Kia Sedona Squeaks, Rattles and other Noises

joannet123joannet123 Member Posts: 1
hi, i have an 07 sedona since we had it its really noisy tappit noise and worse when cold. its like a transit van is this normal?.
also 3 weeks ago we went to over take and loss of power, check engine light came on and it was running a bit rough for a while. we went to our local dealer here in england and he said it was dodgy fuel. 2 weeks ago the same thing so this time we went to another dealer and they couldnt find anything on the machine. got the car back then went to overtake on the motorway and oh my gosh it happend again, loss of power, engine check light on and running really badly. this could have caused a serious accident we were lucky. so back to the garage and the mechinic is using it and as yet not found a fault on driving it or on the machine and it has behaved well for them, any ideas?.
also since the first check light came on 3 weeks ago when starting it up now and going through the gears it jerks its hard to emplain but can anybody help?.
we have told them we dont want the car back until they find the fault.
i have told them if nothing comes up on the mchine to take parts of the engine off and manually check but they have to get permission off kia here in england for that.
oh and any cure yet for the electric doors that play up?.
any help would be great.



  • radiantbarrierradiantbarrier Member Posts: 3
    03 sedona. sometimes sounds like a plane is taking off, whirling noise, really sounds like you are in a plane heading down the runway. goes away, Fuel Pump ?? please help me so can repair before it really gets worse.
  • minivanfrankminivanfrank Member Posts: 83
    If the sound is coming from the right rear of the vehicle...then it possibly could be the Rear A/C Expansion Valve / groaning noise problem (TSB # KT2005062805).

    Problem: "Intermittent high pitched whine or siren type noise from rear A/C unit"

    Fix: "Replace the rear expansion valve...this applies to vehicles produced before 12/20/03."

    If you search the "problems" forum you will see more about this noise and fix.
  • mduffy1096mduffy1096 Member Posts: 1
    My 2006 sedona has a nasty whistle / whirling noise at highway speeds. It sounds like it is coming from the front passenger area, near the top of the windshield. They say there is nothing wrong and they can't reproduce it when the have the vehicle. Any ideas anyone?
  • fishbreathfishbreath Member Posts: 58
    At highway speeds and a strong crosswind I got a humming from the drivers window, I think it from the outside mirror it only did it 3 or 4 times so I'm not brothered by it.
    The only problem I have is my left rear tire looses air from new. I have to add air every 3 weeks. I'll bring it to there attention in May when I take it in for inspection and oil change.
  • radiantbarrierradiantbarrier Member Posts: 3
    every now and again no specific speed, angle of car etc, it sounds like a jet roaring down a runway prior to take off. comes from the back end passenger side of van. anyone else ever hear of such a thing? someone suggested loose fuel filter? please help, driving me crazy
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    Well, I found the answer to one of my problems that has made me wonder for some time on my 06 Sedona LX. There would be a knocking sound coming from behind the glove box when I would turn off the van, like 5 or 6 knocks and then stop. Turns out it is an actuator that controls a HVAC door and I don't know if it working properly but tomorrow I am going to the dealer to have them fix it. Just thought I would let you all know.

  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    Don't know if others have experienced this but I get a slight whine coming from the steering wheel column. It is only there after the a/c has been running for a while and sounds like rubber rubbing against each other. Also you can only hear it when you turn the wheel, not all the time. I am sure it has to do with heat and something expanding just a little to much, not a big issue but it does annoy me. I will let you know what the fix is when I know.

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    Same exact issue we're having with our 06 van. I was told point blank there was no fix for it. Oh sure at first we were told the fuel, then this and that was the problem. We had the van in the shop 7 times and now have a lawyer for a lemon law. Don't mess around- the lose of power is a problem.

    Our locks also went off and on by themselves along with the lights flashing. Let's see what other problems- the horn doesn't work, the window gaskets are broken, the lights on the dash don't work... the car is a peice of crap.

    Bottom line, we were told it's a computer problem and no fix available.

    Guess where my van is today? In the shop, legally they had one more chance to fix it. Reguardless, we're suing. I'm done with kia and the games.
  • hadikia01hadikia01 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get the issue with the knocking sound from behind the glove box resolved? I'm taking my 2006 Sedona in tomorrow for the same issue.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312

    I'm sorry I have not. I just had business trips come up and this and that, newborn baby and what not and have not had time to leave it over there for them to check it out. It does not seems to affect anything that I can tell. Please let me know what they say and or do.

