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Honda Pilot vs Toyota Highlander vs 4-Runner 2008

autiger1994autiger1994 Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Honda
Looking for mid-size SUV that is economical, dependable and safe for small children/car seats. Thanks for your opinions.


  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The pilot is significantly larger inside than the 4Runner. The new Highlander is as big inside as the 4Runner and just as heavy.

    NONE of the three trucks that you have mentioned is economical. Not one. If you want economy, get something smaller, lighter, and lower.
  • I wouldn't consider the current Honda Pilot as it's an old style that will be replaced with a new model I think in the first half of '08 as an '09 model.

    If you need economy, the Honda CR-V may be a better choice. It's a new '08 design and looks pretty spiffy.

    The 4Runner is now a five year old design and I think the new HL beats it in most areas, especially if you want a 4WD but rarely actually drive it off pavement.
  • chee09chee09 Posts: 2
    HI, I am sorry for asking for your help again.
    After a month of research on 2009 4runner, this afternoon I went to the closest dealer in my city. But they do not have 09 4runner, yet they do have 08 new 4 runner (they had not been sold out.)

    My question is: how much would be accessed for depreciation?
    Hereunder is their quote (approximate):
    Base retail price: $ 30k
    pkgs and opionts: $ 1k
    Destination: $ 685
    Total retail price: $ 32k

    And I was offered: $ 28k, as the sale price, excluding tax, doc fee.

    I did my computation for it as if it were 2008 and came out with around
    $ 29k = Factory invoice + pkg + options + Holdback + WFR

    Now if I have the depreciation, I can give the dealer my offer. I attentatively assessed $4k as depreciation, which gives approximately

    my offer = $ 29k - $4k= $25k

    Any suggestion is appreciated.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    As soon as you drive it off the lot, it will be a two-year-old truck. There is no way I would buy it for $25k. Walk away.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The 4runner (R/awd) is the only one of those I would trust if expecting to encounter wintertime adverse roadbed conditions on a regular basis.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "The 4runner (R/awd) is the only one of those I would trust if expecting to encounter wintertime adverse roadbed conditions on a regular basis. "
    I've got a 4Runner. I've put 80,000 miles on it. The controlling factor in how it does in snow is the tires. I put dedicated snow tires on mine in the winter.

    Here in Boston, Honda Pilots and Toyota Highlanders do just fine in the snow. Just put a set of snow tires on them. Would I take them up over the snow bank and through 18" of fresh snow on an unplowed dirt track like I do my 4Runner? No. But for 95% of people, the Pilot and Highlander will do just fine getting them to work and the Mall in a couple inches of snow, when driven with a bit of care.
  • chuckfromlichuckfromli Posts: 248
    I would jump on the dealers price, but that's me. I would plan to hold the car for at least 7-8 years, so depreciation really doesn't matter to me. You would be buying one of the best cars made, probably the best SUV made, for under dealer invoice. I think the year means very little to the consumer. It is still a new vehicle.

    I found a local dealer with two new 2008 4Runners. One is a V8, must be stripped, list is 33K. The other is a V6, more options I guess, list is 34K. I have been unable to get them to discuss pricing via e mails, but if the V6 had a sunroof and maybe the upgraded JBL sound system, 32K would be a good price on the '09. At 30K the '08 would be a steal for me. A loaded Rav4 lists for 30 and 28 is a good price.

    Move quickly and be happy!
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