Dodge Caravan Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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2008 is a new generation for the Caravan. Please post your purchase experience here!


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    I did obtain a EC number, mostly because there is a Chrysler plant in the area and somebody always knows somebody who works for Chrysler. But prior to my discovering this program I did some negotiations for a T&C Limited.

    I went to the Chrysler website and Built my Own. I chose a 08 Limited with the DVD/TV, NAV, and Swivel seating options. The MSRP for this was $40215 minus $1500 rebate = $38715.

    I then chose Find my Vehicle. I found 3 in my area that had my exact options - with no extras, 2 were white, 1 silver. Color was not important to me.

    I e-mailed all 3 requesting internet prices for the appropriate stock numbered vehicle. 2 of them wrote back telling me to "come in and talk". One wrote back with what I consider a reasonable deal. Bottom line price was $36110. That was approximately $2500 plus the $1500 rebate off the sticker. I felt this was a reasonable price with no hassle, no haggling. I think the brute force method of auto dealing sometimes can work. I'm sure some could get a better deal, but considering it was no work and totally non personal, it was not bad.
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    What is an EC number? I am also interested in T&C Limited but the lease quote I got was $525 a month with $3500 down for a van with an MSRP of $41,225. This is way out of reach for me. I have 2 payments left on my 04 Durango Limited which I pay $362 a month. I would like to be close to that range. Will an EC number help me lower my price? My wife and I are excpecting our fourth child in mid December, and we need to upgrade to a minvan. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Since Dodge is offering 0.00 APR on 08 Caravans, how does that translate to leasing? My understanding is that the money factor would be 0.00 and probably a pretty good lease deal. Does anyone know the residual value for the 08 caravan?

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    What is an EC number?

    It stands for Employee Choice. Chrysler employees can give away up to two EC numbers to non-relatives per calendar year. There is a $200 EC program fee, added by the dealer, for non-relatives.

    The EC lets anyone purchase/lease most any Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep vehicle at the employee discount price. It's a huge savings over MSRP. Mine have been given out for 2007 and the two I'll have for next year are already spoken for.

    Check out the thread below. Someone named rmbalisa says he/she can still get a few EC numbers for anyone interested.

    BTW, do you post over on the VCA forums? I noticed your S/N. If you had mentioned this a month ago over there you could have had one of my EC numbers.

    If the above person can't help you out I can get you in on the Friends program at 1% below factory invoice. There is no program fee for it.
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    Thanks for your help, I am new to this whole forums thing. I was just browsing, trying to find a reason as to why the van was so expensive to lease and I accidently stumbled on to this forum. I just posted my e-mail and I hope the other person gets back to me in regards to the EC number. My wifes date due has been pushed up to 12-18 so I am looking to buy the minivan this weekend. My e-mail adress is [email protected], any help would be greatly appreciated. I am going to check out the VCA forums now. Thanks so much!!!
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    Many people don't know it but every member here has an email box on the forums. If you want to avoid lots of spam avoid posting your email address in a message. The spam robots do nothing but cruise the Internet, looking for any "" addresses.

    To send an email to anyone else here on the forums use this format:

    Looking forward to seeing you over on the VCA website forums. Lots of great enthusiasts there.
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    Rmbalisa hasn't gotten back to me in a couple of days so I guess he's been busy lately. I checked out the VCA forums, a pretty wild crowd over there!!
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    Did you end up getting the van? Are you happy with it and what did the final numbers look like?
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    HELP Momof 5 Needs EC#! I am buying a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Limited fully loaded with dual DVD/ Sirius TV/ Navigation / Swivel & Go Seating ...... Can you tell how excited I am! The 10 HOUR drive for Christmas looks so much better just knowing I will be driving this mobile family room / game room!

    We will be making the purchase this weekend, next week at the latest. If anyone has any friends or co-workers who have an extra EC#, I would love it!!!! I absolutely PROMISE it will be used! Just think, 5 HAPPY KIDS rushing to the car in the car pool line or watching baseball practice from the tailgate seats is some of the best free advertisement Chrysler can get, and I will most certainly provide it!

    email me at [email protected] :shades:
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    Are EC numbers also useful in Canada and if so....does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks
  • robsidrobsid Member Posts: 2
    Are EC numbers also useful in Canada and if so....does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks
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    I'd appreciate an EC or Friends number for 2007 if anyone has an extra.

