Hyundai Santa Fe vs Nissan Rogue

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I'm having trouble deciding between these two...they're comparably priced, and fairly comparable feature-wise, though there's obviously some size difference. I drive 100 miles a day, and while the Santa Fe seems a bit more comfortable, there are reports of Rogues getting 25 MPG I wonder how good the MPGs might be on my highway commute.

It's just me, so the 3rd row seat and rear ventilation system in the SantaFe mean nothing to me (unless I end up trucking my sister's family down to NJ for vacation, instead of taking their rotten old Ford).

Then again, the 08 SantaFe is getting a nav system...I know, i could always get a TomTom or Garmin, but...Anyway, advice? Seems like every morning I wake up and flip from one to the other. I'm really having trouble deciding between the two and would appreciate some additional perspectives.


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    The two vehicles actually have a lot in common in terms of features. A Rogue SL AWD with Leather, Premium, and Moonroof Packages comes very close to the 2008 Santa Fe Limited AWD (which comes with moonroof and Infinity audio system standard for 2008). You'd have to add the body-colored rear spoiler, roof rail cross bars, and stainless steel kick plates to bring the two as close together as possible.

    A Rogue so-equipped would give you a few things not available in the Santa Fe, e.g. mood lighting, Bluetooth hands-free phone system, xenon headlights, speed sensitive volume, transmission paddle shifters, and Intelligent Key keyless entry and ignition system. The flip side is that the Santa Fe Limited has a few things missing in the Rogue, e.g. dual-zone climate control, 18-inch wheels (vs. the Rogue's 17s), available navigation, and available DVD entertainment system. The Santa Fe also comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission (and a very sweet one at that) vs. the Rogue's CVT.

    The BIG difference IMO is in the engines. The Rogue's 2.5L 4-cylinder (170 hp, 175 ft.-lbs. torque) will never perform like the Santa Fe's 3.3L V6 (242 hp, 226 ft.-lbs. torque). Even though the Rogue has a several hundred pound weight advantage, it's not enough to overcome the differeces in the engines.
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    Hmm...well, first off, I'm in a CARB state, and so get the further-neutered Rogue engine. However, when test-driving it, the sucker felt like a V6, no joke. Haven't been able to find out what kind of RPMs it turns at 65-70 though...I know the SantaFe is down around 2000 RPM there, which makes for a nice, quiet commute for me.

    The MPG figures, like I said, really grab me. While the Hyundai isn't bad at all for the engine size, the Rogue figures to be particularly good.

    Those xenons keep pulling me too, though I think the Hyundai has a nicer looking taillight cluster.

    Definitely a tough one...I'm just glad I eliminated the Outlander from this little competition of mine. ;)
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    I hear ya on the xenons. I had them on 3 previous cars and have them on my current Corvette; my wife also has them on her Mazda. Once you have them, you never want to go back. Having said that, I'm pleased to report that I'm not the least bit disappointed with the non-xenon headlights in my 2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD. The SF's headlights do a great job of providing bright illumination; it's a complete non-issue.
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    I've never driven a Rogue, so I can't comment from personal experience. I will tell you that I LOVE my Santa Fe (2007 Limited AWD).

    Also, I just used the compare vehicles tool to look at specs and features of the Rogue and Santa Fe side by side. It looks like they are about the same length, height and wheelbase (within an inch or two in all of those dimensions), but the Santa Fe is about four inches wider. That translates into quite a bit more front and rear shoulder and hip room in the Santa Fe, and an extra inch or two of rear seat leg room and head room in the Santa Fe. The Santa Fe also has a lot more cargo space (78 sq ft Santa Fe vs. 58 sq ft for the Rogue), and towing capacity (3500 lbs. Santa Fe vs. 1500 Rogue).

    The Santa Fe also seems to offer a lot of features standard on the SE and Limited models that either aren't available or are extra cost options on the SL (high trim) Rogue.

    Finally, gas mileage doesn't seem all that different. Looking at the Rogue SL SULEV AWD (CARB version) vs. the Santa Fe SE AWD, the Rogue is EPA rated at 21/26 mpg, while the Santa Fe is 19/24 (2007 spec since the 2008 specs aren't on Edmunds, yet). That's translates to about a 9% advantage in mileage for the Rogue, or about 60 gallons of gas for every 15,000 miles of driving. That seems pretty good considering the Santa Fe has a 45% horsepower advantage.

