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AC Fuse blows, what could be the problem?


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    Could be the wrong size fuse, but don't put one that is overrated for the circuit, you'll just cause a fire. Probably a short curcuit somewhere. A good mechanic can install a special circuit breaker and should be able to locate the short if he can duplicate the problem.
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    Reddogs gave a little more information on the fuse problem in another topic. I'm going to copy his post over here to help with suggestions:

    #215 of 215: auburn63 (reddogs) Fri 24 Mar '00 (01:51 AM)

    Heres one that I just had, it was on a 98 Passport
    (I made a topic, 1145 Honda Passport Maintenance
    so U can post the answer there). It blew the AC
    fuse one morning at 10k and I took it in, I ask
    them to check and find out why it blew, they said a bare connector/moisture(??) must have blew the
    fuse. A few months later at 17k it did the same
    thing, went to start, no AC, I told the service rep he had to find the problem this time and he
    replaced the alternator, connections, but couldnt
    give me a good reason. A few mornings later the
    battery died. Now I've had batteries on Honda
    Accords go low/die and I know it causes other
    problems when this happens, could this have been
    the cause of the AC fuse blowing??

    Reddogs - I had this problem 6 or 7 years ago with an 89 Accord. I don't remember the exact diagnosis. It had something to do with something within the a/c unit dripping on something else. What I DO remember is that it cost me 500 bucks!

    It happened immediately after I had had bodywork done on the front left fender after the car was hit while parked. The a/c unit was right inside where the damage was, so I felt like it was related to the accident.

    FWIW, I had that car ten years and replaced the battery twice, each time because it had died on me. No other problems resulted from the battery issues.

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    I had one drive me
    crazy but ended up finding a short under the
    drivers side of the radiator. There is a main
    harness that runs under there and the radiator has
    to come out in order to inspect it. There was
    another one that we didn't find the short and we
    ended up dividing the circuit up and installing
    seperate fuses in the problem lines. So for now if
    it is fixed just see if it remains fixed. Shorts
    are very difficult to find when they take
    days/months to show up then go away.Hard shorts are
    a piece of cake but these types are not.As far as
    could the battery have caused this,well anything is
    possible but I dont think so.Hope I have helped.
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    In order to keep similar discussions in one place, I am copying and reposting the following from another topic:

    #0 of 0: (kimugene) Mon 10 Apr '00 (09:48 PM)

    I have a '98 Honda Passport. This truck has been
    intermittantly stalling when idle. The tachometer
    goes wildly up and down and finally the engine
    dies. This does not happen all the time so when I
    take the truck to the dealer, they say they can
    not reproduce the problem. This stalling problem had happen at least 10 times and I took the truck in at least five times for this problem. There is also an issue with the brake noise and engine oil
    burning quicker than normal. Does anybody have a
    similar problem with this model?

    Anyone have any suggestions for kimugene?

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    Nothing really comes to mind other than if the tach is jumping around and the idle isnt then it would be an electrical problem. However if the engine is following the tach(meaning jumping up and down also)then there are multiple problems that it could be including bad gas. I will check over some bulletins and service news write ups and see if I see anything.Check back wed. or thursday night..
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    I have a 98 passport with about 37,000 miles. Although I have had numerous problems, the one that concerns me the most, happens when I turn the wheel—a loud rolling, clunking sound occurs in the area of the front wheel (either side). It doesn't happen all the time. You can also feel it under your feet. My dealership has tried various things, the owner of the dealership drove the car and they had my car for a about a week. The Honda service rep looked at it, they tried some things in the steering column, to no avail. The Honda rep's response when the noise reappeared was, "Well, some noise is going to occur." I wrote Honda a letter, after that it appeared what they had done in the steering column helped, but the noise returned. The dealer has said they will honor my warranty for this even though I have passed my 36,000 mile mark. Nobody knows what to do to solve this problem. It doesn's seem to affect anything while driving; it will be kind of tough for resale, though. The noise started appearing probably a year ago. HELLLLP!
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    Kimugene, thanks for your response. I did just go through the intake manifold problem and got that replaced. My vehicle was in the shop for a couple of weeks because of a national back order of parts.

