Nissan Rogue Paint and Body Care

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What do you use to protect bumpers, doors and other exterior parts of Rogue?
Please share your information and images

Thank you.


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    Check out the Paint and Body Maintenance & Repair discussion too.
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    Will taking my car to a car wash hurt or damage the paint on my Rogue? In the car manual there is something about "acid" at some car washes and how it could damage the finish. Any assistance is appreciated.
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    Lots of car washes used hydrofluoric acid to dry cars without streaking. Supposedly most of them have switched to milder acids, but those chemicals can damage your finish too. The Nissan manual says that acid can damage the plastic parts on your Rogue, so you should try to find a car wash that advertises that it uses non-hazardous chemicals and detergents.
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    Here's an interesting article on HF: A Deadly Rinse

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    I bought my Rogue in December of 2007, and I purchased the Nissan splash guards (mud flaps). By March of 2008 I was noticing excessive paint chipping on the hood and the rocker panels and the exterior of the bottom of the doors. I took it to the dealer and they are telling me that it is normal. I have owned many cars and this is excessive. Also, on the inside of the doors there is weather stripping which presses against the rocker panels to sill-out road grime. The road grime gets caught on this stripping and rubs the paint off of the rocker panel. The dealer is saying that all of this is normal. I purchased the orange color Rogue. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Please respond.
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    Dear Steeler.... I have had this problem as well with my rogue. The color of my Rogue is black.. worst color to ever buy!! I have brought my car in 3X and have nee told this is normal as well. I have never seen such a thing and Nissan has no coverage for this? Have you gotten this resolved and if so Please Please rell me how..
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