Add 5 - 10 HP to your Sedona

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Since I could not find anyone who made an intake for the Sedona I made it myself.

Socket Set
flat head screwdriver
K&N cone filter or
Power Adder cone (what I used)

1: Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Take off the two bolts that hold the MAF (mass airflow sensor) housing to the top of the air filter box. Remove the MAF housing gently away from the air filter box top paying attention not to damage the MAF! It is extremely easy to damage the little wires in the MAF so be very careful. I did not disconnect MAF cable.

2: Loosen the clamp that holds the opposite side of the MAF housing to the intake tube and remove.

3: Once MAF housing is solo take a flat hear screw driver from the side that is open and gently tap and push the metal screen out being extremely careful not to touch the MAF sensor itself. It will pop out fairly easy.

4: With the metal screen out reconnect the MAF housing back to the intake hose. Connect cone filter to the opposite side of the MAF housing. Make sure not to install the MAF backwards. There even is an arrow printed on the thing to guide you. Finally twist the MAF housing so its connector is not rubbing its wire against the battery.

5: Tighten the clamp on the intake tube side nice and tight and also on the filter side and your done.

Note I left the bottom of the air filter box in place because it acts as a heat and water shield perfectly.

Should be good for 5 - 10 HP in my estimates.



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    You should post this as a guide!

    Start here:
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    I'm curious if this mod helped with your mileage.
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    Yes and no :) on the highway I gained between 2-3 mpg because I was cruising at or about speed limit. In the city I lost about 1 mpg mostly because it is easier to use the power of the engine. Don't forget more air = more power = more fuel. I still think it is worth it especially if you drive a good amount of the freeway. If you drive conservatively in the city you should see about 1mpg gain.

    As a side note I just increased my air pressure to 40 psi all the way around and this is giving me another 1 mpg increase.

    So, crusing at 65 mph and getting as high as 28 mpg is pretty good for the 3.8 in my opinion.
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    Sorry, as high as 30 mpg not 28. I am averaging 28 mph on the hwy at 65 mph.
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    I've been considering increasing my air pressure and getting a K&N filter, plus I put 245X65 tires and that increased mileage too. Granted I don't have a Sedona (yet) but the larger tires should help you as well. I have a Saturn and considering trading for a Kia, I've been trying to learn as much as I can about them before I pull the trigger.
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    There is no way this will make 5-10 HP. All your doing is pulling in hot air from the engine bay which hurts performance.
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    Nice Mod. What is the part number of the filter you used? Removing the screen off the MAF is where you probably get your biggest gain. This is a well know performance mod. I've done it myself on a 2001 Camaro SS I used to have and that alone was Dyno tested good for 10 Hp on that car.
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    I am reposting again because I did the mod but a little differn't. First thing, this mod does work (at least for me and I should have known it would have because I have done things like this to performance cars that I have had). Around town mileage (this is where I was concerned) improved after the mod (an improvement around town means highway mileage would also go up). My mileage went from an average of 17.2 mpg (urban city) to 18.2 plus (urban city). I did this test over a 1 month period (2 weeks testing before the mod, and 2 weeks testing after the mod). The 1 mpg (urban city) increase in mpg is impressive (I did not change my driving habits, the weather was the same). I took out the MAF screen (this is the real meat of the mod) but did not put a cone filter in. Instead, I put in a K&N replacement filter (with this engine, the cone fitler is not necessary, the best results with cone filters are with big cubes or high rpm engines). Anyhow, great mod (one that works, just be carefule taking the MAF screen out, a new MAF costs about $110 if ever needed).
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    Great to see it is working for you too. I also notice the a couple of the same things as you. I have both the k&n drop in filter and the cone.

    In my opinion the van is a little faster with the cone but low end torque is sacrificed a tad for high end HP. Not that I am racing the van just seeing how different configurations work out. I have thought about replacing the whole intake tube but have not found anything that I like right now.
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