    The noise I referred to occurs while driving and going through a steady turn, doesn't matter if I'm going fast or slow. It doesn't have to be a sharp, full turn, just going around a normal corner, or turning into a driveway.
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    I just bought a 1999 passport few months ago and am experiencing a strange noise. The noise happens when I am on the highway going 50 mph or faster. It sounds like a groaning sound coming from the left front end. I am pretty sure it is a cross wind hitting something, but am not sure what. It is loud enough to drown out the CD player, and increases or decrease depending on wind condidtions and direction of wind. Checking to see if any of you are experiencing anything like this. If so email me at [email protected]

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    I do have the same problem with my 98 passport, it happened couple of times in winter. When I stopped before traffic lights, I have to press the brake hard, otherwise, the stalling can make the car ahead of line. Also the power brake seems not working properly. One method to test your power brake is: press the brake first, then start the engine, you can feel your feet lower a little bit. I have no this kind of feeling on my brake.
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    I have a 1996 1/2 Passport and the Check Engine light just came on as I passed 58,000 miles. The vehicle appears to be running fine, oil is fresh, etc., so I'm wondering if this warning light comes on periodically as a maintenance reminder or could there be an engine problem brewing? Any help is appreciated.
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    I have a 1998 Passport. In Feb. my check engine light came on and the engine started missing once in awhile. When I took it in, there was a service bulletin out for 1998 models regarding the intake manifold. Mine had a crack in it, was in the shop for a couple of weeks waiting for parts on national backorder. Maybe your model year has the same problem. Check it out!
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    What Nordstro says could be correct and could cause your light.The check engine light isn't a maintenance reminder so you should have the code pulled from the computer to see what it was that caused the malfunction. It may have been something that happened that day that it came on but best to get it checked..The most common thing for your year would be a misfire code which was being caused by oil leaking into the spark plug tubes.Good luck
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    Thanks for the input. The light went off yesterday, but I'll still take it in to check it out.
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    I had a recent problem with my passport and wonder if anyone can give me some advice. '98 model and about 85,000 miles.

    Passport had lost power and "check" engine light came on. Ran ok, but would not accelerate from 60 mph on freeway (very dangerous in Atlanta). dealership said was egr valve and back ordered part. They said it was ok to drive and got the part about 3 weeks later. Repaired it and I drove home. Next day, I started accelerate to merge and it just totally lost power. Almost couldn't go slight incline to exit.
    Now, dealer says both catalictic converters had "collapsed". Does this sound right to you knowledgable folks? We're talking over over $1,400 just for parts. Did driving with bad egr valve cause damage to converters?

    thanks for any thoughts you may have
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    I purchased a 2000 Passport EX-L about two weeks ago. I loved it until I had to come to an immediate stop. The anti-lock brakes were activated and they worked fine. However, when I continued driving I noticed the ride was much rouger. I feel "shaking" coming from the floor board and it sounds very noisy. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas as to what happened?
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    Hi! Every so often I hear a strange noise from the rear of my Passport. The best way to describe it is as a vibration. I hear it after I step on the gas to get going after a stop or coming out of a turn. It usually stops after I get up to speed. Others who have heard it think it may be coming from the exhaust system. Any ideas of what this might be would be greatly appreciated. It was in once for this problem, but of course it did not make the noise for them! Thanks, Kelly
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    I have a 97 Passport and experienced the same thing. In and out of the dealership during the first year with no results. Someone with a similar problem solved it by burning only Amoco 93 octane gasoline. I started buying this gas and my problem has disappeared. When I've tried to go back to buying some cheaper fuel the problem comes right back. Sounds strange, I know, but I have no problem as long as I use the Amoco 93. Fred
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    I am considering the 2000 Passport EX-L. Have you resolved your noise problem? If so, what was the cause? I would appreciate any additional comments (especially if they are negative) about your Passport. And....if you don't mind me asking... what did you pay for yours? Thanks for your help.
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    I have a '99 Passport with a terrible vibration at highway speeds (the worst occurs faster than 60). Has anyone heard of a body kit (dealer installed?) that remedies this problem?
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    I have a 99 passport and have had it in the shop 3 times because the engine light comes on. The last two times an additional problem came with the light. The passport will accelerate by itself. the last time the service department said that they fix it but a month later I have the same problem. Now I also have a noise after the doors are locked. I have already had one close call when the passport drove itself almost into the back of another car. Has anyone had similar issues? This honda seems unsafe.
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    If the car accelerates "by itself", it is indeed unsafe. Please don't drive it. Please make very careful notes regarding the circumstances of the "self acceleration" and provide this information both verbally and in a letter to the dealer. If the dealer response is not prompt and thorough, report this same information to the Honda zone office. The reporting procedure is detailed in the owner's manual. This type of problem is associated with the cruise control or throttle linkage and should not be difficult to fix. It is probably not associated with the "service engine" indicator light. Please take action right away because the vehicle is already unsafe and the condition could worsen.
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    We are having intermittent problems with our 2000 Honda Passport "dying". As we come to a stop, the transmission light as well as the cruise control light comes on. Then, the Passport bucks and dies. Since we purchased this vehicle on May 31, 2000, it has been back to the dealership 5 times (over 30 days spent at the dealership.) Honda has given us the following reasons for the problem: poorly inflated tires, bad gas, malfunctioning ignition switch, and a malfunctioning accelerator sensor. My favorite was the latest -- the plant that manufactured the Passport installed the wrong spark plugs. HA! How gullible do they think we are?