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    Chrysler has been running an ad on cable tv, with zero per cent financing on all vehicles with no payments until summer, but the local dealers seem to know nothing about this, nor does the Chrysler web site show any of this. Does anyone know what is going on??
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    A quick Google search didn't find anything about it and I haven't heard this mentioned anywhere else. Are you sure the ad wasn't from some old rerun TV show that also reran some old commercials? I've seen that happen before.
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    I haven't seen the ad either, but I did get some interesting news from my dealer yesterday. I had them give me a price quote on a T&C touring with the M package and a few other options. He returned my email and said that Chrysler is now offering a free dvd system upgrade if the van is ordered with the L package. That would leave me with the smaller wheels, manual control on the climate control, no trip computer and no remote start. But it will save me $2100 off the MSRP ($1900 off invoice) to give up those features. That's a darn good deal in my book.

    Anyone else heard of this special from Chrysler?
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    tedebear, I've seen how helpful you are to people on here and I have to say it's great to have someone to accurately answer people's questions. I do however have a question that I haven't seen the answer to. If I get an EC or Friends number for 2007, can I use it to order a vehicle before the end of the year and pick the vehicle up in '08?

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    can I use it to order a vehicle before the end of the year and pick the vehicle up in '08?

    Hmm...since I don't work in the sales end I couldn't officially say how that would work. I *think* you use a discount code when you pick up the vehicle, regardless of when you ordered it. In that case, a 2007 number would not be valid after 01/02/2008. Your local dealer could further explain how it works.

    BTW, you didn't mention what other options you were interested in on the quote the dealer emailed you. However, on a 2008 T&C Touring with the M package (no other options) you'd save over $5,000 off the MSRP with an EC discount, depending on your region.

    Here is an example of the savings if someone was purchasing a T&C in the St. Louis area:

    MSRP: $33,605
    EC: $28,365
    Friends: $28,894

    All prices include a $730 destination charge. The EC and Friends prices include a current $1,500 rebate (may vary by region). Add $200 to the EC price for a program fee added by the dealer.
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    Can anyone estimate when Dodge will "up" their rebate from the current $1500? I know by last May the rebate was around $4500. I don't know about February or March though. I don't even know if May will have a simialr rebate as last year. Any insight would be much appreciated!
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    Is there a forum where there are other employees who have numbers to give to prospective buyers. I know Ford has one of these sites, but I can't find Dodge. thank you for your posts, they have been very helpful.
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    Tedebear, I've been reading tons of posts on these boards, and I was wondering if you could give me a price for the friends discount on a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravn SXT with the L package? My family is looking at leasing one, and we really want to be informed before we make such a big decision. I also posted earlier asking the question on how to find someone with a friends number. I wasn't sure if there was a meeting place or a special way for me to find them. All of your posts have been very helpful, thank you.
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    The Friend's price for DGC SXT L package with no options is $2756. All rebates are still applicable. Looks like $500 bonus cash and ither $1500 rebate or $500/3.9% interest rate right now. So, about $5k off MSRP. I suspect some regions are offereing further dealer incentives/discounts.
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    The Friend's price for DGC SXT L package with no options is $2756

    Actually, that's the Friends DISCOUNT off the MSRP. I'd have to hire a secretary to manage my discount request email if that was the Friends PRICE. :D

    Anyway, to anyone who is curious about the Friends price on any Dodge product, you can find the invoice on Edmunds. The Friends price is 1% below invoice. Rebates and other price incentives are subtracted from the Friends price for even greater savings. Rebates and various price incentives vary by region, so things like the $500 bonus cash might not be available in all areas.

    To see what current incentives are available in your area go to: > Shopping Tools > Current Incentives

    Go to or to research incentives for other vehicles. The Friends discount can be used on almost all Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep products.

    Here is a list of the vehicles that are currently not eligible:

    Dodge Sprinter, Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, 2007 Chrysler Crossfire, and Dodge Challenger
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    Is there a forum where there are other employees who have numbers to give to prospective buyers.

    No, Chrysler doesn't have a forum like that but it would certainly be a great idea to add it. Maybe I'll try to find a customer service suggestion address and submit the idea.

    Unless you know someone who knows someone, etc., who is a Chrysler employee your only option is to post requests on various Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep forums. There is also the Google search option. I noticed that the Edmunds forums pops up several times lately when searching for a discount - I wonder why? ;)
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    Yes, that is the discount on a $29k MSRP vehicle with no negotiations. I'd love to have a 91% discount code!
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    I'd be very surprised if they offered any where near that rebate on the 2008 model. The 2007 was the last year of a very tired design that was far surpassed by what the competition had so they needed anything they could do to move them off the lot.