  • stushstush Member Posts: 62
    Has anyone had or has a problem with some nasty squeaking coming from the rear of van? I have a 07 Entourage bought in 6 / 06. The plate at bottom of drivers door says it was built by Kia. Do you have a simple solution? I have had no problem of wind noise coming from sliding doors, ( don't have the cross rails), or having power sliding door malfunctions ( as to the Entourage forum). Other than the squeaking I'm very pleased. I got a little over 24,000 miles on it.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    On my 06 Sedona I had a rattle from the rear door and it was from the lock, or where the lock met the door frame on the rear door. I took WD 40 and sprayed the lock on the door itself, not the key hole, inside the lock and all around and no more rattle. Hope this helps.
  • wastntimewastntime Member Posts: 10
    I have an 06 Sedona with 17,600 miles and have experienced the same sound. Sometimes it sounds like the speedometer has a dry bearing only above 70 MPH. The problem is intermitten and is becoming less frequent almost to the point of non existence, would have the dealer look at it but I'm sure the problem wouldn't show itself during their analysis, I'm sure.

  • wastntimewastntime Member Posts: 10
    Concerning the rattle or squeak from the rear of the vehicle. The noise could be caused by the rear sear not being fully latched to the floor. This accounts for several sounds everyone hears from the rear of the vehicle. Lastly, you can get a rattle sound from improperly stored rear seat belts also.

  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    I totally agree that all those can cause rattles. One trick with the rear seats is you have to make sure you let the release strap go as you are folding the seat back into place so it grabs on the latch correctly. As far as the rear rattle on mine, I went through everything. Even checking the jack and tools. I ended up having my wife drive as I sat in the trunk to figure it out and sure enough it was coming from the lock latch. I have no idea what was rattling but I narrowed it down to there for sure. Also, mine would only rattle over little bumps in the road and here in PR that is 85% of the road. Nothing was loose so I sprayed it with WD 40 and it went We shall see if it comes back soon.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
  • jmarsicajmarsica Member Posts: 2
    I have a 04 kia sedona. since April 07 the abs light and brake light comes on with a noise.( same noise when you open the door) I brought it to 3 different kia dealers and no one seems to know why or what the problem is. I video taped the problem and they still don't know how to fix the problem. they said it was the aftermarket alarm system so I disconneted it and still had same issue. they blamed it still on the alarm was adv to take out and did. It still goes off 2 or 3 times a day for around 5 mins .when this problem first happen had 43k miles now it has 52 k and it is still under warranty until 60 k . I brought the car used a few years ago never had any problems until now. has anyone heard of this problem, if so pls help I did contact a lawyer,
    Thanks Joann
  • times2times2 Member Posts: 45
    You should double-check the brake fluid level. I used to have a 2002, and sometimes the light would go on, and it would "ring" when I went around a corner. Apparently, the fluid level was low enough to set off the sensor when I was cornering. If you do have low fluid, it might indicate that your pads are getting thin.

    Hope that helps.
  • stiller12stiller12 Member Posts: 13
    The grinding squeak from the rear!! We have had the 2007 Kia Sedona into the dealer four times and each time they have taken off the hatch and put padding on it. On the 4th trip they called the manufacturer rep and ordered a new rear hatch. After about three days the grinding squeak returned. We have had a rental already for six days through the dealership. I am going to invoke the lemon law.
    The van only has 15k on it.
    Anyone else had this problem? :mad:
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    I had a rattle in the rear latch that I fix every so often with spraying a silicon based lubricant that you can get at home Depot for $5.00 You can use WD 40 as well but does not last as long. Try it, works for me and others. Why it rattles there with no lubrication I do not know. Sounds like you are really pissed though to invoke the lemon law over that. Do you not like the van otherwise? I would try spraying the lock mechanism completely and see if that works. It may start to rattle again after a while but then just spray it again. When I say while I mean maybe spray it once a month. It should not be this way but there may be a slight design flaw which causes this. Let us know if this works. My van is fantastic and 5 bucks for a can of lubricant is nothing. Silicon lubricant is great for all the hinges and rollers on the van as well to keep them lubricated. You can even use silicon lubricant to lubricate where the window meets the rubber on your windows and you will notice faster operation of your power wonders due to less friction. It's great stuff.
  • dsljaldsljal Member Posts: 1
    Joan, I have this same problem with my 2003 Sedona. I was told it is an electrical problem and that the ABS was actually working find. However, the dinging is enough to drive you bonkers. My Kia has over 60,000 and I bought mine used as well, so I have no warranty. Let me know what you find out!
  • stiller12stiller12 Member Posts: 13
    I am going to try that lubricant idea. They have tried foam padding and ordering another hatch on the vehicle, but the squeaking is still there. Im told its probably a spot weld issue.
    I really like the van otherwise. Great engine, comfortable etc.

