Nissan security plus warranty how much did you pay?

konaislandkidkonaislandkid Member Posts: 6
I was wondering if many of you purchased the Nissan Extended Warranty and how much everyone was paying for it? I talked to a representative at after recieving there quote (listed below for the $0 and $50 deductible) it seems like these prices for the warranty is a little high. I wanted to find out what others have paid for their extended warranties before I make my purchase decision, and if you had to use the extended warranty was your experience good or bad?

Gold Preferred coverage:

42 mo. 42000 mi. $ 1263 $ 1190
42 mo. 53000 mi. $ 1368 $ 1272
48 mo. 48000 mi. $ 1357 $ 1262
48 mo. 60000 mi. $ 1735 $ 1566
60 mo. 60000 mi. $ 1806 $ 1621
60 mo. 75000 mi. $ 1867 $ 1642
60 mo. 100000 mi. $ 2147 $ 1896
72 mo. 75000 mi. $ 2033 $ 1805
72 mo. 100000 mi. $ 2549 $ 2217
84 mo. 70000 mi. $ 2217 $ 1950
84 mo. 100000 mi. $ 2902 $ 2502


  • scottinkyscottinky Member Posts: 194
    I paid dealer cost to extend the basic warranty an extra 3mos and 15K miles
    to cover the gap. This truck has soo many electronics in it, it would be foolish
    not to if you plan on keeping it.
  • konaislandkidkonaislandkid Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for posting, I would like to get an extended warranty, but I was hoping to find out how much everyone is paying in order not to get taken too much by the car dealer. Do you remember how much you paid for the warranty you extended?
  • newmedianewmedia Member Posts: 15
    when I was in finance dept., Nissan Armada was class 1 according to warranty hand book. class 1 was most expanse cars in Nissan.

    The dealer told me a fair price was $1500 for 7yr/100K gold protection.
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    I think I paid $1000 for the 5/100k gold $50 deductable warranty.

  • konaislandkidkonaislandkid Member Posts: 6
    Thank you for your response, I purchased the car yesterday. For the gold Preferred Plan they offred:
    5yr/100k $50 deductible for $1571 $0 deductible $1822
    6yr/100k $1892 $2224
    7yr/ 70k $1625 $1892
    7yr/100k $2177 $2577

    I didn't buy the extended warranty yet because I wanted to see if I could find a better deal elsewhere, but if the prices that everyone else has been paying is not too far off I may just get the warranty from the dealer that I purchased from since the buying experience that I went through was probably the best I've had ever.

    Can you tell me if the price you paid was for the Gold or Gold Preferred Plan the yr and model 2wd or 4wd and if you don't mind sharing, the dealer you bought it from just in case I decide to purchase the warranty from them too. Thanks
  • konaislandkidkonaislandkid Member Posts: 6
    I wanted to add can you also let me know if the price you paid was for the Gold or Gold Preferred Plan the yr and model 2wd or 4wd and if you don't mind sharing, the dealer you bought it from just in case I decide to purchase the warranty from them also. Thanks for everyone's help this forum is a great place for information, I really appreciate it.
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Mine was whatever the full bumper to bumper warranty is. 2004 Armada, 4wd.

  • 4runnerv8sport4runnerv8sport Member Posts: 5
    In April I paid $1,206 for 7yr/70,000 Gold Preferred for a 350Z Roadster, $50 deductible.
  • konaislandkidkonaislandkid Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info. So far the best price that I have found was $1892 for "0" deductible and $1625.00 for the $50.00 deductible 84 month/70,000 miles on the Gold Preferred protection package. This is for a 2008 Armada SE 4x4. I'm hoping other's will post what they paid too, I'd like to purchase the plan soon, but would like to get the best price possible for it.
  • 514329514329 Member Posts: 60
    i paid $1600 ( from $ 1650 ) for 72 months - 100,000 miles w/ $50 deductible w/ 1 yr ( up to 4x ) free oil change and tire rotation
  • rawkingrawking Member Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for an extended warranty too. My warranty included with the vehicle expires in Feb/2008, so I'm seriously looking now. I have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE 4x4.
    Anyone here with a Pathfinder 4x4 with the extended warranty? I will likely get the 70/100,000
  • kcmoguykcmoguy Member Posts: 1
    I have a Nissan Altima and I purchased a 60 month 75,000 with $50 deductible for $1010.
  • 909brian909brian Member Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2008 Armada LE over the weekend (see details in the Prices Paid category) and they offered me a "Nissan 1" warranty for 5 year/75,000 miles for about $3,250, which I declined. I think they were trying to make up a little money due to the fact I got a pretty good price on the vehicle. He told me the Nissan 1 warranty could only be purchased when the vehicle was purchased.

