Infiniti G35 vs Audi A4 vs BMW 335i

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g35 Vs Audi A4 which one should I get

Can any one give me any positives and negatives on what you think on these two cars


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    Why don't you tell us a little about what interests you in each one of them and what your priorities are? That will help us give you more useful feedback.

    Welcome to CarSpace! :)
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    Well, for starters the G is rear-wheel drive & therefore better balanced (near equal weight on the front & rear axles). It's Asian & will probably be more reliable in the long run (after the warranty runs out). Audi interiors are very well thought of, though Infiniti has improved a lot recently. The G has more power & better acceleration, but will be noisier & what some consider "less refined." Many people put a lot of stock in the Teutonic "feel" that the Audi (& BMW & Merc, for that matter) demonstrates.

    However, as Pat pointed out, some of this stuff may or may not matter a bit to you. Are you planning to lease (rent for 3 years) or keep the car long enough to accumulate 100K or more miles? What do you drive now? If you've driven them both, what do you think? If you haven't, go do it.

    Both Audi & G are very well represented on these boards by people who drive or have driven the cars, and it becomes obvious that everyone is looking for something a little different & values the various factors much differently.
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    For my wife and me it came down to deciding between G35 and Audi A4. We picked the Audi with the v6. Audi has better crash test results and to us had the edge in handling/braking. But it was a close decision between the two.
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    i am currently thinking of buying one of the aforementioned cars but have never owned a saab or an audi. i really like the look of both cars which is important to me but i also like a reliable car as well. don't we all.i would appreciate any input. thanks
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    If you cant get the 335i, leave the german cars and get a Japanese car. See the Edmunds comparison of the C350, G, Is350 etc. The C350 came last, if the Audi were included it would have came last. At least the 335i annihates the competition in terms of perfomance, an accolade that cannot be claimed by any of its German siblings (within ELLPS of course). The rest of the ELLPS would annihilate the German rivals in terms of value for money, interior, reliability, pretty much everything.

    Thats just my 2 cents, its a pretty simple model.
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    I can speak for the A4 2.0T. I bought a 2007 a couple years ago and have been very pleased so far. I have a manual transmission. In my mind this car is one of the best values in the market, and Audi is quite under rated in the U.S. My A4 was less than $30k new. I owned a Honda when I wandered into an Audi dealership to look at the A4. I was a travelling consultant and needed a comfortable fuel efficient car with good performance. The Civic wasn't cutting it. As for reliability the current A4 is judged to be quite reliable. Don't base your judgement on the prior 1.8T models. Audi has improved reliability. A majority of cars produced today are very reliable. The difference in reliability between Honda/Toyota and Audi, as an example, is slim.
    I would also evaluate the Audi and Saab dealer service where you are located. My local Audi dealer has been top notch. Be sure to negotiate the cost of the maintenence plan into your deal. It is about $500.
    I have no experience at all with Saab. Maybe someone can chime in. Good luck with your decision.
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    Happy to hear your A4 is working out well. Did you buy it outright or lease? If you bought it, what do you think of Audi resale value? I was seriously considering an A3 before I bought the car I'm driving now, but resale is a pretty big deal, and everything I've heard over the past few years leads me to believe Audi resale value leaves something to be desired. If you leased, reliability is a total non-issue, beyond the PITA factor of dropping the car off & picking it up for repairs (assuming a loaner).

    I won't drive anything but a manual transmission either -- it's great to drive an enjoyable car. Sounds like you and I are both doing it.
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    I had 3 Saabs (I am driving 9-3) and my wife is driving an A4 3.2.
    I love Saab. It is unique. It is not only a car. It is like a family member.
    Saab built good and solid cars (they are safer than Volvo). My first Saab saved my wife. She was hit by a truck on highway and walked out with no problem. They do have some minor issues so it is important to find a good dealer. I found that Saab or Euopean only dealerships have better service than Saab & Cadallic dealerships.

    The A4 seems to be fine but it has only 800 miles. It has much better interior and handling. It is a nice car but I don't attach to it as my Saab. I love turbo! If it is A4 2.0 FWD vs. Saab 9-3 2.0T, Saab 9-3 2.0 is a better car.

