Nissan Altima Underbody Coating

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I have just purchased a 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL and am having the dealer apply an underbody coating. Is this a worthwhile endeavor or am I throwing $250.00 away? We will keep the car in excess of six or seven years and I figured it would be a good idea. Does it do the job and what kind of product might be used?

Are others out there happy with this automobile? All of the previous research I had done pointed to happy people who had bought the Altimas, however I did not consult a forum such as this one. Mistake? Thanks for your input.


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    the value of the underbody coating probably depends where you live. If live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, exposing the car to lots of salt, then It's deffinitly worth it. same if you live near the ocean.

    as for happy owners, yea, I think the vast majority of owners are very happy with their altima's. There are some people who complain about very minor things, and some who are unfortunate and get a defective one though. It happens with every model/manufacturer. But considering how well the new redesigned altima is selling a year after its introduction, I can only assume people are really liking it. Last I saw, sales were up 25-30%.
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    Thank you for your reply. I live in Minnesota where liberal amounts of salt are used and cars seem to disappear in a hurry. Will the undercoating make the car last longer? I guess only time will tell if this was a good decision.

    I must say that this is a very nice vehicle and and I hope the fuel economy advertised is accurate. At any rate it will beat the MPG on the Ford F-150 I traded.
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    Will the undercoating make the car last longer? I guess only time will tell if this was a good decision

    Yea, it will help a lot. Under normal conditions, the underbody won't rust excessivly. but as you said, you live in minnesota, and will be subjecting your car to very corrosive road salt 4 or 5 months of the year. IMO, you made a good investment.
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    Thank you! I'll let you know what happens in six or seven years.
    If people up here would learn how to drive, we would'nt need all that salt.
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    In a continuation of this undercoating thing, I had the process done today but could get no one to explain exactly what was to be done. I have had Ziebart do this in the past (long ago) and I wonder if the process is the same. Does somebody have the process readily at hand for an explanation? Thanks
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