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Infiniti I30/I35 Brakes

gddlulugddlulu Posts: 2
edited August 2014 in INFINITI
The last year or so , have had problem front end brakes where they make a weird noise when they are applied. had car back to dealership and a top notch mechanic who has replaced pads and hardware kit and rotors turned. It's a creaking sound when you apply the the brakes at slow speeds. But theres no damage to the rotors or pads. Any ideas?


  • Sounds like the pads might just be glazed over.
  • I have exact same issue with my I-35. I took it back to mechanic who installed new brake pads couple of times. He keeps telling me that rotor has dust in there. But even after cleaning it squicky noise comes back.
    Any suggestions? :confuse:
  • Thanks, my sounds more like a creaking noise , like the clips holding the pads in are moving making that strange sound. I should record the sound next time. Is there any small springs around that area? Thanks
  • Occasionally, when I apply the brakes my foot hits the gas pedal at the same time. This causes acceleration/deceleration at the same time, a dangerous situation.

    When I realize what's happening I don't know how to react. I want to slow down but am reluctant to take my foot off the brake. And I can't relocate my foot more squarely on the brake without releasing brake pressure.

    Has anyone ever experienced this problem with the I35? I've driven many cars over 35 years and never experienced this befotre.

  • atma97atma97 Posts: 47
    I got my 02 I35 installed new discs - the aftermaket slot & drill bought from ebay. The embarassing schreech noise of my car brake on nice sunny days has gone. Love the new slot & drill dics. My wife also got them installed on her Volvo S60 since last summer and is very happy with them. Check them out.
  • okay, new discs fixed the issue (discs with holes) - performance ones I'm assuming.
    anyone else...a cheaper solution first, however I will do the same if I have to.

    I have the problem too, new pads.....well 5 months now but since the new pads..
    First I thought it was because they where new and it would quit. Guess again, still makes the noise as low speeds when cruising through into the neighborhood and sometime when slowing down from highway speeds into the 30's.... 5 month old now..

    I had heard about brake pads glazing over but that happens when you slam on the breaks with new pads right? before they're broken in? Anyway because hearing this I took it very easy for the first couple weeks - easing into stops... avoiding quick stops. Unless the mechanic at the shop was going NASCAR style around town to test the pads he put on my car....
    But still if they where glazed over you would think that over time the pad would wear down and surpass the glazed surface.

    Anyway, I was hopping someone has found a brake cleaner/pad cleaner/dust remover - something
  • What does it mean when braking isn't smooth, but rather "stutters"? (In all conditions -- not the anti-lock brakes).

    I had the rear brakes done within the last year and the fronts are at around 50% left. Plus, new front tires put on recently. Thanks!

  • Hello, I am a new guy to this forum. 2002 I35 gold, 96K miles. I live in the bay area, CA. Studder, or bumpy or shimmy...Studumpyimmy LOL. I have this problem. Mechanic at Big-O said I have warped rotor. OK...I will see. I will first go out and shop for least expensive performance rotors first. I like the way performance rotors look with the red caliper housings. Does anyone here think that our stock brakes are undersized?
  • Already had the same problem. Nissan rotors can only be turned so much before they warp. You have to replace the rotors. :cry:
  • Mine squeal when cold in reverse. Any ideas? I have replace the rear calibers once and pads and rotors twice in 60000 miles.
  • spinxspinx Posts: 1
    Have you tried the ceramic pads instead of the metalic pads? I will be changing mine soon so i'll let you know if it still squeals.
  • Its me again. I've since put on new rotors and pads on myself. Still squealing when breaking at low speeds - annoying...
    Its the front wheels too. I took the tires back off with the calipers and took the pads back out, re-greased the hell out of them ... all back together... couple days later same thing.
    took the wheels and calipers back off... I greased the pistons (or whatever you call them) that the calipers move back forth on; I think those are the culprits... there was no grease and the rubber boots where not fitted on so good.

    Since ...weeks have gone by and it's started again... It must be nissan/infiniti calipers- crap! but... maybe I should switch to ceramic pads before I say more...
  • vinyl57vinyl57 Posts: 3
    edited November 2010
    You are probably correct in your last observation - go with ceramic pads to stop the squealing. I have a 2000 i30 with Akebono ceramic disk pads on both the front and rear brakes and they are always quiet and dust-free. They last a long time for me (50 - 70K miles with the fronts wearing out first) and they reduce the chances of the rotors warping. Good luck and I hope this advice helps you!
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