    I drove Japanses cars before but I didn't go back after I switched to European cars.
    I think they are more solid (the doors are heavy and solid) and give me more feedback from the roads. Japense cars may be more reliable but they are not famous (or I should say no comparison) for safety.
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    I purchased the A4. I have never leased a car. The only car I have ever traded was the Civic I gave up for this A4; otherwise, I sell my cars privately. I was aware the Audi resale was not going to touch the resale of a Civic for instance; however, I wasn't too worried since I do not trade my cars. Interesting that the other car I looked at was a TSX, which has super resale value, but the car just didn't do much for me.
    At purchase time the only thing that concerned me about the A4 was reliability. I swore I would never buy a VW product. Great quality, but mediocre reliability. With 30K miles on this car it has been bulletproof thus far, and it rates fairly well even by CR. I'll keep my fingers crossed, and foot to the floor :)
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    If you want reliability and power, you probably want to go with G35.
    If you want safety, go with European Cars.

    Saab is very good in safety (better than BMW and Audi) and it has very comfortable leather seats (especially the Aero Sport seats). It doesn't not have the good interior or handling as the A4 but it may be one of the best overall package. After all the incentive, you can get a 2.0T around the same price as an Accord V6.

    I got an Audi because I wanted to try something different. Quattro is fun.

    I am willing to give up some reliability for a Saab and Audi.
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    I have to disagree completely on safety of European cars VS Japanese cars, there are all pretty much in the same tier. Where are you getting your iformartion from? As I indicated earlier, if you are going to be buying a German car, get a 335i, at least you will be in a different Tier as far as perfomance and I think the extra money you pay for it is somewhat salvaged. If we talk about the A4 & C350 you really are paying more money for nothing. With the A4, I am referring to the V6 model and I am referring to the 2009 model. The 08 model is history and has nothing to offer compared to the competition. Can you justify why you would pay more money for a C350 or A4 vs the G35? Please list your reasons, i.e. what these cars offer that the G doesn't and we can pick it up from there.

    If one of the reasons is your attachment to the brand, thats great and I won't even judge you for that. We will just end it at that.
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    BTW, I also dont trust car reviews especially since they favor the 335i and underrate the IS350 (seems most reviewers dont like this car and there are very few people who support it on this forum. Frankly I think its a very nice car). However, you will be hard pressed to finding anything similar for the A4 to to whats on the post. The G only competes with the IS350 and 335i, taste is what determines who wins. Everything else in ELLPS just doesnt come close to these 3
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    Both cars have 5 stars safety rating doesn't mean they are the same. Why did Saab and Volvo received the highest safety ratings and top picks (I think the 9-3 received double top pick for several years)? Check IIHS, EuroCap, etc.

    I also confirmed that by experience. The doors, bodies, and the stable feeling of European cars convinced me (the recent Bimmer may be the exception).
    I really want to see 2 cars with the same safety ratings crush together.
    I doubt a 5 stars Kia is as good as other cars.

    Japanese cars just can't touch them. Japanese cars are not famous for safety. They are famous for good fuel efficient and good reliability.

    I agree the G35 is still safe (not the safest) and has the performance and value.
    If I need to pick the safest Japanese car, I will pick Nissan over Toyota and Honda.
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    I recently tried to buy a car. Being a RX-8 stick shift driver for 4 years, I decided give myself a bit rest. Not to play heel-toe anymore despite it is fun. My next car - good handling and fun to drive are must. Plus I need reasonable commute car to pickup my daughter everyday.

    My target car is everywhere - TL, IS250, 328i, G35...Basically all near luxury sedan w/automatic transmission. Just without A4 which I never think of it.

    After countless test driving and research. TL is the best bang for the bucks. I can get it for 31.5k plus tax w/nav. Interior is OK - like upscale accord, full of gadgets....

    Two reasons I did not choose it - 1. I'm not a fan of its look. Here in SF Bay Area, an TL just look like transparent to us. I won't turn my head to see it anyway. 2. Handling is OK - better than accord, but it is vanilla. From RX-8 to TL, TL handling is boring.

