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i just bought a sport v6 2000 LS and am i love with my car i think my girl is even getting jealous i have so many plans for this car i want the 6 to out run any 8 but right now i want to go for show but i wonder is there any way i can install a factor navi screen in my 2000 i want it to look origanal or some type of double din navi please help make the ls look its best.


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    I have a 2004 LS with navigation. The dvd is a bit old and doesn't have all the roads that I would like it to. The dealership is asking for about $300 and I really don't want to pay that. Would anybody have any idea where I can get a new DVD for cheap. Thanks!
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    go to ebay or LSKONCEPTS.COM
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    If you have the container that the DVD origenally came in you will see a name of the company that produced the disc. go on line and purchase the latest disc (2007) for $150.00.

    Good luck :)
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    Hey I was just woundering if you found anything out about switching the sterio to a navigation system because i also have a 2000 LS but i have the V8 and the six disc changer in the glove box and i wont the nav system too.If you could help me that would be fantastic,Thanks
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    yeah go to they have the double din set up and should find the navi on ebay or get an after market double din.
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    I have a navigation unit that i'm willing to sell... out of parents totalled 04 lincoln ls v8. I think it has nav, cd, radio internal. Email me if you want pics/info or itrader feedback. [email protected].
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    i just need to know where i can purchase an navigation system for my ls
    i would like to take out the factory stereo system and replace it with the
    navigation system i'm unable to locate one online.
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    do you still have the navigation system....i must make sure it can actually work in my vehicle...i will give lincoln car service a call to see if the 2004 is compatible with the 2006
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    Sure you want to put in a 6-year old NAV system?
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