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I just purchased an 03 Gator with 60,000 miles. Just noticed that fan blows intermittent when in vent or AC mode. It will be blowing, then stop for a couple of seconds, then blow again for a minute or so, and continue repeating this pattern. It does this at all fan speeds.

Went by the local dealer, and they told me this was normal. When the engine fan turns on it will cause the inside fan to slow or stop, due to the way this system is set up. The rear air does not exhibit this same behavior, it will run constantly with no variable or intermittent blowing.

Anyone have an idea what is causing this or if this is normal?


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    I have a 2000 Lincoln Navigator and receintly replaced the upper, lower radiator hoses. I also flushed the system with new coolant and replaced the thermostat. After all that I hoticed that the heater core was leaking, I went ahead and replaced that too.

    Now I notice that when I turn on the heater it blows hot air most of the time. Sometimes it blows out cold air. I have no leaks and the temp gauge stays in the middle range. The coolant is full.

    Was I supposed to bleed the cooling system? If so how do I do that with this truck. I did not see any bleed valves near the thermostat housing.

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    I have a similar problem, for some reason, I can't get any hot air out of my heater. Please help, I'm freezing my rear end off!
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    can anyone help with this?
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    Has anyone here tried checking their blend door?

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    I have an 07 Lincoln MKZ with the same problem you describe. It was at the dealer today and he said he found a service bulletin on it. All he did was "reprogram the vent system computer". I asked if this is something an owner could do and he said no.
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    hi, just purchased a 03 navi, both driver's and passenger's side heated & cooled seats buttons don't work, which ultimately prevents the heated & cooled seat feature from working, any help will gladly be appreciated.Also the 'volume down' control button on the steering does not work, any ideas? :cry:
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    I have a 99 lincoln navigator. Just recently the ac quit blowing in the front vents but blows in the rear. What could cause this? I checked the fuses. Could it be a relay or something that went out. Please help if anyone any suggestions.

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    Is it blowing out the defrost ducts only? If yes, you have a vacuum leak, you have vacuum motors running the heater/a/c doors.

    Check for a vacuum leak in the engien compartement where it connects to the engine and vacuum storage tank. Usually a vacuum tree on the fire wall.
    Also, check to see if vacuum harness fits tight to control head in dash.

    report back

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    Hi Gerry,

    The defrost ducts are not running either. Nothing in the front is blowing anything. I checked the fuses to see if anything was blown and had no luck. Could the blower motor be bad or have quit working.
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