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Maxima 2000 automatic A/C

zinozino Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Nissan
I just bought a fully loaded 2000 SE. I love it,
it is fast, handles like a dream, and has room for
my growing family. I am experiencing a problem
with the automatic A/C. when I set it on auto and
recycle, at 65 degrees, it is ICE COLD. however,
the moment I increase the temperature control to
66, 67, 68, 69, or 70, it seems like the A/C is
trying to heat the car up. In fact, I feel hot
air. I spoke to the service department who said
that is was just part of the way these cars were
made. If I want it cold, keep it at 60 and if it
gets too much, manually adjust the fan speed. I
can't believe I spent so much money on a car in
which the A/C settings don't work as expected.



  • jbadamsjbadams Posts: 63
    I think your auto A/C is broken. Insist that the dealer fix it. On my 00 GLE, it works perfect. If I adjust it a couple of degrees, it generally changes the air speed, then changes the air temp.
  • maximizedmaximized Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Maxima SE that I bought in February. You mention to turn it to 60 degrees. Mine only goes to 65. Was that just a mistake or is there something wrong with mine? Also, the A/C is not necessarily ice cold like in was in my '97 Accord but it definitly works well. When switching from outside air to circulate I don't hear that distinct switching sound or increase in air speed that was evident in other cars I owned. Any feedback?
  • zinozino Posts: 3
    you are right, 65 is the lowest. The issue is that anything about 65 is relatively warm. Only 65 is cold........ I am going in this Thursday to look at it again with the techs.
  • maximizedmaximized Posts: 3
    On my car the same thing happens. If I set it at 65 it blows out cold air but as soon as I switch it to 66 or higher hot air comes out.
  • maximizedmaximized Posts: 3
    My friend has a '98 Accord with auto climate control also but her temp goes all the way down
    to 60 where the max only goes down to 65. I guess they made it so that 65 and hitting auto is the only way to work the A/C. Every other car has an A/C button to hit that turns on the A/C, even with climate control where we have to hit econ if we want 65 degree wind that isn't cold. Definetly not the standard A/C system but it does work once you get used to it.
  • jbadamsjbadams Posts: 63
    I just set mine to 70, and leave it there. It works perfect. In the morning driving to work, it seems to be mostly vent. In the afternoon, full speed cold air until the car cools down, then it gradually reduces the air speed.
  • edwardh1edwardh1 Posts: 88
    my 99 maxima auto does not seem to put out as cold air as my non-auto 94 camry (never had freon added). The camry will put out 35 degree air on a 90 degree day consistently (recirc on) and it puts it out quick. The auto maxima 99 is in its second summer will put out 40 degree air but only after a long drive at 60 mph, it will not get colder. I did not check it the first year so I do not know if the system has deteroriated or if this is normal for the automatic systems to not put out as cold air as the non auto syatem/
  • zinozino Posts: 3
    I measured the temp from the different vents.
    the two center vents are consistantly cold, ice cold when I want, however, the two side vents are at least 10 to 15 degrees warmer.
    so when I set it to 66, it is warm in the car. I measure the center vents and they are 66 to 67, but the side vents are almost 80............
    moreover, if I close the side vents, then the warm air is transfered to the center........
    I am taking her in for a check-up
  • warrenulwarrenul Posts: 50
    We had some warm (85-90 degrees F) weather lately and I was not impressed with the Maxima's A/C ATC temperature output. I am reluctant to see what happens when the temperature approaches 95-100 degrees F. I don't think that I had it on recirc on, but I am going to make sure its on the next time it get hot out. I hope this makes a difference.
  • maximizdmaximizd Posts: 18
    The way it works (I think) is that if the car believes that the outside ambient temperature is COLDER than the temp you dial in on the climate control, it will give you heat. The opposite is also true if the outside temp is WARMER than the dialed in temp. The way to override this is to set the temp at one of the two extremes which will FORCE cool air (at 65) or heat (at 85? never went this high before, don't really know). The problem may be that the ambient temp sensor may be busted and not giving an accurate reading!
  • twaretware Posts: 1
    My car came overcharged from the factory. They bled off some freon and it has worked great since. It did exactly what you mention with blowing hot air, or cold on 65. They said it was very common. they knew what the problem was when I called them on the phone even. They had several like that (2K's). No explanation how or why, but it was a 30 min fix.
  • mrboomrboo Posts: 5
    the temp you are selecting 65, 70 or whatever is the temp for the cabin. it will blow warm until the CABIN reaches that temp !!! 65 or 70 is NOT the air temp comin out the vent. my 90 max has manual a/c, I leave it on recirc, and the vent temp is consistently 33 to 35 degrees!! on R12, and have only added 1 pound in 11 years!!!!!!
  • nds1nds1 Posts: 5
    I have 1996 Nissan Maxima SE. It runs great and I am happy with it. Recently I got the 60,000 mile service done at the Nissan dealer. They cleaned the brakes during that service. Since then when ever I hit the brakes and the car is about to make a complete stop I hear the sound at the front right wheel. I took it to the dealer where I got the service done. He basically could not figure out and started telling me that is from suspension and later on started telling me that I need to get the brakes done. I double checked with the Firestone/Mastercare. The technician mentioned that the brakes are fine and still has more than 60%. But the sound is still there. They say it could be shocks/struts & .... So far no body is able to figure out the problem. Your advise on this greatly appreciated. This has not stopped me from enjoying the comfort of driving this Maxima, its just annoying sometimes.

  • nds1nds1 Posts: 5
    I mean front left wheel and not front right wheel.


  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    Try a regular maxima room....your in the 2K Maxima post.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    If you could provide the topic #, I'm sure nds1 would appreciate the help...

    Your host, Bruce.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    In this conference you could try these links:

    Maxima 5-speed Problems

    or Brake

    Good luck.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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