Water Spots On Car Windows/Windshield

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Hello, all:

I bought a '99 Honda Accord last year and recently
found a lot of tiny particles from wind shield,
and other window glasses. I tried wind shield
cleaning liquid and glass cleaning liquid, but none
of them can wipe out hose particles unless I
use finger nail gently remove it. But there are
too many of them. I was told that this is water
spots due to raining.

Can anybody tell me what I should do to clean up
the glasses?




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    ...looked here:

    Paint and Body Care

    There are several posts about a variety of glass cleaners, some more aggressive than others.

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    Call around to a glass/mirror store. They sell a powder that you mix with water to polish water spots off of glass. I have used it with good results.
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    How often you wash your car? If you wash your car every 2 weeks or less, you shouldn't have this problem. But anyway, Just try some brand car wash and be patient, draw circle to wipe them like you wax the paint(If you ever did it.), it will go away.
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    thanks for your comments and advice.

    Is there any good brand name of glass polish powder around? What is the name.

    shmang, actually, I wash my car for every 6 weeks. I normally parked my car outside the house from where the car is exposing air with
    denser dust. The car returns to what it was 5
    days after each car wash. Yes, it is very
    discouraging here.

    I have a car wash cleaner liquid which looks
    like gel. It works well for the body paint, are
    you sure I can use it for glass?

    Thanks again,
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Member Posts: 423
    Try Bon Ami (the household cleaner). Wet windshield, sprinkle with Bon Ami, wipe in circular motion with sponge until you get a nice lather then rinse. If spots are more persistent try wiping down the glass with rubbing alcohol. Use a liberal amount on soft cloth and rub until evaporated.
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    The "powder" type product being spoken of is called "cerium oxide". It is an optical grade polishing compound. You should be able to find this at most auto glass companies. It is meant to be used to buff light marks (not scratches since scratches CAN NOT be removed from glass!!!) It is used with a felt buffing wheel. Mixing it with water into a paste then hand buffing the glass can remove such marks. If not, there is also a product used in the auto glass industry that is a paste and is simply called "autoglass water spot remover". This works the best!!!! It can be found at any auto glass company that does business with PPG. It is not a PPG brand product, but I know they carry it. I am an auto glass professional and have solved this problem hundreds of times with these 2 methods. Good Luck!!
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    That's 1/2 a CUP not cap of water
  • racer_x_9racer_x_9 Member Posts: 91
    Use full strength white vinegar. It will will probably remove them.

    If that doesn't work you can try claying.

    Only then would i go to an abrasive cleaner.

    I've also heard of 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 cap tap water for ordinary cleaning.

    Never tried it myself. I like the GM glass cleaner they sell at the dealer.
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    my window streaks all the time the reason is the car wash i go to has grease on its rag it blinds me when the sun is on it sunrise sunset what can git it off.
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    Have you read all the posts in this topic? There are a couple of good suggestions, and also a link to another topic that has some discussions that may be helpful.

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    ...i had the same problem before on my windshield and side mirrors. then i used " rain-x " not to clean the spot but for better vision while driving in pouring rain. i noticed that when i applied it liberally on the areas with water spots and rub it hard with a piece of cloth, after several applications, it gradually disappeared. it may take you several days to completely get it out but if nothing else works, try this.
  • mtl3mtl3 Member Posts: 22
    I read somewhere recently that using full strength vinegar worked well for water spots on windows.
    The article said to apply w/ a sponge taking care not to get it on the paint (or washing it off immediately if you do, it removes the wax, not the paint). Let it set for a few minutes and then wash it off.
    Haven't tried it myself but, we do run it through the coffee maker to remove build ups, so it has potential.
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    I've used vinegar and newspaper for years to clean my car's glass. Smells like a fish 'n chip shop inside for a while afterwards, but I've never found a commercially available product that works better.
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