    At the end of the day, though, you need to buy what makes you happy. Drive them both on the same day, and see which one you like better.
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    I really only went to drive a Rogue because NissanUSA sent me a voucher for a $50.00 gift card if I drove a Rogue and had the dealer validate the voucher.
    It's a nice "little" SUV, in my opinion.
    Was not a fan of the CVT transmission. I kept waiting to hear or feel a shift. Weird.
    The rear seat room was much smaller than the Santa Fe and the seat of the pants feeling when you mashed the throttle was more substantial in the Santa Fe.
    I don't regret buying the SF and I noticed my Nissan dealer has not moved a single Rogue from their lot !
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    Personally, I think Santa Fe vs. Rogue is a definite case of apples and oranges. It's rather ridiculous to compare a 3900+ lb. 6-cylinder and a 3400+ lb. 4-cylinder.

    Regarding gas mileage, the AWD Rogue gas mileage translated into 2007 terms would be about 24/30.
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    Personally, I think Santa Fe vs. Rogue is a definite case of apples and oranges. It's rather ridiculous to compare a 3900+ lb. 6-cylinder and a 3400+ lb. 4-cylinder.

    I was thinking the same thing. Santa Fe vs. Murano would be a better comparison. People say the rogue is small and has less power. well duh, its a small crossover vehicle designed to get better mpg. If you wan't bigger and more powerfull the murano is your vehicle.
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    You are correct IMHO..but the Rogue looks pretty nice (Kind of like a baby Santa from the outside) but expensive for what you get. It would have been fine for me since i am single but I like my 07 Santa Fe SE Except for the poor in town gas mileage! You just get so much more for your Money.
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    everything will be expensive for what you get when compared to a Hyundai. Well, except maybe kia.
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    Of course the Hyundai gives you more for the $$$ , but Rogues are outrageous here in Reno and EVERY option except the air you breath.....Hopefully the hyundai holds up. Right now, nothing is selling except Hummers, Mercedes, BMW's etc. The rest of the real middle class is not buying and the car dealers are getting killed. No sympathy from here! :P

    I have reached the point of Not wanting any more new cars. They are too loaded with things I never want. The exceptios for me are a decent radio, full air bags and the Stability control.

    Hyundai's deal is in the packaging where you have to buy stuff you never will need to get a single thing that you want (they are all doing that too)

    If the hyundai does not hold up, I will be looking for something from maybe 2005-2006....To hell with the gov't mandates and the manufacturers!

    I still like the Hyundai but am a bit Leary about how durable they really are. Mine has been fine since last Feb...I am still a low mileage driver though. In Nevada (the desert) we have no rust so i do not have to think about that and my Se only has the touring am hoping It is a good one and I can enjoy it for say 5+ years. I used to buy a new auto every 2-3 yrs but no more....The more garbage they put in, the worse your odds are IMHO! :shades: !
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    I am currently looking at the Outlander and the Rogue. What made you eliminate the Outlander?
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    Wasn't very comfortable, and gets the same MPGs as the SantaFe (theoretically anyway)...yet the SantaFe has more power. Also, the Outlander's fuel tank is kinda small....I'd be filling up 3 times a week.

    Just couldn't get the driver-seat/steering-wheel/gearshift relationship set up right...something was always either too close or too far away. Same thing with the Tuscon (the Sportage didn't have this problem, but there's no Kia dealers around here anymore).

    Really a shame, because I like the Outlander's features. I might give sitting in one another shot, since I know that particular dealer doesn't get a lot of business, and may really want to move one.
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    i think for the same features the awd 3.3 limited santa fe had - the outlander's price was outlandish...

    the outlander engine was kind of loud too..
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    Given my experience, go Hyundai. Wish I did. Bought our Rogue in 2010. Had our transmission replaced in August of 2010 with about 3,000 miles on it. now, 10000 miles later, not even a full year, we're sitting in the same place, but them having to change out the valve body instead. this shouldn't be happening to a new car....and so many of them...if you read other posts in this forum. Good luck and hope you made the right decision!!
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