Mazda CX-9 throttle problems in mountains

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After researching the CX-9 thoroughly, I bought a new 2007 4 days ago. I live in the mountains of North Carolina. Driving up, the not so steep, mountain, the throttle completely shut down leaving no power. The problem continued and the service manager and Mazda technician kindly came out to see if it was true. The same problem existed. They also brought 2008 CX-9 with them and the same problem existed when that vehicle was driven up the mountain. I have been driving this mountain for 20 years with all types of vehicles, including cheap cars and never had a problem. I AM BESIDE MYSELF. ANY IDEAS?


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    First time I hear of this. Many reviewers have tested the CX-9 in the mountains without any issues.

    How high were these mountains? I wonder it something was off with fuel/air ratio due to altitude. Almost sounds like vapor lock (gas turns to vapor at lower temps than normal), but it's not that common in fuel injected cars, unless you're using gas that has ethanol in it (ethanol is more volatile than gas, I believe).

    Try using non-ethanol gas if you were using a methanol mix (and see if the dealer was using methanol gas too). Otherwise, sounds like fuel pump issues, but that sounds unlikely since the 2008 CX-9 had the same issue. Maybe the dealer improperly prepped the 2 cars?...(there's fluids to be topped off when they arrive from the port).
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    Thank nxs 138. We are only talking about climbing from 2,500 feet to 3,500 feet. My 2005 Dodge Caravan (4 cylinder) does it all the time. We are using regular unleaded gas. Not only does it happen with my 2007 CX-9, but they also tested the 2008 model with the same results. I am told the transmission gets too hot, causing in the throtte shutting down and you lose power. The only way it will climb is in low gear in 1 (the lowest gear), which is ridiculus. If you try to climb in ANY other gear, it just shuts down. I will ask about fluids being topped off, but they say everything was done right.
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    Well the only issue I can think of is the type of transmission fluid that might have been used (from another forum that I read, see below). Good luck resolving your issue.

    The Aisin/Warner 6-speed transmission uses a different (JWS3309-compatible fluid) compared to "regular" ATX fluid. A single half a cup of the WRONG fluid will completely destroy the transmission by causing the clutch packs to lock up, requiring a complete rebuild/replacement of the transmission to restore functionality.

    CX-9's come with a half a quart low for ATF (and engine oil) which gets topped off upon delivery.
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    nxs138--can you give the source of your information(or a link) about the Aisin transmission fluid? Thanks!

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    nxs138--can you give the source of your information(or a link) about the Aisin transmission fluid? Thanks!

    Click here for forum discussion -- it's the first reply to the original message.
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    Hi all,

    CX9 and CX7vehicle manufactured before MAY 1 2008 have these throttle problem this can be fixed, by the dealer..

    i am not able to attach the pdf file...if you guys need please let me know i can email to you....

    Karthik :)
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    Hi Karthik, would appreciate a copy of the throttle problem pdf.

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    Thamks to Karthikcx9. I did a quick type-up. Please forgive the typos..
    Your dealer can find the whole bulletin from their computer.

    DTC: diagnostic test code
    ATX: automatic transmission
    TCM: temperature control module
    ATF: automatic transmission fluid


    Bulletin No. 05-008/08
    Issued: 05/23/2008
    2007-2008 CX9 with VINs lower than JM3 TB**** ** 159178 (produced before May 1, 2008)

    Some customer may complain that the vehicle power is reduced suddenly when climbing a steep hill. After a couple of minutes of idling, the symptom disappears. No DTC is stored.
    The TCM limits the torque at lower load than required to protect the ATX causing the reduction in power. As a mass-production change the TCM programming has been modified and DTC P1783 has been established for the torque limitation at high ATF temperature.
    Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following repair procedure.
    Repair Procedure:
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    Hi Ceric..

    Do you have a copy of this TSB?

    If so, could you email it to me?

    Thanks a million,

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    I am glad to hear that they fixed the problem on vehicles ater 5/1/08. They bought my CX-9 back prior to that because it would not negotiate the road I drive to get to my home. Yes it only quits for a few minutes then you can restart it, but in that few minutes in snow or bad weather, it is dangerous.
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    Hi this is vick can u send me that PDF file please on this email address [email protected]

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    There is no need for a PDF copy.
    This can only be done at the dealership.
    They know what to do when you mention the TSB to them.
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