repair history of Lexus ES300??

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repair history of Lexus ES300??


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    I just bought a 94 with 95k. you can call any
    lexus dealer and give them your vin # and they
    will send/fax you a repair history of that car,
    granted this would only be work done by lexus
    but most lexus owners tend to use lexus dealers.
    I researched lexus cars and from what I found
    they are much more than a camry with a higher
    price tag.
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    I have a 96 es300 with 72K miles. I just had the battery replaced at place other than Lexus. Everything is runs OK, but the airbag light has come on. According to Lexus dealership, that light can come if battery is replaced while key is in the ignition. It sets a code in the computer. According to Lexus that code can be reset. Does anyone know how?
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    I have a 95 Lexus with 62000 miles. Check to see if the 60000 mile maintance was done on the 64 lexus. If not you are looking at around $1000. You could check and see if your local Toyota dealer could replace the timing belt and the other 60000 mile maintance items. My 95 is the best car I have ever owned and has been virtually trouble free. Maintanance is expensive but that is the price you pay when you buy a high dollar car.
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    Hey guys,
    Anybody know some websites that specifically
    advertise and sell Lexus parts and accessories?
    -Security systems, audio, mats, etc.

    How effective is the Lexus theft deterrent
    system? They use to have the starter disabler.
    Now they have the engine immobilizer. I read
    somewhere that says having a "the club" steering
    wheel lock is sufficient because thieves see it
    and don't want to spend extra time trying to
    remove it so they just walk away. Is this true?
    If anybody knows the website that provides
    statistics about safety of security systems,
    please share it here. Thanks!

    The ES300 is an all-around better car than the
    Camry. It looks and feels more like the LS400
    from the inside and when driving it. so why do
    people still compare it to a Camry? It is in a
    different class even though they may start with
    the same chassis or use same platform, they are
    transformed into different cars.

    Lastly, why do some people compare the ES to the
    BMW 3 series? I think it's more luxurious than
    the 3 series, although the handling is not as
    good. BMW engineers may very-well be the best
    when it comes to making sport-handling cars that
    are fun to drive. Although ES is no loser in the
    fun-to-drive dept. and any ES owner and honest
    professional reviewer can vouch for that. It may
    not be as sporty as others in it's class but I
    think it's the best all around. And I think it
    is in the same class as the BMW 5 series but with
    a lower price so customers get a better value with
    Lexus. I read that Lexus will make the ES sportier, more powerful(3.5Liter), more luxurious,
    and refined to compete directly with the 5 series.
    It is expected to come out as a 2002 model.
    I wonder if it will look more like the LS400. I
    hope not because it is so elegant the way it is
    Please share the latest news! thanks guys!
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    Have you had a chance to take a look at our Sedans conference? That's probably the best place to find ES300 discussions that can answer your questions.

    Check out the left sidebar of this page - there is a Conference scroll down list you can use to go to Sedans, or you can use the Topic Search feature just above that to look for ES300 - that will give you a list of topics on this vehicle that you can look through.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    Hi everybody,
    Does anybody know if it's okay to apply
    a rust converter to cover up the rust along
    the exhaust pipe? This is for a 1997 ES300.
    The pipe can get fairly hot during long
    trips so I was wondering if applying a rust
    converter is a safe way to prevent further
    corrosion of this pipe. The warning label on
    container does not warn against using on
    exhaust pipe. If this is not a safe way,
    does anybody know an alternative way to
    prevent corrosion of this pipe?
    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
    Enigmaone where are you? can you help?

    Thanks guys!
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    I own a '98 lexus that gets a musty odor every time it rains. The odor lasts for 3-4 days. The dealership service department says that it is a design problem with the ES 300 that they have been talking to Lexus about for 4 years. Apparently the rain travels into the air conditioning ducts and collects in a pool. In warm weather the water stagnates and creates the odor. My Minneapolis dealership says that this is a common problem with their ES 300 customers and that they treat it with a disinfectant. They actually said that if I bring it in every time it rains they will treat it, but there is no cure.

    I'd like to hear if this explanation sounds plausible. I certainly would not buy another Lexus if this is in fact an endemic problem with this model.

    Any advice?

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    Welcome to Town Hall!

    Someone around here probably will have some advice for you, but I was wondering if you had found the very active topic Lexus ES 300 - II over in our Sedans Conference. There are several very knowledgeable folks hanging out there, and you may want to repost this question in that topic as well.

    If you want to check it out, just click on that highlighted link to go directly there.

