Mazda5 Remote - does it have a trunk button?

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I just bought a used Mazda5 that only came with one remote. The remote only has the lock, unlock, and panic buttons. Can I use the remote with the trunk button? Would it do anything different/at all?




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    The remote for the Mazda5 is built into the key. Are you talking about a Protege' 5?
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    No, a Mazda5. I meant the remote that is on the key.
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    Who is the originator of this request? bikepilot or turbo2go? Can you be more specific on the type of remote you want to use with the Mazda5? There are tons of them :D
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    I am the originator. I'm surprised there are "tons" of them - I have only found two. Both are the folding "switchblade" key with attached remote. The only difference is one is a 3 button with no trunk release, and one is a 4 button with trunk release. So my questions was whether the 4th button would do anything on a Mazda5.
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    Got it, thanks for the clarification.

    Yes, I believe that the one you have may be for the 2005+ Mazda6, MazdaSpeed6, Mazda3, MazdaSpeed3 or Miata. The Mazda5 does not have the remote trunk (or liftgate) switch so yes, it may not be of use (may be the 2008, but is not remote capable?)

    I'm assuming this is the one you have:

    If needed, the reprogramming TSB (Bulletin) for the rest of the functions can be found here:
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    We just purchased a 2007 Mazda5.Does anyone have instructions about how to program a new remote?
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    I'm not sure if this answers your question, but I have the remote that does not have the trunk release (2008 Mazda5) but pushing the UNLOCK button twice opens all the rear doors and the liftgate.
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    unfortunatly you will have to get it done at the dealer. This is because to reprogram a new one yourself you need 2 remotes(plus the one you want to program) to do it.
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    hey turbo. from what i have read you can use the one with the trunk remote (but of course as there is no servo in the trunk to open the door it will just be pretty button) I have heard also that the one from the rx8 which is just at key with a tiny remote on the key(not phob) itself. Personally your best and only option is to get the correct one from the dealer as you need 2 remotes to program a new one ie 2+new one.
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    Thanks so much for your reply. We finally had them made at the dealer (for free it turned out). One of the mechanics told me the exact same thing.
    Thanks for your help.

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