    I thought G35 sedan is my best choice. Being change style in 2007, now the back of G35 finally gets better. Not particular nice looking but it is not ugly at least. I was always wondering why G35 coupe is such good looking car and infiniti just can not transform it into sedan.

    2008 G35 interior is much better than before. It is now better than my RX-8 GT inside. Being a RX-8 owner, I may set a high standard fo this car. OK, after test drive twice over 1 hours, I can tell you why I did not choose this car - the lack of refinement. It is powerful - yes. And then? Where those smooth linear output like RX-8 or BMW inline-6? I really don't like it hop-liking start. Suspension? Too stiff. Both BMW and RX-8 are better handling car and also keep the comfort of transportation. So the handling and comfort can be co-exist. That what I call - refinement. Interior is on par of TL. However, being newer model than TL, something like key less start is really good feature. It is a good car, but not for my age.

    Let's talk about the king of driving machine - BMW. OMG, I feel connected right away when first time I sit in and drive it. 50-50 weight distribution is no kidding. I feel I can do anything. The handling may be even better than my RX-8? Not sure, but it is very very excellent. One word - CONNECTED. Inline-6 is so linear. So joyful to drive it.

    It did not make it. Why? Couple reasons. 1. The looks - E90 (2006+) model does not look better than its old model. Some of my friends call it angry shark in the front. Anyway, not bad looking but also not good looking. 2. Again, here in SF Bay Area, the 3 series car driver may be more than honda civic. It is so common car here. A lot of people want and can buy it. My budget is for 328i not 335i. It just look like you can not afford 335i so you buy 328i. My friend - a BMW-driving-only guy - talk to me - why 328? You should get 335i....Anyway, I'm just not ready to spend 40k on a 335i. 3. The image of certain 3s drivers. Few of them think they are on top of world just because they are driving bimmer - sorry, it is not. The bimmer is truly a king of all cars, but not you. Want a sports sedan? Get a stick shift! Don't drive an automatic and think you are good. Being saw too many punk kids driving bimmer around. It really does not give me good image on "personal taste".

    Forgot to mention the interior - who cares? This is a damn good car to drive.

    IS250. I always love Lexus luxury feel and hate it camry like handling. This IS is true best looking car. So nice looking that I can lick on it. Interestingly, handing is responsive - not like camry. However, I cannot feel connected. Probably too many electronics assistance. I can live with that since I need to drive an automatic after all.

    It did not make it. Again. Why? The back seat is so tight that I don't think my family will be happy after 1 month. Also, IS 250 may be more than 3s on street now in Bay Area - Ah... I like SOME having same taste as me but not everyone.

    Never thought about A4. From the picture, it is such old fashion car inside and out. It turn out to be an idea from my wife - she think A4 is a nice looking car - just not as good as IS250. Since we turn down the IS because of its tight rear seat and we have no other list in our pocket, we walk into Audi's lot and take a look of A4. I was thinking I won't buy it anyway. But no harm to see it.

    I was wrong. Despite the ibis white A4 looks not as sleek as IS 250, it looks more like classic. And we do not see it much on the street. That is a plus to us. The more I see it, the more I like it. My wife told me that Princess Diana was driving a convertible A4 so she always like the taste of it. Anyway, I am now no offense to its exterior.

    How about the old fashion interior? From the picture, it really look so dated when you compare to all above cars. Especially the IS 250, it almost pop up from the picture. I aways think Lexus can make most luxury feel among all car maker. Ha! I was wrong again. When I sit in the A4 w/Luxury package, I was attracted to it refinement from material. Yes, the style is old. However, you can feel the luxury. For example, the wood trim is real wood. The aluminum door handle is real aluminum not painted one. Lighting in dark is so nice. Everything you just can not feel from the pictures. No plastic feel. Fit and fitness are top notch.

    Back seat - still a bit tight. But much better than IS 250.

    Quattro is unique. You feel four wheels grab tightly on the ground. 2.0Turbo is nice and smooth, too. Not as good as either BMW or RX-8. However, it is still a lot of fun to drive. Much better than TL which is FWD.

