2005 Explorer Limited - Cold Air from Glove Box?

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It's winter here and we've just bought a 2005 Explorer Limited.

While driving it - we're noting a VERY noticeable cold draft coming from the glove box. Much like having a window down - and it's downright uncomfortable!

Can anyone give me any hints as to what is going on? What could be the problem?


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    We have 2004 Explorer with the exact same issue. I don't have a solution but wanted you to know it wasn't just you. We also have a low volume of air coming through our vents on all settings and speeds. I read that could be the result of something being sucked in (napkin) from the glove box. Apparently there is an intake under there. I will dig into that and see what I can find. It might shed some light on why we're getting the air leak. Drives my wife nuts in the cold weather.
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    I have an 02 Explore XLT and am having the same issue. I stuffed a towel in there to help keep some of the air at bay. I'm taking it to the dealer in the next few days so hopefully they will have a fix and I can pass it on.
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    So I just now took my truck into the shop. They told me I was going to have to have my "max recirculating door" replaced. They said eventually it would wear out and then I wouldn't have heat or A/C. Cost $850 because they have to remove the dashboard to replace it. Hope this helps!
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    Can anyone tell me what all needs to be done to remove the dash on a 2004 Explorer. Afraid I need to fix the blend door to stop the cold air around the glove box. Suggestions?
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    Take lots of pictures as you go....
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