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Odor in Toyota Solara Convertible

mcat49mcat49 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Toyota
My Fiancee purcahsed a 2007 Solara Convertible. After a few months we noticed a strong odor in the interior. We have brought the car back to Toyota several times and have actually been told by several employees that Toyota is aware of the odor and said it is caused by animal products used on the convertible top. We actually avoid driving the car now because we get headaches in the car. Toyota admitted they have seen the problem before, but will do nothing as they claim there is nothing they can do. Toyota won't replace the top because according to them, the new top will have the same odor problem. The representative from Toyota actually told us that our options are deal with the smell of file for arbitration. Some people can tolerate it and others cannot.

Can you believe that?

Has anyone else had this problem?


  • meegwellmeegwell Member Posts: 67
    We have a 2006 convert. A month or so ago I inadvertently left a banana in the car. The next day the car REEKED of banana.

    I bought a $2.00 package of incense, took out the sticks and put them, unlit, in the passenger door map pocket. Note: I did not light the incense.

    Now, the car smells like jasmine, with the top up or down! :) The other day someone commented that my care still smells new!

    Find an incense aroma you like and see if this works for you.

  • blkbobblkbob Member Posts: 36
    Let me get this straight, the dealership told you that animal products are used on the convertible top?! I'm a bad liar and I could have came up with a better explanation--like maybe a previous potential buyer test drove the car with the top down in the rain... or sumptin'. Ancient civilizations stopped using animal by-products for waterproofing, fuel and skin cream for the same reason and seriously doubt Toyota would try to revive that practice. Being a new car my best guessis probably one of the many parts made out of silicone, urethane, epoxy, plastisol, etc. etc. leeching or it may be just plain mold growth. In any case, if the odor is giving you both headaches and is testing your gag reflex to the point you don't want to drive it, just have a Toyota District Rep sit in the car with the top up on a sunny day--that'll speak volumes more than any complaint to a dealer who can't lie well.
  • mcat49mcat49 Member Posts: 2
    The toyota district rep was one of the employees who told us this (after he sat in the car). That's why we are going to arbitration now.
  • loveconvertsloveconverts Member Posts: 1
    I seldom close the windows all the way on my Solara. I do have covered parking, but live in SW Florida where we get a lot of rain. You might want
    to try Fabreez (sp) on the top inside. Does the trunk have an odor? If so, spray
    that also. I once left a milk container in the trunk---after 10 days you would
    not belive the odor, but the spay helped.
    Good luck-----it is a great auto.
  • moms_maxmoms_max Member Posts: 62
    You are toooo funny, meegwell!

    "Note: I did not light the incense"

    Sounds like one of those 'Dumb and Dumber' warnings that companies have found it necessary to plaster everywhere!

    Anyway, I like your solution...I don't have any odors, but may do it anyway!
  • frankpetfrankpet Member Posts: 2
    My new 08 Solara Convertible top seems to have a very unsavoury odor - especially noticeable when the car has been parked in the sun for an hour ot two with the top up. Anyone else with this problem... and if so, have you found a solution??

  • techiebarbtechiebarb Member Posts: 3
    We have a 2007 Solar Convertible and have been complaining about the top odor since we owned the vehicle in April 07. It almost burns your eyes. I am in MI
    and the dealership manager just called me and they are taking it to a place that puts a box inside the car for 18 hours and removes all odors. He did say however that there is no guarantee that after it is in the sun for a couple of hours that the smell won't come back. He said he called CA Toyota Headquarters and they have no record of any complaints so we all need to start writing to Toyota in CA. Documentation is what helps. WE will be having this done in a couple of weeks so will keep you posted on how this technique works, if it does....
    Toyota Headquarters
    Western Ave & 190th St
    19000 Grammercy Place
    Torrance, CA 90501
  • mkrause1mkrause1 Member Posts: 1
    Did anything ever come out of this 'box' that Toyota was going to put in the car for 18 hours? I just found this blog and couldn't believe it that other people had the saem problem I have been dealing with for 2 years. I only have 6000 miles on the car because I can't take the smell - it gives both my husband and I such a headache. We have also found that in the 3 times we have asked the dealer to look into it, they do not log it in their system. Is it because Toyota is aware of the problem and they don't want the statistics to show how bad it really is! I want to get rid of it but I would lose my a_ _ on it! Does anyone have any other solutions for the odor? I have a dead fish smell and how embarrassing is that!!
  • techiebarbtechiebarb Member Posts: 3
    Yes, they took it to a company that put an ozone box in it that took out ALL odors in the vehicle. However, they don't seem to understand that the odor is in some chemical that is in the convertible top and when the sun hits it, it comes back. I had to go along with what they wanted, so it is documented. We only have about 11,000 miles on our car. Make sure it is put on your request for repairs. My dealer said he called CA and that it is not a known problem, which is B_. I am glad to see others are having this problem too as we thought we were crazy too, but my sales person even noticed it and the service person did too but got yelled at for saying she could smell it. Does that tell you anything? For an expensive car, that drives so nice it is sad to see such a problem that they can't correct. The car now smells like one of those ionizers....We all need to stick together on this issue.
  • RaheRahe Member Posts: 1
    Yes, I can believe the animal parts.
    There is a product on the web called odorxit clo2 that will get rid if the odor. I am trying to get to the people at Toyota to get them interested too but no luck so far.

    This stuff also gets rid of mold, mildew, tobacco smoke odor, and a bunch of other stuff as well

  • techiebarbtechiebarb Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone gotten any resolution to this annoying problem in their Solara Convertibles? Are we covered under the Lemon Law, I wonder? I We have 23000 miles on our 2007. When it is sunny your car smells and burns your eyes... Hope someone has some ideas....
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