    I think A4 is quite underrated in US now. So the sale number is no good. That gave us a good chance to get a killer deal.

    The Ibis White A4 2.0T quattro is now parking in my garage. Now the only thing we need to worry is the reliability issue....... :confuse:
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    Well, it sometimes surprises me how much the culture or attitudes on the West coast is so much different then here in the East. What people think of your ride really has factor in what one buys in Cali. The attitudes here in the Southeast are much more conservative. People buy what they want regardless of what others think for the most part. That's not to say someone doesn't buy an M5 for some bragging rights or to be seen in, but the socio-ecomonic reasons are just not as important.

    I think you will like your A4. After being a 3 time BMW 3-series owner I was ready for a change and got the A4. So far I am not disappointed. The handling could be improved a bit and the car is not as "athletic" as the 3-series; but, it has other virtues. I have had no problems with my car in +30k miles. I thought I would have the A4 for three years and get something else, but I may just keep her. We'll see. Enjoy your ride :)
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    OK, the reliability might not be a problem. The resale value might be a problem despite I really love the car.

    One of reason I got A4 is I had a super deal. It is 2007 Audi 2.0T Quattro w/ 3,800miles on it. 6 months old. It come with premium, Convenience package, bluetooth, Beige Birch wood decorative inlays....just without NAV. Car condition is pristine. Feel 99.99% new car. Invoice (Not MSRP 36,000) on a new car like this is $34,200 and I paid $25,500. If I talk about OTD price, it will be around $10,000 difference.

    Which all seems good. However, its price drop like rock. That is why I'm worry about its reliability. I would like to keep it more than 5~10 years because it really not easy to sell these used Audi.

    OTOH, A4 is such nice car and I really enjoy it. :)
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    I keep reading comments about questionable Audi reliability which really is counter to our experience. We have an 2003 A4 1.8T quattro with 60,000 miles. It has been problem free; not one tiny issue in all those miles. We have changed tires and windshield wipers, but that is to be expected. We take it in every 10,000 miles and the dealer services it for free; then we drive it problem-free for another 10,000 miles. Couldn't be more perfect. We live in snow and mountain country; so quattro (awd), handling and climate control are important. This is the only Audi product we have ever owned. We are considering replacing the Audi, simply because we are now financially able, and, of course, a new Audi seems to make a lot of sense to us. Our other two vehicles are domestic and Japanese respectively (we are also pleased with both of them), so we are not tied to any one brand. I stop by this board to see what other vehicles we should be considering.
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    If you are considering the G & the A4, take a test drive over 2-3 days, thats what I did, the first clears a lot of misconceptions about lack of refinement & noise levels, these are myths (for the auto, not sure about the manual), the second & third clear any additional questions you might have.

    One thing I have observed about G owners is they dont post on these comparison threads a lot, except for comparisons to the 335i. I guess we have a "meet you on the interstate" approach ;)
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    Too bad that I cannot get a chance to test drive both for 2~3 days.

    However, something won't change even you drive both extensively.

    What shine G is its powerful engine and handling. Again, I was a Rx-8 owner, not that kind of stop light running king person. I love 335/328 Inline 6 and rotary's smooth and linear power curve. So a hop liking start is just not my taste. I guess this won't change even I drive G for 1 year. Besides 335i now is more powerful than G.

    G's handling is OK. However, it transfer bump and holes from the road without filtering much to you. I understand that stiff suspension is a factor of sharp handling. But BMW and Mazda mix these two dilemma very well. That is what I call - refinement. And this cannot be found on G and I also don't think it will change for longer driving experience.

    That said, if I never drove RX-8 or BMW before, I will definitely think G is excellent. But the truth is - few others just do it better.

    Anyway, I'm A4 owner now. Let me said something for my own car. I found that A4's handling is interesting. It is very light when the speed is low- almost as light as my the other car - RX300. And it became sensitive and heavier when you driver faster. I understand that most car has this setting. However, A4 just push those two further apart.

