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I have a 02 Tribute and the interior door latch will not open the door. Has anyone else ran into this? How would one take the door apart to fix such a problem? What would the cost be to fix?


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    this happened to my 01. my son had to replace the latch. I think the part was around 70 bucks.
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    How did he do it? Did he have to remove the whole interior door, or simply take off the part around the latch? Also, how do I get that off of the interior door? Do I need to take the master control switch off as well? I am full of questions and would love to talk to your son about this....any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
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    he had to take off the whole door panel. any auto glass company can tell you where the clips are located to make it easy then just unscrew the part and replace it. For months I rolled down the window to open the door from the outside, pain in the neck!
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    I have an 02 :mad: Mazda Tribute and here is a list of my woes,
    I am in need of two inside door handles, one right and one left. Console lid, back window hatch hinge, front hood molding, and rear windshield wiper motor. I have called around and these parts with out shipping (new) are close to 500.00 and lord knows what I have to pay for a payment I really can't afford it. Anyone with any idea of a used parts place that might have these parts?? Also, since I have had my tribute since 03 there has been a clunk noise in the front driver side corner, and whining from the power steering, any one with any idea of what that is?? HELP!!!
    I am so happy there are people out there with the same problems I have, I do love my tribute but the upkeep is so expensive!! Do any of these parts match up with ford escape?? I also have a back window hinge for an 02 escape if anyone needs one, its brand new, that part isn't anything like tributes... thanks
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    I have a 95 Jetta and I have been having trouble with my driver and front passenger doors. Can anyone help me found what to do when the latch to the door does not catch. Or how much it would cost to get it fixed.
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    My 02 had the same thing happen. According to my internet research, its not uncommen. There is a plastic tab on the handle that breaks. It then can't pull the door cable to open the door. Until you fix it, you can (1) roll down the window and open from the outside, or (2) push/twist the lock to open the door. The lock twists out when the door is locked, but if you twist the other way, the door opens.

    To fix it, I bought a new interior drivers-side door handle from ($90 after shipping). To install, I used these steps:

    (1) Remove screws. Looking at door from inside - one on far left (uncovered), one behind pop-out plastic tab on upper right, one behind tab behind silver handle, and one inside the pull-handle well. Remove the wells that surround the silver handle and the pull handle.
    (2) Use a flat-head screwdriver to pop out the plastic tabs that hold most of the door panel to the metal door. It feels like you're breaking your car, but they're really quite tough. There are two on the bottom, two on the left, one on the right, and one on the top.
    (3) The door panel should lift up off the slip tray at the top, by the window. The window controls are attached to the panel, so just let it flop down for a while.
    (4) The black plastic door handle assemby is right there attached to the metal door wall. Pry it off the wall starting on the right. The assembly pops outward, then swing out and to the left. There is a tab that holds the left side in place; you don't need to pry that one loose.
    (5) Remove the small black tab on the top of the assembly, and you can see the gold metal cylinder that the cable is attached to. Position the lock so you can slide the cylinder out of the assembly.
    (6) Slide the cylinder into the NEW door assembly, replace the black plastic cover tab, and reassemble in reverse order.

    I hope I didn't miss a step, but if you're willing to do this at home, you'll surely figure it out! Hope this helps.
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    My 2001 tribute has developed a rattle in the rear door. It appears to be when the door is shut and not in the window.

    Does anyone know if there are any adjustments or replacements for the pads?
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    Did anybody ever respond to scooter40. I have tried silicone spray, and tightening up the window lock, but the rattle comes back after about a week. I think this is a design problem.

    Please let me know if there is a kit to repair it. Thanks
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    I solved my rattle/squeaking problem by wrapping several layers of PVC electrical tape around the post (striker) the tailgate latches onto. The same tape has been in place for several years. It certainly is a cheap/quick try if that is the noise source.
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    I recently purchased a 2001 Tribute in excellent condition except for an excruciating rattle coming from the drivers door when the car was going up or down hills or going over a bump. After many attempts to remedy the problem, I tried your tape solution with instant success. The rattle had been so loud that it masked the fact that all the doors were doing it so I have taped up the lot. I am now enjoying smooth rattle free driving. Many thanks for your suggestion.
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    Most Excellent.
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