Nissan Quest Growling noise from driver front

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I have a 2004 3.5 SE with 5A/T just hit 30,000 miles and after driving home 2.5 hrs with no problems the wife drives to the store and there is a growling noise from the driver front. Sounds like a bad wheel bearing or something. I jacked up the driver front with vehicle in N and spun the wheel only to hear a slight ticking noise from the trans. The noise does increase with vehicle speed but not with RPM. Appt with the dealer is scheduled for 9am tomorrow. Has anyone had this problem and what did they replace, I just expect to get the run around from the dealer. and yes I have the warped rotor thing and the lift gate problems.


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    Did you check the CV joint boots? If the rubber is cracked or split, you can get dirt in there and ruin the joint. The usual diagnostic sound is a clicking going around corners. I had an outer one go bad on my '99 and I replaced the axle since a rebuilt is usually cheaper than a new CV joint. has some info and their site says that constant growling may indicate you just need to lube the joints.

    Steve, just a visiting host
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    Steve, Thanks for the quick response. I did inspect them when I had it up and there was some minor cracking but no splits. I am mechanically inclined (restored a 73 plymouth duster) so I figured I would try to troubleshoot. It isn't the classic clicking noise of a bad CV joint but more of a growl at low speeds and a buzzing at higher speeds. The clicking that I heard while spinning the wheel manually was more like old skate board bearings where the ball separator was gone. ( like you can hear the ball bearings rolling and when they get to the top they fall and hit each other) didn't sound like it should be making that noise (like just the sound of gears turning). oh, one other thing is that it gets worse (only in one direction) if you saw the steering wheel back and forth while moving. maybe I'm thinking too much into it but it "sounds" like a bad wheel bearing but I'm skeptical because it only has 30k on it, and I've not had fun replacing wheel bearings on a FWD car before.
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    I had a bearing go ~15 years ago on a Tercel but I don't remember how it got diagnosed now. I'm not much of a wrench turner - in fact, the guy who replaced that bearing in front of my house grabbed his pickle fork and flew 3.000 miles down here to help me with the axle replacement a couple of years ago (ok, he was heading here anyway, but I like to take advantage of my friends, lol).

    Good luck with it!
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    The 2004 is warranty covered for 5 years, 60,000 miles bumper to bumper. Take it to a dealer and get the noise looked at as well as get all of the recall upgrades such as tailgate done. We have a 2004 with just over 90,000 miles and so far are very happy with it. Good luck with yours.
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    So after the dealer inspection here is what they found:

    1. Bad wheel bearing (driver side)
    2. warped rotors.
    3. 1 tire out of round
    4. bad lift gate motor and some trim piece that they said was missing
    5. oil seal of some sort on the engine for the leak.

    and as far as I I've been told I'm only on the hook for the pro-rated cost of the tire.
    All and all I'm not upset, but all within 30,000 miles I don't know
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    Sounds like your dealer is treating you pretty good anyway. And now you have an "official" diagnosis.

    Forbes just came out with the "Year's Poorest-Performing Cars" and the '07 Quest was number 8. On the other hand, our '99 GXE has 120,000 miles on it and hasn't left us stranded yet. It came out of a different factory though,

    Steve, visiting host
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    I have a 2001 Nissan Quest that is displaying a code that says my catalyst is under acceptable threshold, Bank1... Is anyone familiar with this particular problem, and where do I focus my repair? Ant help would be greatly appreciated...
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    2004 nissan maxima 169000 miles. Just had a local shop replace both CV axles with after market parts. Afterwards had a humming noise at 30 to 40 mph. Rebuilt orignal axles and swapped out the new aftermarkets. Still getting the humming noise. Except for bad CV boots, All was fine before the replacement was done. What happen?
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