Toyota Highlander Dealer Problems

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Greetings Toyota owners.

I purchased my HH about April of '06 and it currently has 26,000 mile on it.

I will not bore you with the 10 page dicertaion of what all happened to my car but you are welcome to ask questions as you comment on this thread.

To put it in short form.

HH starts shaking. Owner has it towed to Toyota dealer. Dealer calls and says "Bad gas, not covered under warranty, $285.00" Owner says please fix it. Dealer runs & idles it for 2 days calls and says engine blown, steel parts fly out from under it. Calls in special tech for HH. 8 days later leaves message that cause was hydro lock not covered by warranty.

This looks bad for us. I must guess five to seven thousand for new engine.

On top of this they performed the 30,000 mile service prior to purgeing the gas.



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    Here is an email that I sent on Tuesday 11/27, but I still have not received a response yet. What should I do?


    I purchased our '05 Highlander from Jack Safro Toyota almost 3 years ago and our experience has been excellent with Safro Toyota until we started to visit the service dept. for regular maintenance along with some warranty issues this past year. I wanted to let my original sales person, the General Manager along with the Vice President know about my concerns since the service dept. doesn't seem to receptive to my concerns lately. I have been working closely with the service manager who helped a great deal, but he hasn't responded to my e-mail that I sent 2 days ago on Tuesday so I'm not sure if he is out, but if he is that is understandable.

    Basically my 1st issue was bringing in my Highlander to align my wheels since the steering wheel was off balance along with a rotation. When I picked up my vehicle and drove home I noticed that the low pressure light came on which told me the technician didn't do his job to reset the button underneath the steering wheel. The other problem was that my steering wheel was still off balance, but just on the opposite side. I called my service advisor and told him about the situation so we re-scheduled an appt. to bring my vehicle back in. I brought it back in and Lauren stated he would meet me at the dealership to take a test drive, but he never showed up that morning. The tech went on a road test with me and he said there was still a problem. Later that day I picked up my vehicle and although my SA told me they couldn't fix the problem while I was driving home the steering wheel was balanced again so the problem was fixed in my opinion after 2 times trying to fix it. My SA didn't seem too knowledgeable on the situation nor did he want to take his time to explain what was happening to my Highlander during the warranty work to make me comfortable with what was going on. He always seemed to be in a hurry. The service manager offered me an in-house credit of $160 for the trouble and I accepted.

    My 2nd issue was recently. I came in this past Saturday for an oil change and the tech told me he found a leak on the front differential and told me to make a warranty appt. I made an appt. for that and also to have my transmission and coolant fluids drained and filled. I specifically told my SA that I didn't want the fluids flushed, just drained and filled. I came in on Monday at 7am to drop off my vehicle and at around 10am my SA calls me to tell me that the tech found no leak and that he would proceed on draining and filling the fluids. My SA told me he was aware of the in-house credit and that he would apply it to my bill. At around 4pm my SA calls me and tells me after my in-house credit that I still owe $138.95. I asked why and he told me that is how much everything costed after he applied my credit. When I came to pick up my vehicle and got home to review the service sheet it stated that the transmission & coolant fluids were drained and filled and the transmission fluid was also flushed which was done without my knowledge or authorization. On the bottom on the sheet there was a note that said "Customer has credit of $131.68 coming per L.S., noted on last copy." Since I still have a credit of $131.68 why wasn't this applied to the bill? My SA not only lied to me, but he chose to lie to me for an unknown reason. At this point I have still not heard back from the service manager regarding this issue and before I choose a different Toyota dealership for my future maintenance on my Highlander and future purchases I wanted to receive the credit that is owed to me.

    To summarize my concerns you have a service advisor who lied and who isn't knowledgeable on service issues, you have a tech who is also un-experienced who said I had a leak but I really didn't and you have a service manager who is ignoring me unless he is out on vacation.

    After everything I have explained here can you tell me why I should stay with Safro Toyota? At this point I would like the General Manager and/or the Vice President to respond to me only because I do not want to deal with the service dept. at all after what I have been through. Please e-mail me a response ASAP on the weekdays as my time is limited on the weekdays, but I am always available to speak to you on Saturdays anytime. FYI - I don't make a hobby out of this, I only want what is due to me and not be treated with disrespect as a customer.
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    I would like to know how Toyota will handle about this case. My last Toyota Dealer Service gave me unsatisfied service with 02 4 Runner Brake too. When I press on brake paddle on down hill the vehicle shake a little bit. I called them and the said I have to resurface and this and that. They said it was because of Front Brake. Then 9 months later, it's shaken again with same feeling, I called again and after they inspected the answer was because of Rare Brake. Then I have to pay for it. The whole vehicle was shaken in same movement and same feeling but the answer came out different. I complained to Service Manager but they said this and that, bla bla bla but not satisfy me at all.
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    Dear all,

    Last month(45 days ago), I log into the and found out that my Highlander Hybrid 2008 has recall for safety issue concerned with Pedal and Floor mat. Then I called my Dealer (Rohrich Toyota) they declined that they never know of that kind of recall L90. They asked me that I got the letter from Toyota and I said no and explained that I found out online. They advised me to wait until I got the official mail from Toyota. And last 10 days ago, on Friday, I got the official recall from Toyota and I called them on Monday and they said no to me. They answer that they have no remedy for that issue.

    I was so upset and called Toyota Sale for USA and the guy from information dept: told me that L90 is already up and it show in their system and I could file complaint about my dealer. Then I asked him to transfer me to customer care dept: and they took all the data. Next day my dealer call me and set up the appointment within a few days and now it's already fixed.

    The point is: why the dealer treat their customer like that. ???????

    They keep on saying me "no" all the time until I called and file a complaint.

    After I filed a complaint, they call me next day and fixed my car right away. It's not right what I think.
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