    I'm actually a little surprised they are already offering the $1500 rebate on the 2008 since it is brand new, vastly improved and now competitive with the best offering out there- the Honda Odyssey. I can only guess it is because the minivan market as a whole is soft and they are trying to improve market share.
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    Anybody else notice that Edmunds pricing info is wrong or out of date? I was running numbers on the Dodge site side by side with Edmunds and noticed that Edmunds over prices the Entertainment group by $675 and that the Infotainment (RER) is listed first as 1495 and then multiple times as 1300 (per Dodge the correct is $1300).

    Something to watch out for when trying to figure out how good a deal your getting.
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    I just did a lease for an 08 SXT, loaded with everything but swivel n go and pwer rear seats.

    $$3100 down, $395 per month, 15 K per year and 36 month
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    I hope you read this before responding to my carspace friends request.

    I received a friebds discount from another carspace member this morning.

    Thank you for all your help, and thsi allows you to be "in a giving mood" for one one more day.... :D

    This board is excellent. I will post my deal, and vehicle llater this evening, or tomorrow.

    Thanks again, and HAPPY TUESDAY.... :shades:
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    I'm new to this board here ... found it while researching vehicles.

    Wife & I have twins on the way (in addition to our 3-yr old) so we need to bite the bullet and get a minivan. Thinking of getting a Caravan or a T&C (aren't they the exact same vehicle?). Money is real tight, so if anyone has an EC code or friends code for 2008, then I would reeeeeealy appreciate it. .... I'll even put you on my Christmas card list!! ;)

    I know not to put my personal e-mail addy on here & I know that everyone gets a carspace e-mail addy with an account, but how in the world do I get to this carspace e-mail account? I sent myself an e-mail to my carspace account from my personal account, but it didn't go through... it gave me something like a "permanent delivery error" message. ... Also, where do you go to send an e-mail to another member? ... I've looked all over this site and don't see anything. Any help to clear up this confusion would be great! :confuse:
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    Also, where do you go to send an e-mail to another member?

    Hi. You can access your Carspace mailbox by going to the My Carspace link near the top left of this page.

    The reason you couldn't send email to your carspace box is because I believe they are set to block email from outside sources by default. I guess it keeps spam down. I think you can change that in your personal settings.
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    We are looking to purchase a 2008 sxt. The dealers have been giving us unreasonable prices. It would be great to have a correct price for the van. We are looking for the SXT. I know there are lots of packages. Can anyone explain them. We just want a van with2nd row windows, sliding doors. dual climate control. Just the important things. Any advice or codes would be appreciated. We will be purchasing this weekend. You can email us at [email protected]
    Thanks so much!!
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    I know there are lots of packages. Can anyone explain them.

    You can read more about the various package options at the link below.

    2008 Grand Caravan
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    Hi, I just leased a grand caravan yesterday under the employee discount program. My Wife's Uncle works for Chrysler. The salesman gave me the discount without any control number. I signed the lease, and I have had the van for over 24 hours now. I got a hold of the uncle, and he gave me the control number. Come to find out, nieces are not eligible for the discount. The sales man said I need to get a number now, and I should get a hold of someone who works for Chrysler to get one.

    my question is that since I already signed the lease for this amount, isn't it all said and done now. Or do I still need to get a number to keep my van at this price. I would think that if it was submitted without the control number, and I signed the lease I should be in the clear now, and not have to pay the extra 1600 price difference. Any advice I can get would be great. Thank you.
  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    I would think that if it was submitted without the control number, and I signed the lease I should be in the clear now, and not have to pay the extra 1600 price difference.

    It looks like the dealer calculated the price based on you telling him that you could get the employee discount through a relative. Listed below are the only people who can qualify for that.

    All Chrysler active full-time and part-time Employees/Retirees. Immediate family members including spouse, same-sex domestic partners,* parents, parents-in-law, stepparents, sons/daughters, sons/daughters-in-law, stepchildren, brothers/sisters, brothers/sisters-in-law, half brothers/sisters, grandchildren and grandparents.

    I have a friend who bought a minivan last fall and the dealer gave him the employee discount before he actually had a number. I didn't even know he'd bought it until he called later that evening and asked me for an EC control number. Fortunately, that program was still active and I still had a number left to give him. He had to take it back to the dealer the next business day and process the paperwork for the discount.

    In your case, you might try asking your wife's uncle for a Friends discount. The price is usually $300-$400 more than the employee discount, based on personal observation, but it's still a lot less than MSRP - around 1% below invoice, in addition to any rebates or other price incentives. You do not have to be related in any way to a Chrysler employee to use a Friends discount.