  • jmarsicajmarsica Member Posts: 2
    hey, I still having the same issue, I have 55,000 now on my kia. I contacted lawyer and going through a pre lawsuit since Jan. We are waiting for Kia to apply. I just want the noise to be disconnected at this time it is driving me nuts. The dealerships don't have a clue why this is happening, I brought it to 3 different kia dealerships around 13 times with warranty and still they can't fix the problem. If you can I would try to disconnect the noise yourself. I will let you know what happens with my car.
  • jimmyy43jimmyy43 Member Posts: 8
    I have a 2006 Sedona with 24000 miles on it. Don't know if this noise has always been there or if I am just noticing it after riding in a friends Odessey. My van seems to emit a lot of road noise when compared to the Honda. Our van came with Michlien Energy LX4 tires and the reviews on that tire, at Tire Rack, complain about it being noisy. Anyone having the same problem and have any idea if it is in fact the tires or the van? Also any suggestions on a better tire that might be more quiet? Other than problems so far.
  • vince17vince17 Member Posts: 19
    Got an 03 sedona and I notice your posting is december (cold weather time of year) My 03 rear door squeaks but I think the rear rubber door stoppers are cold and hard thus shrinking away from any door contact.This inturn provides no opposing internal force on the rear door leaving it a bit loose. When the weather warms see if the rubber stoppers provide enough cushion after they expand a bit.I like a quite ride myself ,hope mine stops squeaking in the spring.
  • chrisbattochrisbatto Member Posts: 4
    Hi Jimmy,

    I have noticed a big difference in road noise when buying new tires for our 3 different min vans over the years.

    My 2004 Kia Sedona has Kumho Tires, and they very low on road noise compared to some other tires I have had.

    I replaced 1 along with sub-in of the original equip spare (full Kumho) - to get two new tires on the front of my van (at 60,000km)- They are actually pretty expensive, but I am happy with them.

    The rears are still like new and so now I will rotate regularly.

    Hope this helps
  • ebizguyebizguy Member Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem on my 06 did you solve the problem ?

  • jimmyy43jimmyy43 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks Chris
    I'll go to the Tire Rack web site and review the Kumo. Hope they have a 235/60/R17
  • dogwaggindogwaggin Member Posts: 8
    Are you a Kia Cust Serv Rep assigned to damage control??
  • mluhringmluhring Member Posts: 5
    I have the awful squeeking in the back of my '06 Sedona as well. When you say lock latch are you referring to the latch that locks the seat to the floor or the latch on the rear hatch door? For me the squeeking is worse when the seats are folded into the floor.