    Looking at the Nissan website I do not even see a "Nissan 1" warranty. Has anyone heard of the Nissan 1 warranty and if so is it different then the Nissan Gold Plus warranty?
  • pulmccpulmcc Member Posts: 11
    Never heard of the "Nissan 1" warranty. Maybe it's their own warranty thing. I certainly wouldn't pay $3250, considering my 7yr/75K Gold Plus w/$50 deductible was only $1000 and can be applied at any Nissan service center. As far as when it can be purchased, it just has to be before your standard warranty expires, and it can be purchased at any Nissan dealership throughout the country.
  • 909brian909brian Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for the information. I did some searching on the internet after the post and found some options, but not as low as $1,000 for the 7yr/75K Gold. Was that for the Armada, and if yes who did you buy it from? It looks like they were just trying to separate a fool from his money when they offered it at $3,250. It is nice to not play the role of the fool once in awhile.
  • pulmccpulmcc Member Posts: 11
    I have to first make the disclaimer that I haven't actually picked up my vehicle (will be Saturday as it just arrived from Nissan groundstock today). With that said, I don't anticipate any problems even though everything has been done by phone, as they have been extremely nice and been following up with everything. I am getting a loaded Armada LE 4WD w/everything (MSRP 52460) at the same time as I am getting the extended warranty which is probably why they are giving it to me for so cheap. It is Upstate Nissan in Anderson, SC.
  • zoomzoomnzoomzoomn Member Posts: 143
    6/100K - paid $1890, zero deduct.
  • pulmccpulmcc Member Posts: 11
    At first, I was going to just get the 7yr/75K extended warranty. Then I did the math and realized that 75K over 7 years amounts to an average of 10,714 miles per year, which is not enough for me since I plan on taking it for road trips because of the comfort. So, when I finally picked up my completely loaded 2008 Armada LE 4WD a few weeks ago, I upgraded to the Nissan Gold Preferred 7 year/100,000 extended warranty w/$50 deductible. I paid $44906 (included a $249.95 "procurement charge" which I didn't bother negotiating) for everything which makes the extended warranty costing ~$1800. The MSRP on the vehicle without the all-season mats and hood protector was $52,460. I thought the extended warranty was important because of the 4WD system. I thought the Gold Preferred was better because it covered more components and my Armada has every option in there possible. Plus, it "only" cost $600 to go from 75K to 100K miles and another $200 to go up to Preferred versus standard Gold. I think I got a good deal on the extended warranty because I just bought a $52,460 vehicle.
    2008 Armada LE 4WD Smoke Preferred Package, Moonroof Package, In-cabin Microfilter, Tow Package, Technology Package, DVD Entertainment System, Splash Guards, Moonroof Wind Deflector, Carpeted Floor and Cargo Mats, Rear Cargo Net, Cargo Mat
  • mummerkjbmummerkjb Member Posts: 2
    Here are quotes I reveive from Tara at Nissan of Keene. Her email is [email protected]. These quotes were Gold Preferred for a 08 Sentra.

    72 mo. 100000 miles
    $50 deductible= 885
    $0 deductible= 1043

    84 mo. 100000 miles
    $50 deductible= $1049
    $0 deductible= $1288
  • michellelynnmichellelynn Member Posts: 1
    Ok guys and gals. I need to share my excitement! This past October I bought a 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL with all the bells & whistles. She's stacked. I can't tell you enough how much I love this car. She's getting 26 - 30 miles to the gallon and not all freeway driving. Got her for under 28,000 including tax, license, & registration fees. I would never pay any other made up dealer processing fees. I also got 1.99% financing. Sometimes timing is everything. I suggest never ever buying an extended warranty package the day of the point of sale. You have 3 years/36,000 miles whichever comes first to shop. The day of purchase they tried to sell it to me for over $2,000.00 . Finally he said $1,875.00. I said I would think about it and would get back to them. I decided to search for a forum to find what others were paying. Well, it's nearly 6 months later and today I am going down to the same dealership, dealing with the same finance person and buying the 84month/100,000 mile warranty, $50 deductible, bumper to bumper for $1,200.00. I'm comfortable with that price. I think this car rocks and hopefully if she's anything like my old 1993 Altima I'll never need to use it. :)
  • maxima2005maxima2005 Member Posts: 1
    Just got Warranty from Continental Warranty for Nissan Maxima 2005.
    When I talked to sales, they said that I must buy right now or no deal. They cannot email me a quote and give me time to think. But they said I can pay 250$ today (fully refundable) and they send me package. I ve got +60 month, up to 100,000 miles with $0 deductible for $2100+ (after some negotiation). Can cancel within month. Should receive package within few days. I have slighly below 30K on odometer after almost 3 years since purchase day (original owner). Can anybody share experience or Ext. War. service with Continental Warranty. Plan name: super-puper Freedom Plus. Warranty is bumper-to-bumper (according to sales- I was mooched by two salespeople) and include roadside assistance, car rent and even hotel ($75/day). I ve heard some negatives about this company (they are in Washington State) that with these warranties customer have hard time to make their vehicle serviced becasue Nissan dealers and authorizationers cannot come to agreement when car need repair.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Yes the problem lies with the fact that Continental Warranty authorizes less money per hour than the dealership will charge. In fact a lot of mechanic shops will not take work from Continental Warranty just for that reason alone. What I've found out over the years that if you're going to buy an extended warranty do so from the manufacturer.

