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Dodge Nitro Real World MPG

justlarryjustlarry Posts: 5
edited June 2014 in Dodge
most other forums have gas mileage would like to see what the Nitro is getting just got mine yesterday love it so far can't wait to see what the gas will do just trade din my mega cab for it


  • My MPG is bad. 16-17 MPG it's my only complaint.
  • Mostly Hi Way or City? Do you have the 3.7 or 4.0? AWD or 2?
  • Mostly city but some highway, I have the 3.7 and it's the 4 x 4.
  • triclydetriclyde Posts: 1
    Have owned my R/T for 6 months now. Love the vechile.

    I have taken 2 long trips so far, Have averaged 22.3 MPG

    The R/T has the 4.0 engine with 2 wheel drive..

    What a head turner
  • I have a 2007 SXT 4x4 3.7L with 13,000 miles, I have found it gets very close to EPA of 15 city 20 highway. The highest I have gotten was 21.5 MPG, 100% highway.
  • Hi All,
    Iget low 18's city. Not had it on long trips yet. does anyone have ideas how to increase MPG?
  • Hello,

    I also own a 2008 R/T for about 9 month now. My mileage is the same as yours. I I average 22.5 miles per g. combined highway and city driving with 2 wheel drive. However, the past couple of weeks we have cold snowy and icy road conditions and I use 4 wheel drive a lot. My mileage avereraged only 16 miles per gallon, I must say I'm heavy on the gas pedal.... :D

    I used to own the jeep liberty for three years. I must say the Nitro's 4 litre engine is a much better choice than the 3.7.
  • I'm using a K&N airfilter and a Magnaflow catback. More bottom end torgue and my gas mileage improved. :)
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