    To everyone else, I'm all out of discount numbers for 2008 - sorry.
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    Did he already have the Van and the Paperwork signed then? Should the dealer wait for the control number before printing out the paperwork, and signing, then taking the van home? It seems that if they don't wait for the 100% guarentee it is theire fault, and the consumer shouldn't be help Liable after that.
  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    Did he already have the Van and the Paperwork signed then?

    He had the van; not sure about the paperwork.

    I've heard from sales people that they have a much better chance of closing a sale if they can put the customer in a vehicle, even if it means coming back the next day to arrange the financing or whatever.

    I've read stories on these forums where the financing wasn't always approved and the potential buyer had to return the vehicle.
  • mthompxxmthompxx Member Posts: 6
    See, i have all the paperwork. the lease statement, the approval. The van is in my name, plates are transferred and insurance is on it. Everything is 100% done, except for the control number. I just don't see how they could come back to me if they were the ones to let it go without getting the control number verification.
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    A similiar thing happend to me a few years ago with a Chrysler's employee discount. They called and said i couldn't use the number i gave them. I just called the dealer back and asked if they wanted me to return their "used" durango, cause i was not paying any more. They found a way to work it out and just asked me to use the word Excellent alot when i got the phone survey.
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    Just bought my DC SXT today using the friends discount. I didn't have a number, I just saw the "Friends" price on the invoice and told the dealer I'd take it for that and they agreed. So you don't need a friends number to get the discount...just state that's the price you want...and I avoided the $75 program fee. (I probably could have haggled for a few hundred more I feel I got a fair deal):

    Here's the breakdown:
    DC SXT, L pkg w/dual screen DVD: MSRP $31,335
    Friends discount -$2,585
    Cash back -$2,000
    Loyalty rebate -$750

    Cost before TTL $26,000

    Wonder how others are doing....please post your results!
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    Ok, i hate to beg, but i really need a control number. I have a deal ready for tomorow for a t&c and the guy
    who was supposed to get me a number has not returned my emails. I dont know if they will give me the deal without the number, but i would rather have it. Please help!
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    My hubby and I and our expanding family are getting ready to purchase a 2008 T & C Limited any minute now. We've been given a F & F discount code. Another friend has asked a Chrysler employee to sign us up for the Employee Discount. He has my information and I'm waiting on the email but now I see that the Employee Discount has been discontinued. Darn the luck. So I guess I'm expecting 1% below invoice. Can you please confirm that the dealer will show me the invoice and the PP (preferred pricing) will be listed in plain old black and white for me? I understand that I can take a $1500 rebate instead of great financing (check around -- you can get great financing at a local credit union). I called the rebate center and found out about an additional $1000 rebate if you already own a Chrysler product. I asked the rep how you prove that you own a Chrysler product if you don't drive it there. She said that you have to provide the last 8 digits of a VIN and that they might ask you to show a registration or something. Well, until very recently, I owned a Jeep and I have a large file of service records, extended warranty information, etc. on it and could easily provide the last 8 digits of a VIN to save an additional $1,000. But if they're going to grill me and force me to sign over the rights to my next born, I'm not going to push the issue of trying to save an additional $1,000. Can anyone tell me based on their real life recent buying experience, what you had to provide in order to get the $1,000 rebate for owning a Chrysler product? Also, I'm pricing the new van with the M package and a moonroof. I'm told that the L package is cheaper and that I can get a moonroof with that, but the website won't let me. Any answers to any of my questions would be greatly appreciated. Personal email is [email protected]
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    Can you please confirm that the dealer will show me the invoice and the PP (preferred pricing) will be listed in plain old black and white for me?

    Yes, the PP (Friends) price will be shown right on the invoice. There's no dollar sign next to it but the numbers are not in code or anything. If you have a Friends discount number with you they must show you the invoice if you ask.

    Other than TTL (in some states) the only thing the dealer can add to that price is up to $75 for a documentation fee. Also, dealer add-ons, such as aftermarket tinted glass or stripes, would be an additional fee. Run out the door if they start talking about things like dealer prep or marketing fees.

