Dodge Dakota PCM Questions

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Having trouble with my 2001 Dodge Dakota Sport the truck will run for about 2 miles and shut off and once it sits for about 3 to 5 minutes it will start again and do the same thing. I had it in the shop and they suggest replacing the pcm which they charge too much to do. How hard is it to replace a PCM if I do it myself?


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    you have to take it to the dealer for them to reprogram i with your milage and vin if ya get one from salvage yard and just throw it in its illigal especially if ya go to sell it case millage well be wrong so best bet is go to salvag yard find a dakota same make modle and same engine tranny combo and take it to dealer and have it done that way unles you want a new one cause this is a comon problem for 01 dakota and darangos at firestone they got an alert sayin its happinin alot but dodge still wont recall and its bout 1200 to get it fixed depending on where your at
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