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Acura RDX Cargo Space

buckeye14buckeye14 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Acura
Will my golf clubs fit in the cargo space of the RDX with the second row seats up? I prefer to keep my clubs available for "emergencies" during the summer. The clubs are about 50 inches including headcovers, bag, etc.


  • cargo area is 49 inches wide and 53 inches diagonally
  • techdudetechdude Posts: 87
    Has anyone used the RDX as family vehicle? We're expecting our first and was wondering if the cargo space would be sufficient for baby stuff? We don't travel too much and when we do, it's short distances. That's why i'm not looking at the MDX, or similar vehicles, too closely.
  • h2k2f2h2k2f2 Posts: 44
    Arguably, if you can't fit your baby stuff in the back of an RDX, you have too much baby stuff.
  • rico3201rico3201 Posts: 6
    I'm curious about the dimensions also, and there is not an Acura dealership in my city. I occasionally need to move some drums in their cases and I just might be able to fit them in.

    I'm interested in the maximum cargo space with second row folded down. I see the width is 49 inches. What is the length and height (the maximum height, right behind the first row seats?)
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