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2008-2009 Honda Accord Accessories

mrgreenwmrgreenw Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Honda
I recently bought an after market remote start for my 08 Accord and had it installed at Circuit City. When I picked it up the installer told me that he wasn't able to get the updated circuit diagram for the 08 from the third party install company or from Honda and was unable to bypass the alarm. So basically, the remote start works, but if the alarm is set, it will start the car, and trip the alarm.....kind of defeats the purpose of remote start. Now, I'm getting the run around from Circuit City saying they are waiting on word from Honda before they can fix it. Has anyone else run into this problem?? If so, is there information on how this can be bypassed? Please help!


  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    Has anyone seen or gotten the extra LED lighting for the front floor boards? It looks really nice!!

    You know what really bugs me about the 06 SE Accord, is that they only gave me 1 light, (on the ceiling) as interior lighting. Now if you get the EX, or maybe the EX-L the front lights above the stereo come on as well as the ceiling light. It seems crazy the honda skipped that, it doesn't even seem like it would be extra money to have the switch hooked to the front lights too on the SE, the lights and such are already there. It really seems crazy, its like they got lazy, and said were not hooking it up on the lower models. Its not that big on a deal, but it got me thinking.

    When I get my 08, I am going to have the LED lights put in, I saw them on youtube. They look amazing. Not much, but cool.
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017
    The faint blue ambient footwell lights only cost a discounted $82.80 but they require a fourteen-page set of Installation Instructions. Too much to bother with for me.

    I just installed the Splash Guards, Cargo Net and Cargo Hook in my 2008. I'm done.
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017
    I've purchased from College Hills and HandA and was very satisfied with both companies.
  • stuartflstuartfl Member Posts: 14
    I bought the 08 Honda front mask and can't get it to work. It is a 2 piece mask, when I put the hood piece on, the hood won't close. Any experience with this? I have to bring it in for the first oil change and figure I will ask them to take a look. It seems like the hood fits so good the space isn't enough for the 2 peices to fit. I left the bottom on because I drive on I95 and the front end gets beat up.

    Any suggestions?
  • diuneidiunei Member Posts: 23
    I wonder if anyone has installed the auto starter, fog light, back up sensor, and side molding from a Honda dealer? or if you have installed any of the above, how hard were they? do you recommand doing on yourself?
    also, please tell me if any of the above are useful at all. thanks for any help. :)
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I did consider the backup sensor and the rear-view camera. They both are as much involved and pretty much impact the same locations of the car. The installation instruction for both are available on-line. I decided not to do it myself after reading the instructions. It seemed like too much work for what it entails and involves putting holes in the car body. You really need to know what you are doing, have patience and have the right tools. The estimate to complete is about 2.5 to 3 hours for each. I opted to have it installed by the dealer. I paid $660 for the rear-view camera, installed.
  • diuneidiunei Member Posts: 23
    Thanks for the info, parviz.
    Since I am so bad at parallel parking, i am going to buy the back up camera.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    Sure. I don't know which Accord trim you have (or considering), for the navi model, you can have both the camera and/or backup sensors. For all other trims backup sensor would be your only choice in helping with your parking!
  • mcpdjohnmcpdjohn Member Posts: 44
    I installed the side moldings and its pretty easy if you follow the instructions they provide and use the supplied templates. I think I did both sides in an hour.
  • diuneidiunei Member Posts: 23
    roger that. I was thinking about doing this by myself too. Honda charges $354 for parts and labor, while the moldings only cost $209.

    Has anyone installed the cargo hooks? How easy is that? do i need any special tools for this? I am also thinking of installing the fog lights myself.
  • vital411vital411 Member Posts: 67
    Anyone know a fair price for this accessory- I'll be picking my car up in a week and am wondering what the going rate is - i know MSRP is 599 + install but i'm sure there is a lot of markup on these after market accessories.

  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    Did you buy it online? How much and was there shipping charges? Thanks.
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    Hi Mcpdjohn:

    Smart guy. Where did you buy the 4 moldings? Price? Web? Your car's doors are now better protected from dents, dents, dents...!.
  • elroy5elroy5 Member Posts: 3,735
    IMO the 08 Accord looks better without the moldings (they take away from all the other lines of the car), and since they are so low on the door, they don't prevent dings. If you open a car door, it will hit the car next to you much higher than where the moldings are.
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    I have noticed most latest model cars including BMW, Lexus & Infiniti... have no door moldings.

