    Vex321, there really isn't that much difference in the discount price between the EC and Friends. Did you see my recent message where I configured a 2008 T&C Limited and listed the MSRP, the invoice price, the EC price and the Friends price? There was only $388 difference between the two discounts.

    When you consider how long you'll keep the vehicle you're talking maybe a few cents per day difference. LOL - I'm starting to sound like a salesman.

    If you want to know the exact difference in the vehicle you're purchasing, go to and click on the Build My Own link. Make a note of the options, including color, that you want and either post the details here or email it to me on my email box. I'll tell you what the EC price is and the Friends price.

    Okay, to anyone else who might read this. I'm all out of EC and Friends discounts for 2007 and my two EC numbers are already reserved for 2008 - sorry.
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    Hi Mr.Tedebear

    Once again thank you for helping me with the friends program =)
    I think I may be mistaking here but 4% difference on EC and Friends of about $30 grand is roughly $1000 no? ( with the $200 fee of course )
    This is the way I figured this.

    The current model I am going to purchase this weekend is as follows

    2008 T&C Touring
    Security group
    Swivel and go seats

    This build comes out to exactly $35000 with an invoice price of $31915
    With the current incentive it is $30415

    With EC which is 5% below invoice it comes out to $28895
    With Friend which is 1% below invoice it comes out to $30111

    Im including the destination prior to reducing the discount program ( not sure if Im doing this right or not though )

    Dont get me wrong , Im am truly grateful for for the friend program that youve given me Mr.Tedebear =)
    Im just curious as to how you got a difference of only about $400 opposed to about $1200 from my calculation...
    400 or 1200 , for the length of the time I will be keeping this car , it wont make a huge difference to me.

    Lastly what do you think my chance of trying to get further discount even after the friend discount?
    One of the poster on top stated he was able to buy a similar model with EC for about $27000 which is about $1800 less than my calculation..

    Anyway thanks again!
  • vex321vex321 Member Posts: 16
  • 99jxi99jxi Member Posts: 2
    I am comitted to buying a 2008 T&C before January. I'd much appreciate if someone could provide a Friends or EC code to apply to minimize the purchase price. I am a current owner of a 99JXI & 2000T&C, we are a Chrysler family and the 2008T&C looks to be a winner.

    [email protected]
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    Tedebear is correct. EC is not a straight 5% off invoice. Both the PP and EP prices are displayed right on the invoice. These are the prices. They are not a percentage of invoice. You will save more with EC over PP but it boils down to hundreds not thousands especially after you add the $200 fee that comes with the EC price.
  • jackalsjackals Member Posts: 38

    I agree that the swivel n go is very cool. However, we stuck with the stow n go (this is our 3rd T&C). The stow n go is much more practical for our lifestyle. The swivel n go seats need to be taken out of the car if you need the space rather than folding into the floor. My boys wanted the swivel n go. I asked them what they would use it for. My oldest replied 'to play cards'. I asked him when was the last time he played cards and he couldn't remember. He was at least thinking quick on his feet and replied 'I guess now I'll play more cards.' The youngest almost cried when we didn't get the swivel n go. Last time I checked I was the one paying for the car and I don't ever remember my parents asking me for car buying advice when I was a kid. I'm still the cool dad with Sirius backseat TV. BTW, you can't see the TV if you are facing backwards.
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    2008 T&C Touring
    Security group
    Swivel and go seats

    I went to the employee website and configured a vehicle based on your list using the EC discount and then the Friends. The results are shown below.

    MSRP: $35,000
    EC: $29,856
    Friends: $30,412

    Both of the above discounts include the $730 destination and a current rebate of $1,500. Add a $200 program fee to the EC price that would be added by the dealer to anyone who is not the actual employee or a close relative. There is no program fee for the Friends discount.
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    Salesman told me that the Employee Choice program is ending in 2007, will NOT be offered in 2008. Is this true, or is salesman looking for a 2007 sale? Lease is not done until February 2008, prepaid.

    Have called the Employee Advantage phone no, and employee, both have no information on this.

    Anyone have information regarding the Employee Choice Program for 2008??
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    I haven't read or heard anything about the EC being discontinued. The current program rules are effective until 01/02/2008. After that they could go back to permitting only one EC number to be given out to non-relatives, keep things like they are now or discontinue it altogether.

    No one from Chrysler has said or posted that the program will be discontinued anywhere that I've seen. Ask the salesman to show you any official notice from Chrysler that says the EC will be discontinued after this year.