    Went to Muir Wood today, a lot of curve road. Quattro really shine! :shades: No over steer.
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    What interests me with your posts is you compare the G with the 335i and you bash it for the lack of refinement and "hop like starting". What you forget is the fact that the "hop like starting" was an issue with the 07 model, there is a fix for that now and the 08's, I own one, do not have the issue. Did you see the Accolades post I included. Here it is again

    I can understand when you say the G is not as refined as the 335i in perfomance, I think it will be difficult for me to argue with that, and I wont even try. Thats a good comparison. Now this is where you lose me, you then conclude that because the G is not as "refined" as the 335i, the A4, I think you have the 4 banger is therefore the better car. I have to disagree profusely with that. I think the first thing you need to consider is handling for a 200hp engine cannot be compared to a 300hp engine. I used to have a 200hp engine and I can assure there is nothing like the thrill of having 100 extra horses just available for you to use at your will. On the link above, most of the reviewers, there is over 10 of them will tell you the G handles very well, only the 335i beats it in handling. Also, the G comes with AWD if you need that.

    Now, I wont even start with you on the other stuff that comes with the G and not offered on the A4. BTW, I think the Lexus IS250 is a better car than the A4 4 banger. It offers a whole lot more, maybe except the handling. However since you are wrapped up with handling, then I guess the A4 is for you.

    At this stage I will say congratilaions on your A4.
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    Don't worry. I don't know if A4 is better than G or not overall. And I have no doubt that G can run fast. If you saw my first post, I had a detail explanation on why I choose it. I just do not need a car for race track.

    I've passed that age like - my car is fastest, my car is coolest, my car is the the best....

    Now I choose the car base on the taste of it, fun to drive and again - "refinement".

    For example, for the fun to drive - RX-8 > 335 > 328 > A4 > G > IS350 > IS250
    The looks - IS > A4 > 3s > G
    The refinement - 3s = RX-8 > A4 > IS > G
    The speed - 335 > IS 350 > G > RX-8 > 328 > A4 > IS 250

    Of course, the above is just my personal rating. If someone ask my wife, she will simply turn down 3s and G because of looks which I do like those two cars. BTW, she hate the looks of my RX-8, too. :mad:
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    Glad you love your car. From your rankings above I can clearly see where you are coming from. I think you already know what I value.

    Do you know what my solution was with the wife. I convinced her I know a lot about cars. Now I make all the car buying decisions ;)
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    Right! That said; If the G has sleek or classic looks as IS or A4, my wife will take it. ;OR; If the G has refinement as 3s, A4 and RX-8, I will take it.

    Unfortunately, G have neither of it.
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    Right, as long as you are happy man, thats all that matters. :)
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    Humor me, how does a car with all this end up lacking the refinement of an A4, by the way, the A4 is not even mentioned as anything that can stand next to the G. These days I try to let well established voices do the talking. If you can provide something for the A4, especially the 4 banger close to this, I will kindly bow down. Please, don't try to put the A4 next to the 335i for fun to drive or handling or anything for that matter, its highly ambitious :P

    1. Car and Driver 10 Best - 2007 Infiniti G35
    2. CNET Top Luxury Tech Cars - 2007 Infiniti G35
    3. Wards 10 Best Engines - 2007 Infiniti G35 6MT
    4. Wards Interior Design Award - 2007 Infiniti G35
    5. Automobile Magazine All-Star - 2007 Infiniti G35
    6. Automobile Magazine All-Star - 2008 Infiniti G35 & G37
    7. JD Powers #1 Navigation System - 2007 Infiniti G35
    8. IGN Best Japanese Car - 2007 Infiniti G35 Sport 6MT
    9. MSN Best Winter Car (Near Luxury) - 2007 Infiniti G35x
    10. Consumer Reports (Best Upscale Sedan) - 2007 Infiniti G35
    11. Consumer Digest Best Buy (Luxury Cars) 2008 Infiniti G35
    12. AutoPacific Aspirational Luxury Car Award - 2007 Infiniti G35
    13. The Truth About Cars 10 Best Automobiles Going - 2007 Infiniti G35
    14. MotorWeek Drivers Choice Award (Best Sports Sedan) - 2007 Infiniti G35
    15. Intellichoice Best Overall Value (Sports Sedans Under $38,000) - 2007 Infiniti G35
    16. Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) Residual Value Award (Near Luxury Segment) - 2008 Infiniti G35
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    Good! I hope you enjoy your 335i, too.
  • spi5spi5 Member Posts: 48
    Take it easy, my friend. I though you have a 335i. Now I understand that you have G. I might be too harsh on G. I apologize.