    I have not found time to ride in the back while someone drives yet.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    No, I am referring to the lock that locks the rear gate closed, the rear door. Spray WD 40 or silicon lubricant (better) spray located in the lock mechanism on the rear door. Use the little red tube that comes with the bottle to direct the spray of the lubricant inside the lock mechanism. Spray on both sides of the curved metal locking piece. Again it is the lock on the rear gate / door whatever you want to call it. I spray once a month and no more rattle. You can also use the lubricant to lube all the hinges and rollers / track on the sliding doors as well as as the four windows that go up / down. Lube the rubber where it meets the glass. Use the silicon for this not WD 40. This lessons the stress on the window motors to move the glass extending the life of the window motor as well as providing faster operation. Does not hurt to lube the seat hinges as well. Lubrication is your friend for moving parts. :) Very good stuff.
  • saturn1968saturn1968 Member Posts: 2
    i sometimes have a similar noise in my sedona. it seems to be from the a/c heat motor.
  • colfaxwolfcolfaxwolf Member Posts: 11
    Anyone found out what this is yet? We have taken our '06 van to the dealership once and they could not figure it out. They thought it may be something to do with the computer but it started again as soon as I got home. Whenever we cut the van off the knocking comes from behind the glove box about 5 times.
  • alfiedwalfiedw Member Posts: 3
    Do you have a cd in the cd player? Sometimes when we would shut off the motor on our '02 the cd player would knock about a half-dozen times or so. It didn't really matter if it was playing or not, such as if you were listening to the radio when you shut the car off. It would also happen when you'd just shut the radio off sometimes. Intermittent problem; didn't always happen.
  • sh65sh65 Member Posts: 3
    I dont have any loud noises but I do experience weird problems on and off with my a/c vents. I will set it to floor only and after a few minutes it will switch to dashboard vents by itself. Or I will set it to blow through both and it will switch to floor only. If I turn it off and back on that seems to fix it usually. The other recent problem I have now is that it doesnt blow ice cold air all the time. It will be cold for a few minutes, then outside air temp..then somewhat cold..then back to very cold...and on and off that way. Other times it stays cold. I am thinking maybe the compressor is going out or i have a refrigerant leak, but at 3 1/2 yrs of age the van shouldnt have ANY a/c problems. I dont even live in an area where I use the AC more than 4-5 months out of the year. Between this problem and my continuous brake issue, I have tried to find a lemon law lawyer and contacted KIA headquarters but they wont call me back. Im at a loss at this point as to what to do.
  • ssj0808ssj0808 Member Posts: 3
    I was having the same problem and they ended up replacing my expansion valve.Just got it back yesterday and so far no noise. My van is a Kia Sedona
  • zepphnerzepphner Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2003 Kia Sedona! It is making a noise on the front Passanger side of the van. It is coming from the engine compartment. It get s louder with excelleration. It goes away when you get to about 70mph. I am thinking that it is a transmission problem? Has anyone had this experience? I would like to get it fixed before my extended warranty runs out. I just bought the KIA and my bank is holding the check until the dealership fixes it! Wow what a loan officer I have! Shes great!Anyone that could nelp me, it would be appreciated! Thanks jay!
  • mins25mins25 Member Posts: 3
    I had same problem spray WD40 on rear door lock noise will go away.
  • vince17vince17 Member Posts: 19
    Have a look at your luggage rack on top of the van .Reposition the support bars if they are adjustable ,perhaps this will help
  • likellehlikelleh Member Posts: 35
    I have a 2006 Sedona EX. First off after the experience with my 04 i LOVE this car and this is the first time I had any concerns with it. In the past 2 weeks my car sounded like it had aged 60 years. When i would first start out of a parking spot, run over a dip in the road, turned into my driveway that is on an up hill or hit unevn payment the car made loud, crunching metal noises especially on the left front side. I looked in all the forums and online and didn't find anything much (reason why i am posting this) on the 06 Sedona having this problem but had an idea that it might be the bushings on the front end. I took the car in today to the dealer and found out that the "cradle bushings" as the dealer called it, or sway bar bushings are known to wear abnomally on the 06. I was happy again that my dealer was aware of the issue and they took care of it under warranty (45000 miles on car) for me! After bad dealings with the dealer i bought both my cars from I am so happy i have finally found one that is about a half hour away from me that knows what is going on. :)
  • kb03221978kb03221978 Member Posts: 1
    WOw finally I found someone with the same problem, I started with the same problem over a year ago and they have changed the struts, strut mount, sway bar and bushings, nothing has changed except they have thrown my allignment out of wack and now my tires need replacing. I had 22000 miles when it started now I have 38000 on my 2006 sedona, as a matter of fact it is going to the dealer today to check the sub frame bushings now! What a mess. Kia is rude and doesn't care about the problem.