    It's sort of like the rebates right now that end on 01/02/2008 - those will end on that date but I'm sure new ones will be coming out but who knows for how much and on what vehicles.

    Here is what Chrysler has to say at the end of the of the EC rules list:

    Chrysler reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Program at any time without notice and retains discretionary authority to interpret and construe the Rules and Provisions of the Program.
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    I'm interested in an EC or Friends number for 2007. If anyone has an available number, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    I haven't read or heard anything about the EC being discontinued.

    Update (yes, I'm replying to myself): :P

    I just heard today from official sources at work that the EC discount program will be ending at the end of this year. Anyone who has an EC number that they received this year can use it until the close of the business day on 01/02/2008.

    I was told that the Friends discount program will remain the same for next year, at least for now. I've done many price checks comparing the two programs and they are usually within $300-$400 of each other.
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    I would like to request for a Friends discount number because I would like to purchase the 2008 Town and Country soon. We have 2 children and it would be great to have a larger vehicle to accommodate our growing family. Thank you very much. Happy New Year!
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    Do you mean for 2008? If so, email me at my box (upper right corner of this page) and I'll provide you with more details on the discount program.
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    Hi Mr.Tedebear

    Thank you for giving me the Friends Program Number.

    We found this at our local dealer and would like to know if you can help provide the Friend's Program pricing.

    2008 Grand Caravan SXT
    Trailer tow prep group
    Premium interior group II
    4.0-Liter V6 SOHC engine

    Thank you very much,

  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    2008 Grand Caravan SXT
    Trailer tow prep group
    Premium interior group II
    4.0-Liter V6 SOHC engine

    MSRP: $37,185
    Friends: $32,339

    The discount price includes a current rebate of $1,500 in your area, which expires 02/29/2008. Discount price quotes are provided as an estimate only. Ask the dealer to show you the actual invoice that will list the discount price right on the sheet, which they are required to do if you walk in with a discount control number.
  • ray0301ray0301 Member Posts: 5
    Thank you again. Can you provide us with your zip code because the dealer needs to verify. Appreciate it! (You can email us directly.)

  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    Can you provide us with your zip code because the dealer needs to verify.

    I'm not sure what the dealer needs to verify because the discount is shown right on the invoice - ask to see it.

    Besides, I used the xxx51 zip code you gave me when I registered you for the Friends program to figure the discount price. It should be very close to what the PP (Preferred Pricing) discount shows on the actual invoice at the dealer.

    Remember to subtract an additional $1,500 rebate off the PP price on the invoice.
  • ray0301ray0301 Member Posts: 5
    Maybe I misunderstood the dealer. I'll check with the dealer tomorrow. Will let you know.

    Thank you.
  • mikehay1mikehay1 Member Posts: 3
    Hello there,

    I am seriously looking at a 2008 Dodge Charger R/T with no options or maybe just the popular equipment group. I have no idea what kind of money advantage the family and friends pricing is, but I assume that it is better than price fighting with a dealer. Does anyone know how much the savings would be? I know that Dodge is showing a $3000 rebate currently. I hope I posted this in the right forum area.

  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    Does anyone know how much the savings would be?

    Go to and click on the Build My Own tab. Post a list of any option you add that isn't included in the R/T package. Include the total MSRP, the color you want (some premium colors cost extra) and your zip code.

    Although the MSRP stays the same, discounts and rebates vary by region, so if you want an accurate quote I need to know the area you're in.

    I will look up the Friends discount price and post it here for you.
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    Ok looks like the listed prices are

    08 Dodge Charger R/T $30,755
    Inferno Red paint $225
    Popular Equipment Group $1,530
    Destination Charge $675

    Total with options $33,185

    60087 Area code

  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    I tried to build one as close to what you listed as I could. However, I cannot find the following option on the Build My Own website.

    Popular Equipment Group $1,530

    I went ahead and configured one without that option, which shows a different MSRP.