    Also, I just "paired" my bluetooth cell phone with my Accord "handsfree link" while enjoying the aromatic smell of my new car. That's the best smell in life. Bluetooth works nicely. Like Mcpdjohn I fall in love again & again with my new Accord. It has only 24 miles and currently sitting in the garage covered by an extra large car cover. My brother-in-law bought a sport Mercedes Benz @ $70K. According to his wife (my sister), he puts his Benz in his garage to collect dust and drive his used car most of the time.
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017
    Although I wasn't interested in them, the moldings only cost $154.80 here: tm

    I purchased and installed the cargo hook and cargo net from here, and am glad that I did: tm

    For those installations it is necessary to use their loaner 6mm Rivet Nut Tool, explained on that page.
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017
  • hyperchickmomhyperchickmom Member Posts: 6
    We just purchased our new Honda with addl accessories - remote start. We thought we were getting the HONDA remote start. ($499 + installation). However, the dealer installed code-alarm CA500 model which lists for $219.99.
    Dealer charged us ttl of $867.50 fpor remote start.
    Is there a way to get the dealer to give us the HONDA remote now?
    No one advzd us this was a FACTORY installed option...Although at time of ordering, we did say we knew we would want remote and Salesperson advsd when car comes in, we can add the accessories....
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017

    The 2008 Accord Remote Engine Starter System (Part# 08E91-E22-100A) is not a factory installed option. It is a Honda-brand option that is installed by a dealer. You can see here - - - s.htm that the hardware lists for $499 and is available by mail order for $364.80 plus shipping.

    If your sales agreement didn't specify the Honda-branded option you may be out of luck. I'd still recommend that you make lots of noise at the upper levels of the dealership management for the obvious reasons. The following from an FAQ may be helpful:

    Q: What are the benefits of the Honda Remote Engine Starter vs. an aftermarket system?
    A: The Honda Remote Engine Starter System comes with a wiring harness specially designed for select Honda models that integrates your Immobilizer and Security System with the Remote Starter System. Aftermarket systems need to deactivate the Immobilizer and Security System, which leaves your vehicle unprotected. Additionally, the Honda Remote Starter System carries a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty (when installed in a new vehicle at the time of purchase), and you have the support of your friendly Honda dealer if a problem occurs.
  • diuneidiunei Member Posts: 23
    Honda told me that they would not install the remote engine starter if i did not purchase it from them (even if it is the same one, from online).

    anyway, I have checked with a car audio shop that they will install a remote starter and a security system with a two-way remote controller for $550. There is a 1000ft range and life time warranty. In comparison, the Honda one only comes with a 3yr warranty and a 200ft range.

    What are some cons you guys see from installing a non-Honda system?
  • elroy5elroy5 Member Posts: 3,735
    If the remote starter was installed by the dealership, they are responsible for any problems with the system. If the audio shop installs the remote start, a loop-hole is created for both (dealership and audio shop). The dealership can say "the remote start system is causing the problem", while the audio shop can say "the car is causing the problem, and the remote start system is functioning like it should". Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017
    "There is a 1000ft range and life time warranty. In comparison, the Honda one only comes with a 3yr warranty and a 200ft range."

    Why would anyone need to remote start their car from four city blocks away?
  • diuneidiunei Member Posts: 23
    well, with barriers, you will only be able to remote start your new accord right around it with the 200ft range. This 200ft range works on an open field, nothing between you and your car, and the battery in the remote is optimum.

    My current car has a 500ft range remote starter. when there is a SUV/miniVan in front of me, i can only remote start it with less than a 100ft range, once the car starts, i can walk to it in seconds. What is the point of wasting these money? would it not be simpler if i just manual start it with that 10seconds time? :P
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017
    Use of a remote starter would probably be against a new air pollution control law in my county if the engine was left idling for more than three minutes. How long does it take you to walk 200 to 500 feet? Not enough time for an inside-the-car temperature change.

    My 2004 and 2008 Accords put out heat from a cold start in about a quarter mile of driving. I've no need for, or interest in, a remote starter.
  • diuneidiunei Member Posts: 23
    I See your point.
    I mainly use the remote start to start up my car (5 minutes) in the morning to work. But i can only start it for less than a minute (due to barriers) when walking to my car at the parking lot of my work place.

    Oh, think about that the Honda remote starter comes with a 10/20 min timer.

    Anyway, My Honda dealer also has other types of remote starter (other than that $499 piece) with different range and price. I will drop by today to find out more.

    Blane, thanks for the advice and concern. Happy holiday... :D
  • robr2robr2 Member Posts: 8,805
    You realize that other than getting heat into your vehicle, there's no real need to warm up a car. You should drive it gently until it reaches operating temperature. Letting it "warm up" is a waste of fuel and increases emissions.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I agree. Mostly good for getting the defrost working if you park outside. Otherwise like you have stated it is better to drive slowly and warm the engine.
  • brockpbrockp Member Posts: 11
    Anyone get quotes on this from a dealer? I just purchased it online, wondering how much others have paid before I start calling around.
  • elroy5elroy5 Member Posts: 3,735
    The spoiler will probably cost less from online than a dealership, but if you have the dealership install it, they will probably make up the difference on labor since you didn't buy the spoiler from them. To really save some $$$ you would have to install it yourself, IMO.
  • brockpbrockp Member Posts: 11
    Thats what I thought.....first dealer was $232 + tax, second one was $128 + tax. Not a bad price to pay for security that I won't screw it up!
  • bmet67bmet67 Member Posts: 5
    Looking for the best price on 08 Accord wing spoiler.

    Has anyone had any experience purchasing an accessory from If so, what did you think of them?

