Hyundai XG350 Warranty Issues and Questions

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My car started misfiring badly and I got a free tow to the nearest Hyundai dealer. The dealer is less than one yr old and the service dept less than 9 months, as it turned out. It's been 3 days and all they can tell me yet is that, after they replaced all spark plugs and a coil, as advised by 'the computer codes', it is no better but that (after 3 days) they do know that the 6th cylinder has no compression. They say they will have to open it up and look around.

I have not been pleased with the communication as to what is happening with my car and have been told (privately by someone who will not be quoted) that they have other big jobs so I may not get it back for 8 days, if things go well. Add to it that most of the service staff speaks broken English and I am losing confidence that my car is safe being worked on there.

Does anyone have any advice as to whether this kind of problem (bad misfiring) can really be this difficult to diagnose and fix; also what my rights might be under a warranty? I've heard bad things about the realtionship between Hyundai dealers and corporate.

In case push comes to shove, does anyone recommend a Hyundai service dept in Southern California?



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    Not getting a quick enough answer here, I checked around and got the attention of the district manager and, miraculously, my car was fixed within hours and I now have it back home with me. They are now saying that they replaced a fuel injector and its associated burnt spark plug but that, somehow, something wasn't seated back down correctly, which caused them to think that the fuel injector wasn't the fix after all, when it really was. And they say it is in the 5th cylinder, not the 6th as they indicated before. The computer trouble code was P0306. I'm not sure if I'll every know if they took apart my engine unnecessarily before they realized the 'bad seating' problem, but, with this long warranty, I should be protected in case there are any problems for quite awhile.

    In any event, I am good to go for now and the car seems fine. Though I hesitate to generalize, what I think I've learned is to avoid service at new dealerships or, at the very least, talk to the service manager before you let the car be towed into the nearest dealer, per the warranty. Thru my research I contacted two other dealerships whose service managers seem very committed, in fact leading me to the district manager.

    Thanks all
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    2001 hyundai xg300... engine misfires at times on acceleration and transmission drops down into 3rd gear. check engine codes..p0306, p1195,p1191,p0720
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    2002 XG300, did the same thing today. After shutting the car off and restarting it drove ok, shifting all the way back to drive but the check engine light is still on. Any ideas?
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    my 2004 xg350 (38,000 miles) has automatic side view mirrors that are operated with switch on door panel. i can hear the motor running but they will not reposition themselves using the switch. they seem to work okay when in reverse because they position themselves properly to view the immediate rear of this an expensive problem to fix? could it be under warrenty?
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