    08 Dodge Charger R/T $30,755
    Inferno Red paint $225
    Destination Charge $675

    MSRP: $31,655
    Friends: $26,041

    The above discount includes a current $3,000 rebate which expires on 02/29/2008. Discount pricing is provided as an estimate only. Ask the dealer to show you the actual invoice, which shows the Friends discount on the sheet.
  • mikehay1mikehay1 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you very much for the info. I actually had trouble finding the option on the Dodge website also. I knew it existed since I saw it on a 08 Charger window sticker a couple of days ago. I ended up going to the price it with options page on the Edmunds website. Again thanks for the help. I might have a contact to get a family and friends control number and I will attempt to contact him tonight.
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    Hi, I am desperately searching for a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan I can afford. It looks like an EC number or Friends number could get me just in reach of an affordable price range. I've had my little Nissan truck for almost 20 years now (>300,000 miles), and I've got to get my little daughter into a safer vehicle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :>)...
  • danaclingdanacling Member Posts: 9
    Hi, I am desperately searching for a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan I can afford. It looks like an EC number or Friends number could get me just in reach of an affordable price range. I've had my little Nissan truck for almost 20 years now (>300,000 miles), and I've got to get my little daughter into a safer vehicle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :>)...
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    The EC discount program ended on 01/02/2008. Chrysler says they have no plans to renew it in the near future. However, the Friends program is alive and well.

    The Friends price is 1% below dealer invoice plus any rebates or other current incentives. You can look up the invoice price on Edmunds.

    I've already given out my 6 Friends discounts for 2008. I've been telling people to post their request on various other Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep enthusiast forums (not just Edmunds - do a Google search). Many Chrysler employees are also Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep owners who surf the forums.
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    I'm glad I took the jump and grabbed the EC price, plus rebate, plus lifetime powertrain warranty when I did. I had a suspicion (and so did my salesman) that Cerebus might not continue this program. That extra 2% on a $40K vehicle is about $800. The real effect will be that I won't kick myself as hard when Chrysler increases the rebates on the current models.
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    I am unfamiliar with the Friends program but I am eligible for the Supplier Discount Program through my employer. Is this pricing discount the same?

  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    You'd probably have to ask the dealer that question. The only discount plans I have any information about are the Employee Purchase, EC (discontinued) and the Friends.
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    Dear Tedebear:

    My Jeep Wrangler was recently totalled and I am currently in the market for a new one. However, my insurance company did not pay nearly enough to buy a comparable vehicle. I decided to buy a new one and would greatly appreciate a friends and family control number to assist with this process. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
  • jamesboinosjamesboinos Member Posts: 2
    Good morning. I recently lost my Jeep Wrangler in a severe car accident. Unfortunately, the insurance company did not pay nearly enough to buy a comparable vehicle. As such, I am hoping you could provide me with a control number to help with the cost of buying a new one. Thanks for your cooperation and I look forward to your response.
  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    I would love to help out but I've mentioned on several Carspace forums that I've already given out all of my allotted discounts for the year, as well as the co-workers who I had been getting some from.

    You might ask [email protected], who recently said he still has a few left.
  • waterloomanwaterlooman Member Posts: 15
    would anyone have a friends discount number they could give out, we would certainly appreciate it so we can purchase a new van
  • carmela42carmela42 Member Posts: 1
    I have a EC plan number through a friend which will expire in September. I need to know how it works? I know it is the factory invoice price, but is there a % off the factory price also?
  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    I have a EC plan number through a friend which will expire in September.

    :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:

    The employee discount numbers are valid for the entire calendar year.

    Also, the EC (Employee Choice) program ended at the beginning of this year. There is a Friends discount available, which is approximately 1% below invoice, plus any other rebates or price incentives.

    There is also an EP (Employee Purchase) program but you must be a close relative of the actual employee to qualify for it.

    Finally, there is a CDI (Certain Designated Individual) program, which allows an employee to give out ONE control number to someone. They can use that number to purchase a vehicle at the employee purchase price. There is a $200 program fee added to this but the discount is slightly better than the Friends program.

    I hadn't heard about the CDI program until I looked it up just now. It says the following are eligible for the CDI discount: All Chrysler Executives,salaried and hourly employees, Retirees, Chrysler Financial and Cerberus Employees. I thought it was open to anyone.

    The dealer will have the actual price for each of these programs printed on the invoice. If you have a control number you may request to see it.
  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    Okay, I found some new info today on the CDI employee purchase program.

    The program runs Aug. 11 - Sep. 30. A Chrysler employee can give out ONE control number to anyone but it must be used by Sep. 30.

    The following vehicles can be purchased under the program: All Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge branded vehicles are eligible for purchase or lease under the CDI Program except for Dodge Sprinter, Grand Cherokee SRT8, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Viper Coupe, and Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe.

    The CDI extends Employee Pricing to the recipient of a CDI number. The Employee Pricing level is approximately 4% - 6% below factory invoice or 8% - 14% below MSRP, depending on the vehicle model being purchased. The customer will incur a $200 processing fee for using this incentive.
  • julieedelmanjulieedelman Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone happen to have an extra? I am this close to upgrading my 02 T&C and this would be the final push.

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