    The dealership has been able to get it to duplicate the problem, however, their computer cannot get a code. We are getting nowhere with Honda and have asked them to either replace the vehicle or give us our money back under existing statutory lemon laws. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what has Honda done about it?
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    I also get a vibration at higher speeds. I have had the wheels rotated and balanced a number of times, and the alignment checked. I am taking it to the dealer again next week. If anybody has had success in getting this problem fixed please let me know.
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    I don't have an owners manual for my '94 and would like to know the recommended interval for changing the rear end (differential) lubricant as well as for the front-end transfer case.

    Thanks, jack
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    If you are looking for driving satisfaction and comfort, I would avoid HONDA Passport. While Honda is known for its reliability, this SUV does not give you a sense of control or comfort, and is a poor excuse for a $25,000 SUV. I would avoid this since there are so many other choices. I have a 1999 Passport. While the engine is smooth, I noticed too many nuisances; loss of power on big bumps, poor breaking, too much noise, lack of directional control on rough roads and bumps. This is my 4th SUV,and the worst. If you ought to have this, you can test drive mine for for a reasonable price. I can't wait to get out of this car. I had HONDA cars. I still don't know how HONDA can put their emblem on this truck.
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    I have a '98 Honda Passport with 37,000 miles. Like tdreyes, luri5 and kellydinnc, I also have been very frustrated trying to diagnose the road vibration problem. I replaced the factory Yokahama tires at 32,000 miles thinking they were the problem. Since then, I have had three (yes three) sets of tires on this vehicle--Dunlops, Bridgestones, and now Michelins. I have had no less than 5 different tire shops do the balancing. A few days ago, I made a trip of several hundred miles over Interstate highways with the new Michelins and they vibrated from slight to moderate throughout the trip, especially over 6o mph (worst at 65-70mph). At this point, I must conclude it is not the tires (probably never was!)but some mechanical defect. But what?? Faulty ABS system? Warped brake rotors? Out-of-true axle shafts? How about this theory: all rotors experience runout as the miles increase. The ABS system keeps "positive pressure" between the disc pads and rotors. At low speeds, it is not noticeable, but at high speeds, the rotor runout condition creates the front end vibration. Has anyone with this condition had their rotor runout tolerance checked? Maybe having the rotors turned will cure the problem. Let me know.
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    I took my Passport to Honda. They told me they spent a good part of the day testing the tires, balance, alignment, etc. A few curious events occurred which make me suspicious. First, when I went to pick up my car they had instructions to direct me to a service rep. The rep. explained to me that they did every test known to mankind, and even put on tires from another new passport. They told that it was definitely the tires, and that they were out of spec. They told me to go to the tire manufacturer, who happened to be Firestone/Bridgestone, and get new tires against the tire warranty which came with the car. The second curious event was an item which the service rep said nothing about. The dealer had added a "ring kit". When I called the dealer back to tell them that of course Firestone had disavowed any responsibility, I told them I noticed they had added this "ring kit". The Honda rep. explained to me that some Passports have a problem with the rear axle, and that the "ring kit" fixes this problem. Surprise surprise, the problem could be identified by a "vibration". But of course the Honda people explained that the vibration that the ring kit fixes would not have been the problem I experienced, which was of course caused by the tires. Last but not least, Honda did all of this work for no cost. My bill was zero. Any ideas on how I can take this to another level?
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    I have a 97 Honda Passport EX 4X4. Recently I
    have been having this annoying problem. When I
    the transfer lever to 4H or 4L the 4X4 light on
    the dash sometimes work and sometimes it doesn't
    work. Although when the light does not work and I
    place it on 4L I can feel that the 4 wheel drive
    working. But I don't know if I am on borrowed
    time on the 4 wheel drive or what. Does anybody
    else have this problem? I called the Honda dealer
    and they said they have no idea and that I have to
    bring it in and pay 80 bucks just for them to look
    at it. So I called the Isuzu dealer which is it's
    brother and they said that the vacuum switch could
    be messing up. The vacuum switch is 50 bucks and
    labor is 85 bucks. So any information on this
    would help.

