Fueling the FJ Cruiser

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I got my FJ in July '07. Loved em since I first saw em and loved it even more when I got behind the wheel. Anyway, everytime I put fuel in, the nozzle clicks off continuously. I have to pull the nozzle almost all the way out for it to pump smoothly and have occasionally, even lost a little gas while doing this. Sometimes, even pulling the nozzle almost all of the way out doesn't help. Owners manual says nothing about this. Any suggestions or have any of you had this problem? Thanks.


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    The vehicle has an "S" shape fill tube, ? ventilation effectiveness. Was told by the dealership don't even think of topping off as this could affect the carbon recirc. system. Best idea is to do a slow fill and find nozzles at the gas station that have less sensitive auto shut off valves.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I was beginning to think that I was gas-pump challenged. The prices alone are enough to cause that!
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