  • elroy5elroy5 Member Posts: 3,735
    Never bought from them, but I have bought all my maintenance items and accessories from this site and am well satisfied. Always the right parts at the right price.
  • bluewonderbluewonder Member Posts: 19
    with the look of the 2008 honda sedan being what it is (I think it is more classy looking than sporty looking) you think a deck lid spoiler or a wing spoiler would look better?...I am leaning towards the deck lid spoiler.....opinions anyone???? I don't recall seeing spoilers on BMWs or mercedes... audis...not that a honda is any of these cars....but .....just thinking......
  • bug4bug4 Member Posts: 370
    This is a VERY subjective subject . .but here is my $.02.

    I think the spoilers only look good on the black or silver 08 Accords (maybe white??) I think the darker colors look very rich and give the sedan a classy "touring sedan" look that is inconsistent with a spoiler (except black which can go both ways). On the other hand, if you were going to add one to a darker car, the deck lid spoiler might be very nice! IMHO, the full wing spoiler only looks good if you have the right, sporty, color.

    I added a full wing spoiler to my 08, Silver EX-L with black leather interior. It looks very nice. But, I would not have installed it on the dark red or grey Accords that I was also considering. Further, if I had it to do over again, I would have more seriously considered the lid spoiler, rather than the full wing. It might be sporty, without making the car look faster than it is.
  • elroy5elroy5 Member Posts: 3,735
    It's all a matter of personal preference. I have a wing spoiler on my black 03 sedan. It was on the car when I bought it, along with tinted windows, and mud guards. I probably would have purchased one for it, if it was not already there. I like the spoiler, because it gives the car a more sporty look IMO.

    Older BMWs did have wing spoilers (early 90's), before they designed the trunk lid with the little lip flare already on it.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    You guys make a good point, it does look better on darker colors. I am thinking of getting black, with the spoiler. Though it is much more upkeep on the black, but hey, you only live once right.
  • uscratchuscratch Member Posts: 27
    I have a black EXL 4cy coupe.
    I'm thinking about getting a deck lid spoiler(low style) like V6 coupe has. I like a deck lid spoiler better than a wing spoiler, but I can't find a deck lid spoiler that I want to install on my EXL 4cy.
    I don't think a lid spoiler is even available for a coupe unless you buy V6 which it comes with it. I don't know why.
    Has anyone knows where I can find one?
  • jmarrjmarr Member Posts: 2 has the spoiler for $258.26 plus UPS ground $ 47.75
  • jmarrjmarr Member Posts: 2
    I had a remote start on my 1996 Honda EX V6 and it was a waste of money because I rarely used it. I just purchased a 2008 EX-L V6 w/NAV and it has heated seats and warms up fast w/dual controls.
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017
    The only Honda brand spoiler for the 2008 coupe is the higher wing style.
  • hyperchickmomhyperchickmom Member Posts: 6
    UPDATE...The Honda dealer took out the aftermarket remote and put in the HONDA we are noticing some problems...
    First, the seatbelt alarm which use to sound when taking off seatbelt before actually parking the car no longer sounds...
    Second, my son could not open the back doors on either side...we did NOT put on a child lock.
    The Dealership was not very freindly and helpful in replacing the remote start with the HONDA remote start and we do not want to deal with them again...
    Should we take to another dealer since technically car is under warranty?
    Why would we have these problems now?
  • elroy5elroy5 Member Posts: 3,735
    Hahahahahaha. Is remote start really worth all this? You asked for it, IMO. Now deal with it.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    C'mon, elroy. If ya can't say anything nice... _________________ :blush:
  • elroy5elroy5 Member Posts: 3,735
    It's just ridiculous grad. People are never satisfied with the car they purchased. They have to add unnecessary gadgets, and then :cry::cry::cry: when it creates problems. Stop the insanity! The immobilizer system and remote start are just not meant to be together. To use a remote start, you have to defeat the immobilizer, then you have to create another security system. It's a tangled web.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    If the immobilizer system and remote start should not go together then maybe we should be asking Honda why it is being offered under Honda brand for a vehicle that has built-in immobilizer.
  • hyperchickmomhyperchickmom Member Posts: 6
    Here is the problem..We ordered the remote start as an accessory to our 2008 Honda Accord...'thinking' we were getting the HONDA remote start...and why we would we think anything else..since it is listed on the pamphlet along with all the other accessories avail for the new Honda...But the dealer gave us the aftermarket brand...CHARGING us FULL price as if we recvd the HONDA remote. We did not realize that we got ripped off until after taking delivery of the car, then we saw the difference...Dealer told us they need not need to "cut" any wires when installing the code-alarm which is why your IMMOBILIZING system would be jeapordized..but now we think that may have been a lie as well...But what I was hoping for from these boards was some good advice at this point as to how to handle this...
  • elroy5elroy5 Member Posts: 3,735
    If the dealership service screwed it up, they should have to fix it. Whatever you do, don't bring it somewhere else, so they have someone else to blame.
  • mcpdjohnmcpdjohn Member Posts: 44
    I bought them online from the Honda estore which is part of the Honda owners link.
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