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    I own a 2000 Passport. It has been in the shop many times for numerous problems. Two areas that have not been repaired are the engine light goes on and front end vibration. The light has been repaired twice and honda zone said that I can drive the car with no problem. I don't believe that. The vibration problem is another story. I have taken it to the dealership 5 times for this problem. I met the zone rep. at the honda dealership and we took a drive. He said that the steering on my car is normal for the passport, so I took that to mean all the passport's have vibration. honda zone has been very nice, I get a loan car and I asked for an extended bumper to bumper warranty and they said I would receive a 65000 mile warranty but they do not want to buy the car back. Anybody interested in a class action suit?
    contact me at [email protected]
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    We own a 1998 Honda Passport EX 4WD, which has had numerous recalls! On top of that we have many MYSTERY problems, that our dealer "can not reproduce". If anyone has similar problems feel free to e-mail us: [email protected]
    The problems are: we have a bad vibration in the rear speakers, the sound quality is poor. We need to keep the bass setting low to rectify this problem. It has been in 3 times for this problem and nothing solved. Next, the dashboard squeaks near the odometer. The dealer removed the dash, put on a new gasket and now it squeaks worse! Third, we have a grinding in the brakes. the dealer stated it is the rear rotors. They needed to be replaced for a "nominal fee" of approx. $100.00. I took the vehicle to a personal friend and was informed that this would not be the problem w/ the grinding. Also, the ABS lights and System would engage at any time and nearly resulted in several accidents. The light was fixed, the ABS system engaging could not be reproduced. We also have discovered a leak in the moon roof near the driver's side door. With a water test, the problem could not be reproduced. We have contacted the dealer many time to request a meeting w/ Honda to no avail! If anyone has solutions to these problems it would be greatly appreciated. Our suggestion, don't purchase a Honda SUV!
  • jfroaddogjfroaddog Member Posts: 2
    One thing we forgot to mention in our above posting is that we have had numerous problems with the fuel gauge. The sending unit was found to be faulty the first time and replaced. It did not, however, fix the problem. We took it to our dealer again, and they replaced the sending unit again. We are still experiencing the problem. The gauge does not register the amount of fuel properly, so you never know how much fuel the vehicle has. Anyone else have this problem? Our E-mail is listed above. Please feel free to contact us. Thanks!
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    We just purchased a new 2000 Honda Passport. It vibrates at speeds in excess of 45 MPH (like a bad balancing). In speaking with a Honda Mechanical Technician, he was qouted as saying "It seems as if they (Isuzu) haven't fixed this problem yet. It's not as bad in the 2001 as the 2000 or so I hear".

    Please.... I beg of you.... Don't purchase this vehicle. The Engine light comes on all the time.
    The list of minor to major issues I have with my Honda go on and on and on and on.....

    The dealership is happy and cordial about my plight, but never seem to permanently remedy my SUV's issues.

    I'll try the ring kit fix this time. I'm going to head to the local Isuzu dealership. They may have some added expertise in this area.

    Don't buy a Passport.
    Get a Honda Accord.
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    I have a porblem with the 4wd drive, the icon on the dash wouln't go out and it is stuck in 4wd drive. The dealer said it is a solenoid accuater on the transfer case that is bad and as of Nov. 1st they can't get a new one till the end of the month, maybe. They have given me a rental car for the time but I am woundering if anyone else has had or is having the same problem. It's strange that Honda and Isuzu and both back ordered on the part.