    If you are trading something be sure and do your homework on the value of your old vehicle before you get to the dealer. The salesman that sold me my Sebring last September even said that they couldn't give me as much for my trade as the GM dealer down the road, since I had an employee discount.
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    I posted this in the Town and country thread before I saw the Caravan one, but here it is.
    I just bought a Grand Caravan SXT with 25L, leather interior group, dual screen video and satellite as the major options. Sticker price was 34,134 including transportation. I ended up paying 25,449.42 after discounts, incentives ect. Another plus, the first three years oil changes are free too (Military Appreciation). I didn't trade in, which made the deal a lot easier to make. I have bought from the dealer before (Minot Chrysler Center in Minot, North Dakota) and have never had an unplesant experiance with them. In over 30 years of buying cars, they are the only dealership where I have always left feeling good about the deal. Just about every other car I have ever bought, I left the dealership feeling "violated" at some level or another.
  • wersdabestdealwersdabestdeal Member Posts: 14
    Can anyone pls advise if the published invoices found in the internet is accurate? Is this the same invoice if you pay a few hundred dollars to Edmunds, Autobytel, etc.? Do the dealers have more than 1 invoice? Also, can anyone pls confirm the fees and w/c ones are non-negotiable? I'm in the SF Bay Area (CA) and ready to buy but research may be inaccurate. Looks like invoice postings vary between states and forumers? Is the calculation below correct? Please let me know w/c dealers gave great deals. Read somewhere that there are other discounts - friends/family (1% under invoice), Chrysler mag coupon (750), conquest (500), etc. What’s the difference between Dodge SE vs SE Value (free stow n go $945)? Appreciate your advises/help.
    invoice - 19,648
    dest - 770
    24H pkg 3,247 vs. Chrysler LX - 2,596
    Ent grp #1 1,866
    tax (8.75) 2,,234
    27,765 vs. Chrysler LX - 28,596
    doc fee ?
    ca emission fee ?
    color adjustment ?
    title/license (dmv registration) ?
    add dealer markup ?
    regional adjustmnt ?
    tire tax ?
    tag transfer ?
    eec file ?
    non-negotiable? dlr holdback - 766
    minivan loyalty - 1,000
    cust cashback - 1,500
    FINAL COST - ?
  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    I can answer a few of your questions.

    2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SE -
    MSRP: $26,390
    Friends discount: $2,383

    2008 Chrysler Town & Country LX with H Package -
    MSRP: $26,545
    Friends discount: $2,345

    The Friends discount is before any rebates or other price incentives, which can be combined for even greater savings.
  • csteinbecsteinbe Member Posts: 10
    I just reached a deal on a `08 Caravan SXT. Configured as 25L + PV6 (Orange....)

    MSRP $20,140
    Friends Price: $28,039

    The invoice listed on Edmunds is $27,587 (including the CMA marketing code). The invoice I was shown didn't have the CMA, but did have $404 in other costs (including T02 which was NY - DAA and B02 which is NY - PPA/EB-PF). The price with those ends up being about 30 bucks or so above the Edmunds invoice, which I guess was close enough.

    I was given a money factor of .00170 and residual of 46%. With lease loyalty and a regional marketing discount of $500, I ended up with $4000 in rebates.

    Does the friends price for the 25L SXT with PV6 of $28,039 make sense? Were the lease numbers I was given the current Chrysler ones?

    Thanks all,

  • tedebeartedebear Member Posts: 832
    MSRP $20,140
    Friends Price: $28,039

    I think I'd be more inclined to just pay the MSRP on this one. :D

    You probably meant $30,140, since when I looked up an SXT with Sunburst Orange and the 25L package it showed $30,140. Anyway...

    MSRP: $30,140
    Friends discount: $2,815
    Net price: $27,325

    Any rebates or other price incentives would further reduce the net price. Rebates vary by region. You can find out the current ones for your area by calling the Rebate Hot Line at (800) 227-0757.

    Where did you get the Friends price that you listed? Did you see it printed on the actual invoice at the dealer?

    Also, I don't know a thing about any lease numbers. The prices I listed were copied from website that gives a general idea of what a buyer can expect to pay for a similar vehicle. As always, the actual invoice is the official word.
  • csteinbecsteinbe Member Posts: 10
    Yes, $30,140 is the MSRP, sorry about the typo there. I saw what appeared to be an invoice, or at least a printout of an invoice from a dealer locate system. There were what appeared to be some regional charges tacked on (gas, and NY-DAA and NY PPA/EP-PF lines). Those add ons varied depending on which dealer the van was obtained from, so I'm guessing they were regional delivery fees.

    The dealer is getting the vehicle from another, so I might stop by and ask to review all of the paperwork before trade-in day. I understand there is an acknowledgement form to sign, so that should explain the details.

    I didn't think there was room to wiggle with this program, and I'd be very disappointed if the dealer was playing games.

    Thanks for looking at the prices.
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