Chevy Impala Low Tire Pressure Indicator

stephaniekstephaniek Member Posts: 4
The low tire pressure indicator came on in my 2005 (beau-t-i-ful) Chevy Impala...I checked the pressure (low) and added air to all four tires. How do I get the light to go out? I read the manual, and it says something about the system having to recalibrate itself...very confusing. I think I did what I was supposed to do, but the light is still on.
Any words of wisdom? Thank you.


  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARMember Posts: 872
    You use the radio to cycle through the various settings, and one of them is for resetting the tire pressure monitor. I forget the exact procedure, but it's pretty simple. I think there's also supposed to be a shortcut method that involves pulling the headlight switch on and off a set amount of times, but I've never had any luck with that approach.
  • linwlinw Member Posts: 4
    Mine is 2001 3.8 LS,I have the same problem. There is no Tire Pressure Monitor in the setting menu. I tried the switch the parking light on and off a couple of time, it seemed not working either. The low tire pressure light is still on. Any suggestion? Thank you.
  • kiefk0337kiefk0337 Member Posts: 7
    my 01 did the same thing last year but not this year only in the winter time. my dads 06 ltz did the same this but we live in wisconsin so winters get cold.. i frequently checked my pressure and they were always fine even though the light was still on. as soon as spring time came around and the temp. warmed up the light went off. there are also pressure settings on the kick panel near the rocker on the driver side on both cars i belive. if your unsure of the season pressure required
  • stephaniekstephaniek Member Posts: 4
    Hi - I did get my light to go out by going through the radio routine - rssetting that way. I'll have to get my manual out and look, will do and post again tonite. It worked, whereas the light switch did not.
  • shopboy449shopboy449 Member Posts: 1
    if you still need help [email protected]
  • bjbernierbjbernier Member Posts: 2
    I have the exact same problem with my tire pressure light not turning off. I have tried turning my key to the on position and pulling my light switch in and out 3 times or whatever. That didn't work. I can't go through my radio becasue I have an aftermarket deck. Any suggestions? Any further information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • stephaniekstephaniek Member Posts: 4
    I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, but had to remember how I fixed the problem - I had no luck with the switch turning on/off, had to go through the radio settings. Since I just reset my clock for daylight savings time, I think I can remember...

    switch the ignition to on or acc. Press the display button on the radio for a few secs until "settings" comes up. Once settings comes up, then hit the tuner arrows on the radio until tire pressure comes up. It will say oil change, oil pressure, all kinds of things, eventually tire pressure. Then I think you hit the display button again, then the arrow keys again until exit.

    Sorry, I don't have my manual right in front of me. I remember it was a real pita.

    Good luck, write again if it doesn't work.

  • bjbernierbjbernier Member Posts: 2
    That would have worked for me; however, I don't have a stock CD player in there anymore. I have an aftermarker cd player that doesn't directly interface with my on-board computer in my car.

    Would you have another resolution aside from going to a dealer to have them reset it. I don't want to pay the money if I don't have to. Thanks again for your timely response though!
  • bbyboy303bbyboy303 Member Posts: 1
    a man how did u get the low tire pressure to come off or how to fix it ? I have a 2001 chevy Impala 3800 eng. It would be nice if u can help me!!!
  • cdgoodencdgooden Member Posts: 1
    Turn car on not running, turn radio off push disp push seek right arrow once then press "1" to get reset to come up hit display again should hear a beep then seek again to exit turn car off then back on.
    If you have the change oil light on turn car to acc and press the gas petal all the way in and let off 3 times the light will go out.
  • biggame2biggame2 Member Posts: 1
    just found out how to do this with out stock radio you have to put the key in the on position but dont start the car next pull the light switch to the middle position three on and off then your done should be good to go but dont pull the light button all the way out just pull to the middle position or until you hear one click then turn back off do three times and your done
  • silentikesilentike Member Posts: 1

    Since I don't have the stock radio that was out of the question. I tried the light switch procedure without any luck. Then I read the owner's manual looking for the procedure to calibrate the pressures. (Note: only do this if you have first verified all tire pressures are in spec and within 12 psi of each other). On the passenger side of my 2001 Buick Century is a fuse panel. open it and find a rest button in the lower left side. Press and hold the button for 3-5 second, the LOW TIRE light will flash then turn off. Pretty simple once I read the instructions.

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