    It is funny cause I had it in the shop at least 5 times and they kept saying there was no noise and I was imagining it. So We saw that Sorentos had the great rebate so we went to the same dealer to trade in our van, because of the noise, and the same dealer test drove it and told us that my van had a horrible noise and I would have to get it fixed before they would trade it. I took it to service and told them that the salesman could hear the noise and then they told me that there is no noise and no problem with my van. UGH!!! It makes so much noise when I turn it or hit a bump!! HELP
  • likellehlikelleh Member Posts: 35
    All you have mentioned are know problems with the 06 Sedona. Let me know how you make out today. I have seen stuff on the Sub Frame before.
  • likellehlikelleh Member Posts: 35
    I have an 06EX with 46,000 miles - In the past week i have been hearing a chirping, metal craping noise coming from the right rear of the car when i was making a right hand turn or as the week progressed driving straight in light to light traffic. The noise would stop if i put on my brakes. My guess was it was time for new pads or that a pad had slipped. Come to find out the pad had slipped on the right rear and got caught in the caliper. I got lucky that no damage was done to either the caliper or pad and they were able to reseat the pad back into position. I was surprised when I was told i still had 80% of the pad left and it was in excellent shape. I have already had the rotors and pads replaced on the front at 30,000 since they tend to wear faster. I was in and out of the dealer in an hour. I am so lucky to have found a good one! :)
  • MichimanMichiman Member Posts: 8
    We bought a used 08 with just over 22,000 in December. We now have almost 24,000 miles. It's becoming a rattle trap. The left rear, when my kids are all climbing out of the van, you can hear a metallic creak or pop from what sounds like the wheel. When turning right, the harder you turn and the faster you're going when you turn, you hear what sounds like a rubbing sound. Doesn't happen turning left. Then there are a few assorted rattles when driving. But, for the price, I can't complain. It is what it is. The engine is strong, interior amenities are not too bad (LX), and it's a nice looking van.
  • stiller12stiller12 Member Posts: 13
    Our 2006 Sedona Van is making the rear hatch squeak/squeel noise again. We have had it at the dealership 7 times for the noise. KIA had a rep from Chicago out to see it last year and put in new clips under the hatch and back panelling..We have had a rental 3 times through the dealership. No fix. They have taken the hatch apart each time, put padding in it, tightened the hatch etc...It only has 28000 on it and sounds like a box of rocks. SUGGESTIONS? We have tried lubricant etc...It comes back within a few weeks. My wife and I are going to explode. We have a mile of paperwork over this vehicle, and you cannot make a long trip in it without blowing your own head off over the squeak.
  • stiller12stiller12 Member Posts: 13
    Check out my latest post...does the squeak sound familiar? I cant take a long trip with my family without going nuts or wanting to smash the van into a wall. Its the back panel, hatch area and they still cannot fix it. I have had a rental three times through the dealer to fix the problem.
  • MichimanMichiman Member Posts: 8
    I fixed the sound it made when turning right. I took off the right front wheel....didn't really see anything. I knocked a small stone out from between the inner fender and the body. I then made sure to put the wheel back on in a different position from how it was when I took it off. That particular sound is now gone. Go couldn't have been the stone causing the inner fender to push out and rub the tire on a turn, it was too small. Plus there was no rub mark anyplace.
  • carfan19carfan19 Member Posts: 3
    We have a 06 Sedona EX that was making a not so loud thumping noise in the front end whenever we went over a bump. In fact the entire vehicle just felt "loose" and shaky. Took it in to dealer and they found "worn rear subframe bushings and worn sway bar links". After they replaced these components, the van feels like it's brand new again. Even the fold down center tray doesn't rattle as much as it used to, overall she feels tight and solid again. Hope this info helps some of you out there, contact me if you need further info. :)
  • rojtattonrojtatton Member Posts: 3
    i have an 06 uk sedona with squeaky hatch.
    got missus to drive whilst i found the squeak, its coming from the bottom ot the hatch.
    after a closer inspection i found that the large plastic cover on the hatch was a bad fit, check round the lock area and the opposite side to the handel.
    it rubs at these locations because the hatch plastic is slightly to large.
    i removed my hatch and sanded the plastic on the verticals where it goes round the lock and both horizontal sections.

    replaced and i now have a very slight,very occasional squeak over rough road. probably needs a bit more sanding, but the hatch is awkward to get off so i can live with it.
    its a plastic on metal squeak.

    i also had the pulling to the left thing but they fixed that by rotating the strut top.

    now have the steering judder, but its electrical somewhere because it happens at speed for 6 seconds then stops for 4 then starts again.

    any ideas?


    p.s otherwise its a fantastic car
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    The easiest way to fix the squeaky hatch is to use a silicon based lubricant, as it last much longer then WD 40, spray into the latch via a directional tube attached to the nozzle. Spray thoroughly inside the lock latch once a month or as needed.

    I would take your van back to the dealer to deal with the shudder. If it developed after the fix for the other problem it is probably related in one way or another.

    This same lubricant can also be used to lubricate the van's sliding door tracks, all the hinges, and even where the rubber meet the windows for less friction when rolling up and down the windows. Great stuff.
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