08 T&C Sirius Presets and Lock Chirps

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I have grappled with the following problems in a new '08 T&C Limited. Does any one have a solution? (Do I have the wrong software version or something?)
1. My car has no way to preset Sirius channels. There is just one "factory preset" channel, channel 183 - which is a weather channel. The manual briefly states that I can preset 12 channels without giving instructions on how to do this. I can preset FM channels because each item on the "station list" has the preset button in it. Not so for the Sirius list.
2. When I press the "lock" button on the key fob, I get 1 chirp. It does not matter if the doors are open or closed. This is pretty scary because the car never tells me that there is a problem with locking the car. I have had a situation where I asked the sliding door to automatially slide, and locked the car and walked away. The auto slide reversed and the car was left with the side door open. There was no warning that the car had been left in this state.


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    The usual way to store a new preset is to manually go to the station you want to save and then press and hold the preset button or space on the screen for 5 seconds where you want to save it to.

    I think my '07 Chrysler vehicle has 12 presets (4 per page on the MyGIG) and the above method is how it works on mine. When I had my old Mercury with actual buttons to press it worked the same way - press and hold.
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    Thanks for your response. What you described works for AM and FM only and does not apply to Sirius Radio Channels in the '08 T&C. I took the car to the dealer and only the sales manager who has been using the new T&C himself knew how to do this. Nobody in the service dept had a clue. I'll write it down here if someone else has this problem - or if anyone wants to see how convoluted this is.

    Press "Radio Media" and then hit "Menu". Unselect the "Show Presets" checkbox. If you don't unselect this, you can't navigate to a channel that is not on preset, even if you type the channel in "Direct Tune". Then, find the channel you want. The preset buttons are not available here. Hit "Menu" again and this time, select the "Show Presets" again. Now, you will see the 12 preset buttons and pressing on any of them will get the channel on that preset. Simply pressing "Menu" the first time does not display ""Show Presets". "Menu" has to be preceeded by "Radio Media".

    A note on the lock chirp issue: I was told that all Chryslers make the same lock-chirp, regardless of whether the car is locked or actually open. Most car will make one chirp if the car got locked and two chirps if a door was left open. This is a HUGE problem when combined with the auto power sliding door. Imagine this scenario: It is raining. You grab your kid, press the button for the sliding door to shut, run indoors, and press the lock butoon on the key fob. You get a nice chirp feedback meaning the lock worked. What really happened was that the power sliding door encountered an obstacle (ex: strap from a bag) and rolled all the way back. You now have a car, possibly sitting overnight or in a parking lot, with the side door wide open! I am a first time Chrsyler buyer and am surprised that this has not been an issue with anyone else.
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    Which version of the MyGIG application software do you have? I bought mine in September but I recently downloaded the latest upgrade. You can check it by pressing Menu > System Setup > System Information. The latest version for a MyGIG with Sirius and nav is 9.561. I can send you a link if you're interested it.

    Anyway, the procedure you described is pretty much what I do to add a new preset. I just didn't include all of the individual steps because you already have to be in the SAT mode to add a satellite station to the preset list.

    The only other thing is whether the screen is displaying "Info" (info for the music currently playing) or "List" (the preset list). I went to page 2 of my preset list during my drive home from work just a few minutes ago, pressed a line that had the Weather 184 channel for a few seconds and it replaced it with the channel that I was listening to.

    Also, if you're interested in playing a front seat DVD movie for the passenger to watch while driving there are some aftermarket plug-ins I've seen mentioned elsewhere.
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    I just bought the T & C limited about a month ago. I am also having problems with my sliding doors. Just like you, it appears the doors are closing, I walk away, and then about one or two inches away from closing completely, the door opens again stating that an "obstacle is detected". It is very random and I can't tell you how many times I've left it open. I brought it to the dealer and they replaced the door module but as soon as I got home, it did the same thing. I made another appointment and I'm hoping this time it will be fixed!! I'll try to keep you informed as to what the problem is.
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    Actually, I am not having recurring instances of the "false obstacle detected problem". This happened to me just once. What really bothers me is that when the doors do revert from closing (either because there is really an obstacle as in my case or because the door imagined that there is an obstacle as in your case), you get no feedback at all! If this happens in the night, then you could probably notice that the inside lights remain on. But if this is during the day and the door is blocked from your view (because you walked off before it shut or because you used the close door button on the key fob), you could end up walking off with the side door wide open!

