Which Car to buy? help me decide

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Iam buying a new car and iam on tight budget so iam stuck to choose between those cars:

Toyota Yaris Sedan
Daihatsu Sirion
Fiat Grande Punto
Chevorlet Aveo

which one you prefer and why?


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    Well being that only the Yaris and Aveo are the only ones available in the U.S.A. for the money I would take the Aveo. The Aveo costs several thousand less than a Yaris and appears to have a larger interior. Overall the Yaris supposedly gets better mileage than the Aveo, but I believe the Aveo is a slightly larger car. The Aveo also has a better warranty here.

    I have never seen the Daihatsu, but I think the Punto looks good as well.
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    After having owned Chevrolets and Toyotas,i would defintely recommend the YARIS.I test drove Honda fit(looks like statiowagon and slow as a turtle!unimpressed other than interior versalitily)and Versa.I ended up buying 2 YARIS's.One for me and one for wife.I've owned for 6 months and am extremely satisfied and (of course no problems).Just look at the reviews from people that own one (not from the americian automotive journalists) and i think you will be impressed!Don't take my word though ,go test drive a Aveo or Fit or Versa and i bet you'll buy a TOYOTA YARIS!
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    For value for the money I would buy the Aveo. The Yaris interior is sub-par with the rest of the sub-compact cars and its too weird looking and considered the uggo of the group, no offense. Toyota reliability is a thing of the past with their big rush to be # 1, and everyone has caught up to them. It's now a matter of perception and that is fading fast.
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    the aveo is not the car to buy!!! they have been having troubles with the valves in the injection systems since the 2004 they still have not addressed the problem except to hope the car runs out of warranty. this was my girlfriend's car 2005 brought in june2006 and had problems within 11,000 miles after she brought it . it was a certified chevy. the problems started after 37,000. we had taken to one service shop and they replace the plugs. but the real problem was the valves in the head leaking and causing the service light to come. I have a 94 toyota pickup that has been hit from the side on the front bump and push the hood and frontend over 2" to the right and we just pull the fenders back and straighten the hood up and then 6years later, we were T-bone by a hundi, broke the rear right leaf spring . I replace the spring and still drive it!! I did not have to realagine the front end SO I would go with a realign toyota first
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    The valve thing is a new one for this forum because I have not seen it in my over 2-years at this site. The 1.6 L engine has been out in one form or another for over 20-years and has proven to be pretty reliable. I had the 1.6 L in my 1988 Pontiac Lemans (Daewoo) and it was great with mileage but the electronics were bad. It came to the point that if it rained or there was moisture in the air it may not start. The problem was that the ignition coil was in a poor location and susceptible to moisture. Luckily I had an extended warranty. The Aveo is a different breed of car compared to the poorly assembled Lemans. The Toyota would be my last choice based on its looks, interior, high price, and the support a Japanese car company mentality.
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    Depending on where you live, AC is a necessity. The Aveo is not equipped with AC, it also has no power anything.
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    Check Your Fact's next time before you try to make a arugment about aveo's they have A\C's and quit wasting my time
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    Actually, Aveos' may not have standard AC. But, in America, most will come with AC. I have heard of people buying Aveos' with no AC. Crazy.
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    I have sold 4 Aveos over the last 6 months. Two Aveo5 Special Value models (no A/C no CD) and two Aveo5 LSs.

    One had a problem that ended with Chevrolet giving the customer a new car. I was rather impressed with Chevrolet standing behind their car. Traded the '07 for an equally equipped '08 without adding any additional payments.

    The other three have had no problems, even here in Plattsburgh, New York where the roads may or may not be plowed and there are strong cross breezes across the interstate. While I say it handles well... It handles well for a 2,200 lb. car. Great cars if you ask me. Just don't lease one, their residuals are TERRIBLE mainly because of their low low price.

    As for the Yaris... We had a woman who financed the entire deal owing nearly $15,000 and it was worth, cash value, not trade in, around $8,600. It was a 2007 with 25,000 miles on it. So much for the superb trade-in values.
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    I used to sell Nissans. A car is worth what people are willing to pay for it. Plain and simple. Take that Kelly Blue Book and shove it.
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    That's funny I sold Nissans as well and Kelly BB is a good reference to get an idea of worth. After 2-years cars value in general drop 50%, and that is for Japanese cars as well. I keep my cars at least 10-years so my cars pay for themselves. Aveo's are comparable to any sub-compact out there and have better interiors and ride then some. These are cheap cars and one gets what they pay for. I would get A/C because you will get your money back if you sell, but in reality I rarely use A/C.
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    Consumer Reports: Avoid the 04, 05 Aveo. Consumer Reports again: Aveo is a "least reliable" vehicle for '07. Review after review from a variety of automotive e-zines give the car 'marginal' at best recommendations. Within three model years, the Aveo now has a 'crap' reputation in the U.S. auto market.

    If GM wanted to do the Aveo/Wave right. When they purchased Daewoo they should have identified systems failures within the Daewoo Kalos; re-engineer the Kalos to quality and performance benchmarks; break down and buy some quality components...and then build the car for release into the USA and global markets.
    But my logic is not GM logic.

    The WheelMan
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    GM was hoping a few, well placed, reports on how equally reliable their cars are to Toyota will sell cars. They do it every decade and every decade it proves wrong. If GM wants to sell good cars, they must become private and tell the share holders to go F* themselves. GM has the engineering talent. They lack the executive talent.
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    Sorry but you are still not accepting reality. Everyone has caught up with Toyota and some have passed them in reliability. Toyota's rush to be #1 in sales has hurt their reputation for the quality problems the last few years. This is great news for Americans to realize that we can get quality cars right here at home and support our own American owned business' and not rely on Japanese auto's which are killing our economy and continue misleading uneducated buyers in television commercials and elsewhere. Perceptions are catching up to them and they have definitely peaked with only a downturn to come. The Aveo is not even an American car but has proven to be a good buy for the buck versus and over-priced gas guzzling Toyota Scion. Even if Toyota had the most reliable car in a particular segment it is only that particular model not Toyota as a whole. No automaker has the best vehicle in every segment.

    CR is for losers who know little about cars. CR is not a legitimate source for car evaluations or statistics based on the way that they do their surveys with the paying members only approach. This is a company that has hid the fact that it was out sourcing evaluations until that big scandal in 2007 in which they came out and apologized to the public that the company who was doing the child safety seat test for them failed to follow guidelines when revealing that 9 of 11 popular child safety seats failed their test which proved inaccurate. Is this a company that you rely on for accurate automotive information? I would consider their information if I was to buy a lawnmower, toaster, or chainsaw, etc., but for automobiles I would look at JD Powers or auto magazines who have specific and more accurate criteria.
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