    Good luck.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    When it rains, my 98 would smell musty and my back seat floor carpet was damp, it would start smelling after a while. Lexus kept my car for a week and a half and they finally said they thought they fixed it, I guess they did since it doesn't do that anymore.
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    Does anyone else have this? If I'm going down the street when it rains, and I go through a puddle, every once in a while (but often enough) My car sounds like it has no muffler, super loud. After a while it stops, till the next time I go through a puddle. Lexus says they looked at that, but couldn't re-create the problem. This happens often for me though since I do a lot of highway driving. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    I have a 94 Lexus ES 300 and am having a strange problem the dealer is baffled by.. When the car is in the hot sun (80 - 85 degree) for 4 to 5 hours, I get no A/C air from the driver vents and 2 of the center air vents.. The car never cools down and the fan runs on high. Even if I drive the car for an hour.. nothing but warm air. but if the car is garaged, no problem plenty of cold air from all vents. Outside temperature only matters if the car is in the direct sun.
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    In the morning my car sound like the (valves) or (fuel injectors0 are ticking first thing in the morning, for about 5 mins.before it stops. Just got the car, its a 1996 Lexus ES300 with 61,000 miles. i`am going to take it back to the dealer this week to be checked. Any comments from the newsgroup.
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    Krispy23, I've heard of a similar problem on a BMW 740i. It's radiator fans were not working, so the computer would turn off air conditioning.
    Well, it's something to look at.
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    I'm having a problem with the CD changer in the glove box. The problem is I can't get the cartridge to eject. Has anyone had any similar problems or know how to manually eject it?

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    I would determine if it is the valve train or
    the inj.try using a screwdriver or a wooden
    hammer handle as a listening device,put one end near inj. and other end hold against ear.
    lexus recomends valve adjustment at 72 mo.maybe
    your valves could use adjustment,depending on
    your ability the front 3 cyl. can be checked
    with a feeler gauge without taking too much apart.
    if they check ok the other 3 are probably ok.
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    hey ved3: i agree with you on how the ES is the best overall buy but i dont think u can compare it to the BMW 5 series. i also find myself asking why everybody compares it to the camry? about the audio: i have a '94 and my system sucks. i'm 17 years old i like to pound my stereo but when the fool next me has a better stereo in his Ford Escort it is quiet embarrassing. the bass is not powerful and the midrange is just ugly out of the front door panel speakers. i am also looking for an updrage on the audio system. where can i find that? i went to best buy and they said they dont work on lexus's. about the alarm: i love the alarms system. i always find my self leaving my windows down and my sun-roof open. the only thing someone without a key can do is open the gas tank (but not the trunk) and manually (not the power locks) open the door, which sets off the alarm and can be only turned off by sticking the key in the door and locking them or using the remote- keyless button. also even after turning the alarm off, the inginition is cut (you can't even use ur key to start the car) what u hafta do is close the door and lock em all to be able to start the car. about the more sporty and powerful es: ur right, but lexus already did that, its called the IS300.
    hey rhpjones: my changer is in the drunk and it also doesnt like to eject the magazine all the time. u hear it clickin but no magize comes out. im not sure about urs but sometimes the carpet that covers the changer gets in the way of the panel from opening. i dont know of a manual way of opening the changer. by the way: that magazine is the worst style i have ever seen. opening those trays individually and then putting in CD upside down. sometimes i dont know what lexus is thinking.
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    my 94 sounds ok for me ,could use more bass,try
    getting a catalog from crutchfield,there is no
    system out there specifically sized for lexus
    you'll have to get a normal sized unit and fit
    that,if you change over and want to
    unload your stock system let me know.
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    i went to ABT, a higher end electronic store, and they said they work on lexus's. i showed them my car and told me that an upgrade in just the components, side and rear speakers would not significantly improve sound quality. i would hafta rip out my whole system and throw in a new face... not only would that get ugly but it would throw me way outta my price range. they said my only option (for powerful bass) would be to throw in a amped subwoofer. the problem is ABT is too expensive for me. i actually have someone willing to sell me a amp and two woofers but i need someone (who is an expert in car audio installation) to hook up my amp and sub. the last thing i wanna do is mess up the rest of my car. does anyone here have any ideas or suggestions on how i should go about installing the amp and subs???
    FYI: ABT doesnt install products bought from other places.
    thanks a lot
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    I have not checked out yet but I know that the
    subwoofer on the ls400 nakamichi sits in the
    middle of the rear window shelf and the grill is
    part of the rear brake light,if that could fit
    on a es you could find a unit (seen them on ebay)
    and then get a amp and wire it up.
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    Don't know where you live, but if one is nearby, check out Circuit City. Most of them do all kinds of car electronics installations (radios/speakers/alarms/etc.) and the one in my area did a great--and cheap--job of installing a remote keyless entry/ignition security/auotmatic door opener and closer system in my wife's Nissan. $125 for the whole system, installed, with two remotes, a year or so ago. It not only works like a charm but Circuit City gives a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

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    thanks a lot... ill go check out circuit city.

