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Buick Enclave Oil and Transmission Leaks

We love our new Enclave. Looked at everything and always came back to it. Thinking about changing oil at 3,000 miles so looked underneath and see red tranny fluid along lower seam and oil drop heads on the vertical bolts above the gasket. Then I saw oil marks on drain plug and forward. I looked further to find oil above. Granted this is not alot of engine oil, but for $32k these two leaks were a real dissapointment. We purposely bought a US car and would again. Anyone know of problems with tranny or oil leaks on the 3.5L?


  • Have you noticed a hot oil smell coming through the ventilation system when you are stopped? I have noticed this smell and am taking my Enclave into the dealer tomorrow. We just purchased it last week, definitely disappointed it already has to go in for service. Other than that we love it! Wonder if it is the same condition you have? I will let you know what happens at the dealer.
  • No oil smell. Honestly, the oil leak appears small. The one on the tranny seems worse although neither is leaving drips on the garage floor. Let me know how you make out.
  • The dealer said that there were no leaks and the smell was 'normal' for breaking in the car (it only has about 350 miles on it). He did get the smell but said it wasn't oil. I still don't think it's normal, I've never had a car that you could smell something throught the ventilation system when you were stopped. Did you ever notice any smells when you first got your Enclave (only when stopped)?
  • No smells from the oil or at all when we first go the car. We took ours in for the engine oil leak and the tranny oil leak. When the dealer entered the VIN GM told them to contact GM and they were having a rep. come out to look at it. There is a service bulletin I was told about, but not a recall.

    GM is well aware of the tranny leak and it sounds like they are trying to figure out the extent, so keep an eye on yours. The main verticle gasket connecting the two tranny halves had red oil in the crack and oil bubbles on the heads of two bolts higher on the tranny. Never anything on the garage floor. I was told it is a leak in the torque converter seal. So, with 3,000 miles they are taking the tranny out of the vehicle with GM's guidance to make the repair. Dealer has been great giving me updates and loaner car.

    They also said the engine oil leak was known and the part was also coming in. Not sure what that issue is, so I am anxious to see if the oil leak really does get fixed. I'll let you know Tuesday when I get it back. did your dealer mention any of the fluid leak service bulletins?
    I'll take better notice of the odor.
  • did you get this fixed?
  • Most new cars, and I can say for a fact the last 3 I've bought (Enclave, Touareg, Sequoia) all had that 'new car burn in' smell everytime we parked the car for the first 500+ miles. I've been told repeatedly by dealers that this is related to today's uncarriage coatings that are applied. I don't recall smelling it when in the car and stopped, but everytime we got out for the first month or so, we could smell it. My garage floor is spotless, so no leaks.
  • Yes, They did fix the leaks. Took about 4 days, but I told the dealer not to hurry. They were great, let me talk with the mechanic, he explained there is a seal that is leaking internally on the torque converter on some models. The entire tranny was removed and fixed. Not a great feeling for a brand new car, but they did a great job.

    Just had me bring it in for a checkup to their work and everything is fine. I guess I am dissapointed it happened, but very satisfied with the dealer and Buick's support.

    Still drives great. Never noticed the difference in the feel on the road.
  • bob510bob510 Posts: 1
    i bought a new enclave 2009 it has 107,000 kilometers on it the oil and service work was done at 90833 kilometers the previous one at 76340 kilometers. and every 10,000, to 12,000 kl my engine quit on a building site . so i had it towed to my service dealer (for the last 4 years ) they told me that i had burned the oil out of the engine . i sugested that this was a physical impossibilty. i am waiting for the verdict . if they will cover it under warranty. ??????
  • Good morning bob510,

    As you're working with your service center already, if you had wanted for Customer Service to check into anything we're available to you. I see that you're using kilometers and am guessing that you're writing from Canada - GM of Canada can be reached at 800-263-3777 (Hours: M-F 7:30am - 11:30pm, Sat 7:30am - 6:00 EST).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • derek30derek30 Posts: 5
    I have a Buick Enclave that the transmission died. I have under 100k miles on it. The warranty was good through 100,497 miles and expired just a few months ago. Dealship is saying they called GM and since it is a few months expired it is not covered. Has anyone delt with a situation like this? Any advice would be great since this is a big ticket repair.

  • barnzoboybarnzoboy Posts: 4
    My powertrain warranty expired on 5/6/13 and GM refused to cover a cam shaft error message service notice in July of 2013. The car only has 64k miles on it, but the warranty is past the 5 year time frame being that the car was originally "placed in service" on 5/6/08.

    No coverage, out of warranty.
  • emardiniemardini Posts: 8
    Just purchased a 2008 Enclave with 113000 miles on it, I took it for inspection and it has oil leaks in the front timing cover, the rear seal and is leaking in the steering gear. The dealer (Perry Buick in Norfolk) is charging me a ridiculously high amount of money to repair these leaks: $3000, Other than that I will need to replace struts ($650) and axle ($650).

    To fix my steering pump noise they are charging $1300, way too much!!

    I should say that I feel like the dumbest person in the world for having purchased this car. I have a Hyundai with more than 1700000 miles and none os f this issues.

    What is your advise? What should I do?
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