    Jack [email protected]
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    I recently had a 3 inch suspension lift kit installed on my 97 Passport and have picked up a nice growling vibration when I initially accelerate off the line. I have traced this to the center support bearing, which supports the two part driveshaft at the union between the two. Mine had completely collapsed in the past and is only now noticible due to the increased angle of the driveshafts brought on by the lift kit. If you guys are having similiar issues, have that bearing checked.
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    I am interested in buying a 1995.5 or 1996 Passport and was wanting any feedback as to why or why not to buy this SUV...thanks for any help you can give
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    Do a search for passport. You will see several topics, particularly in the SUV conference that will be a better place to get this question answered.

    Not trying to discourage anyone from answering...
    but the other conferences will get a better response.

    Your host, Bruce
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    Please feel free to participate in our Town Hall forums within the guidelines of our Participant Agreement. Thanks for your participation. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
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    I am very surprised that Honda would put their name on this vehicle. I continue to get the run around from the dealer. Still vibrates at 50+ mph. The dealer now says it is the tires! Sound familiar? I have documentation of all scheduled maintenance and even had a "shim kit" installed, which didn't do a thing. Leith Honda in Raleigh, NC doesn't provide a loaner vehicle, so each time I am able to make it in, it costs me another $50 for a rental.
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    Hello fellow passport owners. I have experienced the same vibration problems with my 200 exl, it is 2wd. I am most disappointed with both Honda and the dealer. Honda has never even called me after I have submitted some very point blank surveys about my dissatisfaction. The dealer has done the shim deal and 2 separate hi-speed balance acts as well. I have also had a high speed balance done elsewhere. Guess what, they think it might be the tires! Funny how we have all these different brand tires causing the same problem! (mine are goodyear wranglers). I have owned 3 other SUV's and this is the worst, it vibrates miserabley over 50 and feels very unsafe at 65 or above. I would steer anyone away from the passport and honda in general based on my experience. Too bad, because otherwise it's a good-looking vehicle and no other problems.

    How many others out there are having this problem?
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    The 4wd on my new Passport is not working. It has never worked since I purchased the car 3 months ago. I bought this vehicle just for the 4wd and I can't used it. The part is on back order from Honda. They just got a release date today. I hope this fixes the problem permanently. Has anyone else experienced that.
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    I've had brake noise problems on my 1998 Passport since I first purchased it. For the first couple of thousand miles, my local dealer lubed and deglazed the brake pads. I finally gave up trying to get the problem fixed and Honda extended the base warranty on the brakes only to 5 years or 60K miles.

    Recently, I experienced noise and a shuddering upon braking. I brought the car (with 32K miles on it) in to a different dealer and they determined that the problem was due to "the rotors and drums being out of spec". The rotors and drums were turned to the tune of $216. I thought that such a repair would be covered under the warranty. When I found out it wasn't, the dealer "graciously" gave me an hour goodwill time, reducing my bill down to $144. I had brought the car in to this dealer a few weeks before for its 30K maintenance. At the time, there was no problem noted with the brakes and the pads had 6mm/3mm front and rear, respectively, remaining.

    I also complained to Honda, which rejected my claim, stating that the repair is maintenance-related and is not covered under the warranty. They also said that the problem is probably due to the way I drive the car, implying that I brake too hard.

    Has anyone else out there had a similar problem? Do you think it is unreasonable for my drums and rotors to be turned at 32K miles?
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    I've been reading bad comments about the Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute and thought that I had better look elsewhere for my SUV After reading comments here the Escape and Tribute don't sound that bad any more.
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    I have a 1997 Honda Passport which has 59,000 miles on it - I just put the 4th set of tires on it. When we purchased this vehicle it was used with 21,000 miles on it. The tires that was on it was dipped (Kelly Spring field tires) - when you run your hands over them there was high and low spots. The dealer said this was lack of rotation. We agreed that with a new set of tires we would buy this vehicle. The dealer put new Good year Wrangler tires on at 25,000 miles. Here we are at 59,000 just putting another set of tires on - to replace the dipped Good year Wranglers. Mind you not from lack of rotation - they were rotated every 5,000 per National Tire. As I was going over the fact that we now have had 3 sets of tires - I found the original papers from the previous owner - the Kelly tires were put on at 15,000 miles. Therefore making this 4 sets of tires in 59,000 miles. Guess what the dealer says that it is not a Honda problem it is a tire problem. Right! Its Good year, Kelly Spring field, and I guess now the Firestone we just put on. NATIONAL TIRE says the Honda Passport if Hard on tires. - 4 sets at 59,000 don't add up. I think the problem is the Passport. Unfortunately how do you get Honda to admit this! By the way the Firestone Tires have been on for about 300 miles and already they are showing wear on them.. What do you do?
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    We leased a 2000 Passport 4x4 to pull our two place snowmobile trailer and have had nothing but problems with the traction and overall control. We have already had one accident in which we skidded into a guard rail and it wasn't because of speed as we were going slower than most, no one else around us was sliding. It seems to happen with just a "dusting" of snow on the road or at 55-65 mph on the highways. We have bridgestone tires and we thought they may be the reason for the traction problem. (too much air...) When we aren't pulling the trailer we don't have any problems.

