Smoking Lexus RX300

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I have a '99 RX300 that will emit heavy smoke occasionally when it is first started after setting a while. The smoke looks like oil smoke, but it has a stronge chemical ordor. The valve covers have been removed and very little sludge was found. Two very capable mechanics are at a loss as to what is the cause. THe mileage is 130K and the timing belt,& water pump have been replaced. Has anyone had this experience?


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    Happened to us too! The car had a small amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust. We loaned our Lexus to my sister while she was here in Vegas for three days. In three days it went from SMALL amount of smoke to a blown engine and $8200.00 in repair needed to replace the whole motor. As we had already replaced the transmission 1 1/2 yrs ago... we sold that heap to a salvage yard.

    We did get a great price as all of the body, glass, and interior were in excellent shape.

    PS - this oil sludge / motor seizing is becoming a widespread problem just like the transmission failures.
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    WMCSLIC, Did you ever figure out what this was? Did it get any worse?
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    I've seen this in some older cars and it is usualyy oil leaking past the valve seals when the car is sitting, if this is the case it probably isn't a big deal cars with this problem used to go a long time like this. Of course modern cars being what they are it could cause a fault in a sensor. I would think as long as you changed the oil regualarly that there really shouldn't be a major problem with the engine, of course I am not familiar with the symptoms of the reported engine problems either. Hope you have gotten the problem diagnosed correctly.
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    Thanks for the input.
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    I'm fairly sure its caused by leaking valve stem seals, however, I'm told that the heads must be removed to replace these seals.
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