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Just wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me. I went to close the sliding door on my van today and it fell off the middle track. I trried to put it back on and got the casters back in the track but as soon as i went to shut it it fell off again. I think that mabey the lip of the track at the front has flipped up a bit and mabey if i hammer it a little into place it will be okay. does this sound ok to do? I have two small children and i cannot be driving around like this. but this is my only mode of tranportation. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!


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    desprate times call for desprate measures..if that's what it looks like may temporarily fix it-i'd say why not!!as long as you don't do further damage..also,try cleaning out the bottom track,as they get plugged with junk constantly..
    ..if the door is acting gimpy,if you get it closed..LOCK IT CLOSED!!.then,have the children go in through the passenger door,and teach them to strap themselves in,or-fortunately,the aerostar is roomy enough to go from the front to the back-unless you have the console option,you can still get their bewlts on..i would "get by" untill the weather breaks,then,go to one of those "YOU PULL IT places,and get the parts you advantage to those places,is you see how yours is suposed to be,and you get to practice on the broken one in the junk yard..good luck!
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    I recently purchased a 94 Aerostar extended. the car is in good condition but the bumper covers needs to be replaced. Online I found only rear bumpers for the short one. Only one had it for $ 326. This is a lot for an old car. The front bumper costs only 100 bucks.
    Does anybody know where they are offered?
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    I've seen recently driving on the highway a Ford Aerostar with a nice raised top. Couldn't see if it was a short or extended one.
    I've a 94 extended and would probably like like to have more headroom.
    Researching the web I couldn't find any.
    Does somebody have an idea about this item?
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    I've a 94 extended Aerostar with two rows of seats. Both are only foldable forward so it is impossible to make a bed.
    After hours of driving it would be nice to have a rear bed to take a comfortable nap. Couldn't find nothing on the web.
    Does anybody have an idea how to proceed? Are there pre fab items available or needs this to be custom made and how?
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    Go back and check more thoroughly, the back of the most rear bench seat in my '94 Aerostar will fold forward for removal, or backward for a bed.
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  • aerofan3aerofan3 Member Posts: 7
    thanks for replying. I checked again. The removal for the whole seat is at the bottom.
    The folding mechanism is on the seat and the backrest is only folding forward and not backwards. I couldn't find anything which allows to fold the backrest backwards.
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    most with the extended top are for wheel chairs.
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    where i found my interior-with the fold out bed,rather than the fold forward kind-was in the boneyard!..i found a extended eddie bauer edition,where even the front seats are still in great shape!the four bolts at the top of the pedestal are easy to get at-unlike some folks i've seem who go after the pedestal bolts that go through the floor,and have been exposed to all the snow and road tar-that way's nearly impossible,but i changed out the front seats-in the junkyard(i convinced the owmer it would be SO mutch easier for me to drive all tyhe way to the back-where they always put the trucks and vans-he said as long as i didn't try to blame him if i got a flat-it'd be o.k...)
    --despite my origional interior was grey,and the eddie bauer seats wer a desert tan,it didn't worry me!
    while i was there-trading the back seats for the twin captain's chairs AND the bed-seat was simply just poping them out,and trading the short bench in the middle for the mutch cooler captain's chairs-that fit perfectly in the origional ford brackets-just like it was made for it!?!!(it was!)..
    --it's been in my van now for five years,and the only regret was not having the "star drive-t-50" socket that the seat belts require,as the eddie bauer had lap belts,and my van has the three point harness we all have nowdays,with the sholder strap,and are configured exactly backwards to the semi-custom-eddie bauer seats bt just for the rear..the front's are fine..-

    so,look for a long wheelbase aerostar-maybe get lucky like i did and get one with upgraded upolstery,as the one's i got still look like new,unlike the standard seats-especially the driver's seat-cause it gets the most wear!.that i find in most well worn aerostar's..
    --despite the rust -it still runs great,and i'm hesatant to get rid of sutch a dependable old workhorse,but i scored a nice jeep for cheap when gas hit 4 bucks,and now i know why--this jeep gets about10/12 mpg! aerostar took me from ohio to north florida,and got 28/32mpg on one of three tanks!..the jeep will never touch that--but it does have all wheel drive..
    good luck finding a bed-seat!
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    does amyone know how to get the mirror assembly off. I have 2 aerostars and want to switch the mirrors before I give away the older aerostar. before I start taking off door panels I would like to know where the electric wires connect.
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    open door..on opposite side from external mirror---ia a "triangle" shaped cover plate-on inside if door....pry that off..inside that,are two or three screws,along with the connector..
    ..screws might be philips,star,or hex's about ten minutes to change them...
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    thanks, I can't believe how easy it was. I swapped the mirrors in ten mintes just like you said.
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    you are verry welcome..nice ta hear where some of the advice i send out-actually helped someone!..these old aerostars are kinda todays vw bus,cept they will do highway speeds,unlike the old vw....keep em rollin! :shades:
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