Worth it or not: Extended coverage for '07 Touring

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Hello all,

I just purchased an '07 Touring and so far all is well--except the TPM always goes off in the morning when it's cold. Anyway, I have the option of still purchasing an extended Bumper to bumper warranty for 6 years/100,000 miles for $1450 and a door ding/window chip/rims and wheels scrape protection package for $450. Are they worth it?

I like to keep the cars looking pretty new so to me the ding protection for 5 years is worth it because I get a lot of dents.

However, I was wondering if the bumper-bumper warranty is worth it. I know the touring has so many electronic features such as the rear gate doors/side doors/dvd's etc. that could go wrong.

Any comments or experiences would be greatly appreciated.



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    Take a look at the thread here on Honda EWs to compare your prospective price and terms. Don't buy anything except a Honda warranty.

    For what it's worth, while I don't believe in EWs (and didn't buy one for my '05 Touring R&N), this is one model where it's not a bad bet.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. So if I get this right, you're saying that an EW for the '07 touring may be a pretty good thing because of higher probability of something going wrong in 6 years? Is there a thread about this that I can look into?


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    Not so much a higher probability but, as your first post mentioned, there are some VERY expensive electronic components that can fail.

    On a regular Odyssey, IMHO, an EW is a waste of money. On an R&N, not necessarily so.
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    To buy it online at one of the two big Honda stores that sell them at rock bottom prices. You can buy your warranty wherever you want, its the same warranty and it will work anywhere.

    You want Salvucci Honda of RI or Bernadi of MA.
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    Hmmm...I never thought about that. Do I just call them up and ask for their price quotes? Did you buy one and find it useful? Now that I think about it, it really only overs an additional 3 yrs/50,000 miles.

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