    i might be buying a sub and a amp from my friend so do you know of any places that install audio equipment that is not bought at their location???
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    i see that ur next car maybe a LS400. im not sure where u live but here in chicago the roads are constantly covered with snow or ice b/w the months of december and march. i have had 5 different family friends get into accidents with the LS on ice or snow. the worst case was flipping over twice on the expressway and the least harmful one was a fender bender at 5 mph with a parked car. and yes the traction control was on for all 5 incidents. maybe the '03 will have better control, maybe u live in an area where their is no ice, snow or freezing rain... but the LS400's traction on slippery surfaces is definitely worth checking into. how about the new LS450 coming out soon??
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    That wasn't me who mentioned or inferred anything about an LS400 or the new LS430, although who knows what will happen when my new 2000 ES300 Platinum w/all the goodies gets to be 2-3 years old and if the stock market starts behaving again. I live in the Seattle area so no snow problems, but the other kind of wet stuff happens b/w about January and December here!! So traction control is important to all of us folks out this way, and I'll remember what you said if/when I upgrade. I wonder if any of your family friends had a fairly new LS400, say a 1999 or 2000 (ie.--is this poor traction problem still happening?)


    P.S. I'm very impressed that you have five family members or friends with LS400s. Wow! You must be a big shot there in Chicago(grin)!
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    Check out a place called stereo exchange ,it's
    a private owned stereo repair place/store,the
    owners name is Dave and they have tons of used
    car stereos,he may have Lexus experience.
    they are in phone book,they are at about 6400
    north western.he repaired a turntable for me
    a few years ago and I was impressed.
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    I just picked up a '97 ES300 in Virginia, but it's formerly a CA vehicle. I'm curious as to what the California emissions package entails; I'm guessing it's just a different exhaust system, which I'm also guessing may limit my mileage by a couple mpg. Anyone have any ideas what exactly it is, and whether it's worth having removed? thx
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    afinegold: ill take that comment as a compliment. we are nothin big in chicago, just a bunch of suburbanites. anyways, good question about the newer LS400 models, ill look into that.

    oilcan2: thanks, ill check out the place. u have a turntable??? u mix?? that is pretty cool.
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    Here is a link to a topic in our Sedans conference that would be the best place for you to ask your questions:

    Lexus ES 300 II (Topic #3400) in the Sedans Conference

    This conference deals specifically with maintenance and repair issues for our members who have already made their purchase.

    There has been lots of discussion of pricing in the topic I gave you a link to, so read up on the posts there and see what you find.

    Good luck!

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    Anybody ever have struts replaced,I have been
    checking for aftermarket and found Tokico brand,
    performance struts,would like to have feedback
    from anyone who has used this brand.
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    If you haven't already, you might also want to check over in our Aftermarket & Accessories Conference. (An easy way to get there is to use the Conference scrolldown list on the left side of the page.)

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    I bought ES300 with value pack last night, and I got extended warranty with the golden pack, cost me $1395. ( 7 years,10,000 miles ) Is this a good deal? Or do I need one?

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    There are two places in Town Hall that would be more helpful to you than this one with your question.

    You could go over to the ES300 topic in our Sedans conference and ask. There are a lot of ES300 owners hanging out there.

    And then then there is our Finance, Warranty and Insurance Conference which would also be an appropriate place for your question.

    But let me just make this observation - you've already bought it. Why not just sit back and enjoy your wonderful new ride! Second guessing yourself can only make you feel bad! ;-)

    Here is a link to the ES300 topic in Sedans in case you'd like to join fellow owners and would-be purchasers in their conversation.

    Congratulations on the purchase of a fine vehicle!

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    Sorry, Frank, I did not realize until I posted that I had already given you a link to the ES300 topic in Sedans.

    This conference deals with maintenance and repair issues of our members vehicles, and then we have the separate FWI Conference I just mentioned.

    I don't mean to keep chasing you away - really I don't! - it's just that there are other resources in Town Hall that I think can be of more assistance to you.

    If anything goes wrong with your car, and we hope and expect not, come talk to us about it. Or maybe you'd like to check into some of our other topics like Paint and Body Care or Leather Seat Maintenance - check out the main topic list.

    I hope you love your car. I almost bought one myself last year.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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    i have a pioneer premium stereo in my '94 ES300 and i am about to throw in an amp and a sub. do you guys have any advice or warnings before i get them installed? also, i heard that once you unhook the stereo to install, the theft deterrent system doesn't allow you to use the stereo again until you punch in some kind of code that was assigned to your specific car. and in order to get it, you must have your dealer look it up for you. is this true? and if so, how should i go about it?

    another thing: i am getting a 4-channel amp, is it worth hooking up my rear stock speakers to it, or will they sound ugly and not be able to handle the power?
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    Not sure about the amp but I read the same thing
    about the alarm etc.when you disconnect battery.
    about a month ago I installed a timing belt and
    water pump,battery was disconnected for about 2
    weeks ,when I reconnected I had no problems.
    p.s.,there are currently 2 lexus rear speakers
    on ebay out of a ls400.
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    Just passing some info on,currently there is a
    set of rebuilt heads on ebay going for 140.00
    is great price if anyone can use them.
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