    The dealership service manager said "Chryslers have always been this way". I don't get it. How on earth is this possibly OK??

    This should be easily fixable with a software fix. Does anyone know if there is a phone number at which Chrsyler can be directly reached to discuss such technical issues? I looked for it but didn't find one.
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    Does anyone know if there is a phone number at which Chrsyler can be directly reached to discuss such technical issues?

    Did you try the Customer Assistance Center at 800-992-1997?

    Professionally trained customer service agents access state-of-the-art systems to research, clearly define and respond to all types of customer issues. Callers may contact the CCAC at 800-992-1997 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm in each time zone. No weekend or evening support is available and only some holidays are covered (all call centers are closed Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day).
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    Our 2008 Town and Country Touring model has the radio with weather, time, u-connect, etc. on it. When using these buttons it does not do anything it states not available. How does a person get these option available? Is there a way that the time can stay on the radio with out having to press the time button every time a person shuts the vehicle off.
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    I have a T&C Limited but it does not display the weather on the MyGig display system. Outside temperature and compass direction are displayed below the sppedometer in what is called the "vehicle information system" - and that is it as far as "weather" is concerned. U-connect is an added option- ask you dealer if you can install it now. On my MyGig display, the time always shows in a small box at the bottom left corner of the display. Mine has an analog clock in the dashboard that always shows the time.
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    Is there a way that the time can stay on the radio with out having to press the time button every time a person shuts the vehicle off.

    On the vehicle information display there is a Personal Settings area that you can access as long as the vehicle is not in motion. One of the options is whether you want the radio clock to be displayed when the radio is not on.

    I've never experiemented with it to see if it stays on when the vehicle is not on. I have an analog clock above the radio and I turned the radio clock display off.
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    Mine works this way as well. There are already 12 Sirius presets all set to Weather 184. To replace one I just press and hold while on another channel. I guess this could be due to a later firmware or possible the dealer went in and added the 12 presets himself to make it easier for us? Either way, I find it pretty easy to set presets for AM, FM, and Sirius.
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    I guess this could be due to a later firmware or possible the dealer went in and added the 12 presets himself to make it easier for us?

    That's why I asked him which version of the application software he had. It's not near as complicated for me to add a preset with v9.561.

    Also, in another message in this thread I said how to turn the radio clock on by going into the vehicle information display. It's actually done on the radio: Menu > System Setup > Time Setup.

    However, I discovered today that the clock display turns off when the vehicle is turned off. I think he wanted it on all the time.

    BTW, excellent deal there on your purchase. :D
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    One other feature I forgot to mention on the application software upgrade is that it eliminates having to press the Accept button whenever you turn on your radio if you have the MyGIG with navigation. The disclaimer screen still pops up when you first turn it on but it disappears after a few second by itself.

    The upgrade isn't available via the link printed in the owner's manual. I had to Google around and found it on a Nitro forum.
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    Wow. That sounds like a good enough reason to upgrade right there. I found a NTG4_9.561.zip file on jeep.i-thrash.net. Is this the right file? It was referenced here on dodge-nitro.com http://www.dodge-nitro.com/dodge-nitro/3486-post1.html
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    Yes, that's the file. Someone has to have the basic skills on how to burn a CD and create the proper directory structure and properly label it. As long as the instructions are followed correctly it works.

    Caution: The v9.561 application software upgrade is known to work on a MyGIG with nav. I haven't read about anyone trying it on a unit that doesn't have the navigation.

    And here's another cool undocumented tidbit to tinker with when you're bored. You can access the engineering test mode by pressing the scan up, scan dn and menu buttons all at the same time.

    Be careful of what you do while snooping around in there. I've heard people can mess things up to the point where they have to send in their MyGIG to be repaired.
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    That's enough for me to give it a go. I work for a software company so I can certainly burn a cd. :) I do have nav so should be fine. I'm assuming all presets and preferences are left intact? I've spent the last few days setting things up. I'd hate to have to redo everything.
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    Yes, when I ran it on mine all presets and preferences stayed the same. Other than the disclaimer screen disappearing the only other changes I've noticed so far have been a new Favorites folder and the real-time traffic icon at the top right of the screen shows three cars stacked on top of each other, like it shows in the manual. I think mine used to say TMC.

    You might read that entire thread with the download before doing this to see any problems others may have had. The only ones I recall were people who didn't properly create the upgrade CD.
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