    Is there anyone out there with these problems? Or any suggestions?
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    I have a 96 Passport that has been in to two different dealers to eliminate wind noise that is unusually loud while driving at hiway speeds. Anyone else notice this? Damn annoying that they can't tighten the door tolerances any more (or at least that is the story they are sticking to). I bought the car as a leftover in 97 and wonder if it wasn't actually damaged on the lot and repaired. As it was never registered, it was still technically able to be sold as new. But thats only speculation.
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    I have a '97 Rodeo that exhibits the same wind noise around the front door seals in strong cross winds or at speeds above 60mph. I have noticed by selecting the recirculate mode, as opposed to the fresh air mode, for the heater/AC the gusting sound is reduced. I believe this lowers the internal cabin pressure thereby reducing the forces applied at the door seals. This doesn't eliminate the noises, just makes it a little better.
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    I just got home from my 4th trip to the dealer to correct the very same vibration problem so many other Passport owners are experiencing. They installed new tires, a ring kit, on the car tire balancing, and a front wheel alignment all of which took a total of ten days and cost them $330.00 for a rental car. Thankfully, no charge to me. I was told the car just doesn't like 50 miles per hour. I should have told them I hate the damn car at 50 miles per hour. Anyway the trouble is still there. The state of Florida has a lemon law and I may try to use it. I have to commend the dealership for their efforts but I'm pissed at Honda. Why haven't they come up with a fix by now. They build some of the finest equipment available so you would think this problem would be a thorn in their side. I also have a 1998 Honda CRV that I purchased new and have never had a single problem with it. I'm a Honda lover and I'd buy another, just not a Passport. Thanks for listening and if anybody discovers a fix, lets share it. JER
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    I have a 1995.5 4x4 Honda Passort with 51,000 miles have never had a moments problems out of it, I purchased it in Alaska drove from there to NJ it performed like a champion I must admit. This is the second most dependable car I have ever owened. Most expesnive thing I have purschaed on the car was a side mirror (Kids broke playing basketball in drive way). IF you have a honda passort port and you are not getting your monies worth I am truly sorry. I luv my HP HOG.
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    I have a 97 Honda Passport EX 4X4, and for those of you wondering why your 4X4 is not working, well here is the answer. Your vacuum switch Solenoid is not working. That's the one that kicks you in and out of 4 wheel drive. It cost about $135.00 for parts plus labor at the Honda dealer. Make sure you have a warranty when you buy this truck as this could be your problem. And it will cost you a lot of money to get it fixed. Also watch out for the valve cover gasket. It might leak on you after 60,000 miles. I know this because I just brought my truck in for inspection at the Honda dealer. It was mainly for the 4X4 functionality. About two weeks ago it started having a hard time kicking in to four wheel drive. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And it didn't work when I needed it. So I brought it in for inspection. Luckily it's still covered under warranty. I'm glad I bought it at Honda coz their customer service is outstanding. Even if you bought your car used as long as you bring it to a Honda dealer they will treat you right. Even though it's expensive. I hope to get my truck back tomorrow night, I miss it...
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    This is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned--not perfect but better than 66 Olds Cutlas,73 Chev Malibu, 77 Chev Malibu, 86 Lincoln Continental, 82 Honda Accord, 95 Honda Accord, 88 Accura legend, 90 Accura Legend,etc.

    I have 73,ooo miles on tires with lots of tread left--rotate every 5,000 miles.
    Vibration problems solved with good wheel balance.
    Shudder on braking at 18000 miles solved with new pads on rear and machining rotors.
    Engine warning light was diagnosed correctly by dealer--fill up and make sure gas cap is tight.
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