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The manual rferences both an A and a B Tripdometer. I can only find but one Tripdometer. Does the SantaFe come with one or two Tripdometers??



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    Limiteds have 1; other models have 2.
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    I find that strange. I would have thought that the more expensive model would have had two. Certainly nothing is said in the car manual about only certain cars having one versus two. Maybe due to the "computer" that is part of the Limited Tripdometer.
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    I need to make a slight correction to my earlier post. Both Limited and SE models come with the "multi-function trip computer" instead of the dual trip odometer that's standard on the GLS. The trip computer is what gives us the "miles to empty" and "average mpg" readings (as well as the single trip odometer). On SEs, it also includes the outside temperature display. (On Limiteds, this feature is in the climate control display.)

    GLS models do not come standard with the trip computer; instead, they get dual trip odometers. The optional "Premium Package" on the GLS includes the trip computer; GLS models so-equipped get the same trip computer as used in the SE and Limited and thus lose the 2nd trip odometer.

    Hope this clears it up. BTW, this info can be found on pages 1-73 through 1-75 in the owner's manual.
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    Thank you....very informative. I appreciate your information.
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