    G doesn't make it on 2008 10 best car. Instead of that, Chevrolet Malibu make it. Will it make you think Chevrolet Malibu is better than G? My RX-8 was on 10 best cars for few years, too.
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    These two cars are pretty different. I think it depends on what you are looking for. I will say one deal breaker for me on the G35 was gas mileage. All that torque is nice; but, you pay for it. If you look at the Edmunds user opinions people go on about the great torque, then they say "if only it didn't 16 miles per gallon". Duh!

    I wouldn't mind driving one for a few days as a comparison; but, as I said the G and the A4 have more differences than similarites. No, I can't compare an A4 with a 335i. Then again, I can't get a 335i for $30 out the door. Maybe I will look at BMW again one day, but I am one that thinks the company needs a course correction in terms of styling and "technology".

    And BMW USA please bring us the 1-series hatchback!!!!

  • spi5spi5 Member Posts: 48
    Edmunds long term test on A4 pretty much reflect the my own experience of A4.

    Anyway, it is a nice car to own for long period.

    My co-worker bought a 350Z almost at the same time I bought my RX-8. Despite the rave review on 350Z everywhere, he said he want to change his car after couple months because the Z almost beat him to death everyday he drive to work. It is good on race track, though.
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    But has the A4 made it to the list in the same year. No.

    I am not emotional at all and you do not need to apologize. I am just stating the facts.

    A4, 328i, C300, IS250 those are the cars that you need to compare. Personally I chose the IS250 from this list although its the slowest, in any case there are all slow :)

    G35, 335i & IS350 thats a whole different league there. (Did not choose IS350 cos no AWD & 335xi wth all the options I need would have cost me +10K than the G and the interior of the 335i sucks IMO.)

    If you want an A4 & G comparison, I have given you what the established voices have said, you have given me nothing other than your perception of the "lack of refinement" of the G, notice I have not given you my perception of the A4. I was trying to make it difficult for you to continue with the refinement path especially given those 15+ accolades. :)
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    Yep, am on 18mpg with mixed driving. Not complainig though cos I knew what I was getting into. Howver the car is just too sexy to resist even with the bad mileage, its outselling every ELLPS with 300+ HP.

    The segment is going to be interesting though, the 335i is going to receive a facelift (and hopefully a more exciting interior), the C350 is getting a new 300hp engine, the G sedan may be getting the 330hp engine (hopefully with better torque that the 270 they have right now).

    And Audi is coming in with about 260 hp for 09 :sick:
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    I think both G and A4 did not make it on 2008, right?

    You are right that those two cars are not meant for head to head.

    That said - If I want to drive a fun car everyday, I will go with A4, Bimmer or RX-8.

    If I want a car to race on the street, I will go with 335i and get a stick shift.

    G is just not doing best in either side. But it is a good deal, when you think about its price.
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    No more, I enjoyed our conversation and as long as we are both enjoying our rides thats awesome.

    I think you will enjoy this clip, it says a lot about Audi's quattro, its not in english though but the video tells the story

    I agree the G is pretty affordable, when you do the maths you realize that althogh the 335i offers greater perfomance, the G is pretty close and I certainly was not going to pay 10k more for the 335xi, not worth it IMO. Those with the money will argue differently and its not for me to say what they can do with their wealth :)
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    Of course, and I hope you understand this quote in following link ".....I've also driven the G35. The only thing I can say about that car is that it has some straight on power. Nothing else of that car excites me whatsoever."

