Mazda CX-9 Headrests

orlando7orlando7 Member Posts: 8
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Does anybody dislike those headrests on the 08 CX-9? Mine seem to rise up in time for there are no stops in the upward direction. They also bother me by being too close to my head. Any suggestions short of mounting new DVD headrests? Any older Maxda headrests that will fit?


  • pulleydogpulleydog Member Posts: 61
    I haven't noticed that at all in mine. For me, they are very comfortable. If you think these are obtrusive, you would really hate the ones in the Saturn Outlook - a nice vehicle, but I couldn't stand the odd headrests that jut out at your head. But, our heads aren't all shaped the same, so.....
  • legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599
    They are obtrusive. The only car I've been in where the headrests protrude farther forward is the Ford Flex although I understand the 2010 Flex has addressed this with headreasts that don't angle as far forward. I will say that the headrests of the CX-9 really bothered me for the first couple of weeks but now I don't notice them at all. I guess I've naturally adjusted and lean a little further forward with my head.
  • jillallisonjillallison Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased my CX-9 a few days ago. The headrests are driving me nuts! I hope that I get use to them as well. I would pay good money to have them redesigned to work better. Does anyone have a source for this? Are there any other ones that could be interchanged?
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