Hydrogen Injection Kits

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I've been doing some research on getting a Hydrogen Injection Kit for my 1990 240sx. Anyone out there have thoughts or ideas on a hydrogen injection kit in terms of performance and milage?



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    Do you mean increase milage by 50%?

    I dunno about saving the planet, more like saving my pocketbook :)

    Let's discuss it here, if you have any info for me.

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    This kit is a combination of several tried and proven technologies formulated
    into a DIY kit with full installation instructions . They began shipping to their
    dealers in March of 2007 but discovered that the manufacturer's computer system would go into default when the fuel economy went to a certain level beyond what the on board computer was purposely set at and eliminate any savings . So , this company designed their own computer they call the " optimizer " to teach the on board computer how to allow the fuel economy to reach maximum without violating the " No Tampering " laws .

    The company " Guarantees " a 50% fuel economy improvement or your money back with their phase #1 " Hydro Assist Fuel Cell " modification . They can do this because they are averaging a 95% improvement on the hundreds already installed .

    Their crown jewel will be the " Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter " which has been awaiting EPA approval since November . It's quite evident that the EPA is in collusion with TPTB to suppress this technology . Protocol has been prepared to present to " CARB " for testing and approval . This technology took a 2005 Chrysler 318 engine from 22 MPG to 196 MPG on a dynomometer .

    With both technologies combined there will be no problem in obtaining 100 MPG on any passenger vehicle , SUV or light truck on the road .

    James Hanlon
    Redding , Ca
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    what is the name of the company?
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