    And that is exact what I feel. Ford Mustang may run even faster.
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    Coming from someone who drives a 325i, whatever.
  • spi5spi5 Member Posts: 48
    So he mean G is even worse than 325i not 330i. No sure if 325i and G was about the same price. If so, I would pick 325i without doubt in those two.
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    16MPG is on par of a mid size SUV. My RX300 was 18MPG.
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    It all depends on how you drive it, of course. I guess you could baby the G35 and it would return some decent numbers; but, why would you want to do that ;)

    It's unfortunate that a lot of us are looking at fuel efficiency so closely. A lot of cars that I would have considered buying at one time are no longer on my list, the G being one of them. The forecast for oil usage world wide is pretty horrifying. The auto market in China is growing 20% per year! I doubt fuel prices are coming down anytime soon. And to think I never really paid attention to fuel costs. No more. :(
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    People in China are getting rich. They are buying Rolls Royce, Lambo, etc.

    Anyway, it used to be like that:

    A4 2.0t v.s. BMW 325i
    A4 3.2 v.s. BMW 330i v.s. G35

    Now BMW has 328i & 335i and Infiniti increased the horsepower of the G to be more than 300hp.

    Should we continue to compare A4 2.0t with 328 and A4 3.2 with 335i (and G35)?
    Is it fair?

    Should S4 be included? Sometimes I don't know whether S4 or RS4 is going against the M3. Maybe Audi should consolidate these models.

    For AWD, I think Audi is still better than BMW and Infiniti.
  • spi5spi5 Member Posts: 48
    It just like buying a house. You need to set your own priority - such as location, price, condition, size...

    On the car side, it is style, price, safety, power, handling, comfort.....

    IMO, any cars can be compared. Just pick the one that fit your life style. In my process to buy a car, I even compare SUV and Sedan for my own need. Why not?

    However, it is pretty stupid that think your own car is on top of the world. There is no such car. Only you have is the one that fit your need - status of rich, practical one, fun to drive, fastest that can beat other on stoplight, safety or any combo.....
  • sjaievesjaieve Member Posts: 252
    Here is my ranking

    335i>G>A4 V6 model>A4 2l turbo

    This is assuming value is not a big deal and I am keeping within the topic of this thread. In that regard yes you can compare these 3 cars and one has several factors in its favor and the last has several factors working against it. Notice I do not drive a 335i, I did not buy it but I respect what it has to offer. The car simply outperforms anything that aspires to be a perfomance sedan (KEY WORD HERE IS SEDAN). I cant think of any perfomance sedan that outperforms it, at any price. Maybe a SL65 AMG but as you can see, this is a +100k car. For that reason alone, even if the G has some bells & whistles working for it, this becomes a trivial argument.

    Now G VS A4, I am sorry but I will refer you to the sales numbers for this one, the people have spoken, not me. :shades:
  • r34r34 Member Posts: 178
    Yes, I think it's on the top. Even though the G may be very close to it. I prefer the fun of turbo (and we are talking about twin turbo V6 here).

    This topic is A4 vs. G35. I assume it is A4 3.2 vs. G35. Although I prefer the A4 (better interior, quattro, etc) , I think it's overpriced. You need to pay over 40K to get it "nicely equipped" but it is still under 300hp. I guess more people will take the G35.

    If it is A4 3.2 quattro vs. G35x, the result may be different.
  • tleetlee Member Posts: 44
    "The car simply outperforms anything that aspires to be a perfomance sedan (KEY WORD HERE IS SEDAN). I cant think of any perfomance sedan that outperforms it, at any price."

    The M3 is available in sedan. :)
  • spi5spi5 Member Posts: 48
    "....Here is my ranking

    335i>G>A4 V6 model>A4 2l turbo...."

    Your ranking is based on horse power. That pretty much shows what is your priority.

    And I do have fun with G's power, but nothing else.

    So, any car is good car if that fit your need. :):D

    Don't be stupid. Get some air. Or do some heel toe with your G To#1 . That is much more fun than running fast in straight line. And that is what sports sedan really is.
  • sjaievesjaieve Member Posts: 252
    Yeah I realized that shortly after posting it. But all things considered the M3 is a V8, ISF is a V8 but I think the M3 does 0-60 in the 4s and so does the 335i so its pretty efficient. My hat off to the 335i
  • r34r34 Member Posts: 178
    "Don't be stupid. Get some air. Or do some heel toe with your G. That is much more fun to run fast in straight line. And that is what sports sedan really is. "

    I think sport sedans emphasize more on handling and feedback from the road, not only the power.....
  • sjaievesjaieve Member Posts: 252
    I am glad you said this, now here is what the G offers that is not available in the A4:

    An engine that ranks in the Wards top 10
    An interior that ranks in the Wards top 10
    Music box, you can store up to 500 cds in the hard drive of the car
    A back up camera
    A CF slot where you can store another limitless number of songs and other media
    Birds view navigation, you see 3d diagrams of landmarks instead of 2 dimensions
    Keyless entry & start
    Touch screen navigation
    More interior room
    The Ipod intergration is simply the best available
    XM free for 3 months
    When I exit, my seat pulls back and the steering weel goes up to allow me easy access.
    When I start the car, the seat moves to my memory setting.
    My mirrors are set to my setting and my wife has her own settings and this changes at the press of a button
    I can watch videos on my navigation.

    I noticed you were getting personal, I know your A4 4 banger is the best for you, but this is a comparison of the 2 cars and I am sorry to say, the sales numbers do prove which is better. Take it up with Audi not me my friend.

    Besides, other than starting off with a smaller engine, your car has many things working against. Now you tell me what you have that I do not have, dont get personal and call me stupid :)
  • rascal99rascal99 Member Posts: 54
    An engine that ranks in the Wards top 10
    I thought the 2.0T engine did list in Wards top 10?

    An interior that ranks in the Wards top 10
    Audi is renowned for their interior designs. The G interior is just different. It's matter of personal taste I think.

    Music box, you can store up to 500 cds in the hard drive of the car
    I don't care about this. I would be constantly yanking CD's out of this thing to play elsewhere.

    A back up camera.
    I certainly don't care about this.

    A CF slot where you can store another limitless number of songs and other media
    I don't care about this.

    Birds view navigation, you see 3d diagrams of landmarks instead of 2 dimensions
    I don't care about this.

    Keyless entry & start
    Kind of nice. Some people don't like the keyless entry though.

    Touch screen navigation
    I don't care about this.

    More interior room
    I question this one. The G I sat in was pretty tight, and one of the deal breakers was my 34" (normal) waist would not fit in the seat!! I have heard others complain about this too. Maybe they have fixed this?

    The Ipod intergration is simply the best available
    Kind of nice, but don't care too much about this. I will say the A4 integration is lousy. Maybe the new model fixed this.

    XM free for 3 months
    Definitely like this; but doesn't XM offer this to all mfrs.?

    When I exit, my seat pulls back and the steering weel goes up to allow me easy access.
    I don't care about this.

    When I start the car, the seat moves to my memory setting.
    As with BMW's this is offered as part of an Audi pkg.

    My mirrors are set to my setting and my wife has her own settings and this changes at the press of a button
    As with BMW's this is offered as part of a Audi pkg.

    I can watch videos on my navigation.
    My god. Why would you want to do that? Seriously.

    My whole point is some people don't care about this extraneous stuff. Some cars, like the TSX, cater to those that want this tech. I don't care that much and don't think it makes the G35 a better car. As stated above it is a matter of priorities to the buyer.
  • sjaievesjaieve Member Posts: 252
    So you prefer the ?????
  • sjaievesjaieve Member Posts: 252
    I can tell you that I dont care about doing 0-60 in 4.9 seconds but thats not going to stop me from saying that the 335i is a better car than the G. I can tell you that I dont care about the superior handling of the 335i as well. If you dont care about some things thats YOU, but it doesnt change the status quo. Personally when I buy a car I want everything my money can buy, including the latest tech available, the idea of driving with a million cds is retarded to ME. The idea of having a million buttons in a car instead of intergrating everything in touch screen is not the best for me as well. But I wont personalize this, the fact is one car offers more modern stuff than the other. Now add the extra horses, then its a no brainer to a lot of people.
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