    Every dealer can sell it so you can price shop the warranty rather than buy some 3rd party warranty where you don't even know if they will be around next year.
  • etrelleetrelle Member Posts: 2
    I just purchase a 2009 Nissan Murano. I love it but I am totally confused by how they "screwed" me on the Security Plus Agreement. They gave me a Gold Preferred 36 months/45,000 miles for $1500. This does nothing for me because the car is covered by the Warranty for that time period. Next they gave me a Maintenance+Plus Agreement for 45,000 miles at $750 and told me it included tire protection and car rental allowance. I called the next day and asked them why the blanks weren't filled out in these agreements and they said computer error and I would get the contracts in 30 days. Next I took the car on a trip and discovered I didn't have Maintence Plus when I had a flat tire! The out-of-town Nissan dealer told me confidentially I had been screwed on these agreements. Now the GM/Managing Partner where I bought the car won't return my phone calls and I have contact Nissan Consummer Affairs. I haven't bought a new car in 10 years. I love this car BUT I hate all this hassle and lying. Why would they do this?
    My husband wanted to buy a Nissan next year but now ............. Any ideas on what I do next. We are retired, mature and I guess stupid.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    You probably can cancel the extended warranties by sending the dealer a letter. But first you may want to call your local consumer protection office and see what advice they can give you.

    And please visit Dealer Ratings and Reviews and tell the world about your dealer.
  • rorodadrorodad Member Posts: 13
    I just purchased a Murano and want to do the exact same thing. Could you please tell me how much you paid and was the deductable $50 or Zero? Thanks !!!! Bob
  • kwbollingerkwbollinger Member Posts: 1
    I am also looking for an extended warranty. Just bought my 2009 Altima 2.5 SL with lots of bells and whistles. I was looking at the Nissan Security Plus Gold Preferred Plan - they wanted $1850 for 84month/100,000miles w/$50.00 Ded. Sounds like this is way to much to be spending. What did you use for ammunition to get the price down?

    Has anyone else gotten this warranty for a lower price? Where did you get it? I assume I can do all this via Fax, Phone, and Fed-Ex. I'm in Calif, so I'd even take a drive to a surrounding state if the price was substantually lower.
  • imariquinnimariquinn Member Posts: 96
    in Florida. A couple days after buying the van, I paid $755.00 for the Nissan Gold Preferred 60 month/75000 mile warranty through VOB Nissan in Rockville, MD. I am in Florida and they sell the warranty without the dealer mark up which is usually 100%. They sell it at COST.

    The extended warranty offers roadside assistance for the entire time you own the warranty.
  • joker43manjoker43man Member Posts: 1
    If you still need an extended warranty you might want to look at warranty direct. It is recommended by Edmunds. I have not had to use it yet so no input there.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Edmunds has had various warranty companies as ad partners over the years, but I don't think we specifically recommend any company.

    Choosing The Extended Warranty That's Right For You
  • prncssannprncssann Member Posts: 2
    I am about to purchase a 2009 Armada LE. Can anyone tell my how much I should pay for the Gold Preferred Maintenance Plus, 60m/75,000 miles and the Gold Preferred Security Plus Extended Warranty, 84 m/100,000 miles? I live in Texas. I can’t locate costs for these anywhere. You can go to Kelly Blue Book for the vehicle invoice price, but where do you go for the extended warranty costs? The manufacturers keep this info under lock and key.
  • twiggy2twiggy2 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2009 Murano SL with all the luxury add ons (navigation, tech package, etc.) I'm trying to decide if I should pay for the extended gold warranty. The dealership offered me a 7 yr. / 70K mile deal with a $50 deductible at over $2,300. That seems outrageous!!

    Does anyone else have any recent comparisons?

    Really appreciate the insight.
  • saffihsaffih Member Posts: 1
    Can you please let me know if I can purchase this contract and what do you mean in your message? please contact me ASAP thanks
  • good_newsgood_news Member Posts: 1
    I paid $1192 for an 84 mos / 70,000 mile Nissan Security Plus plan for my 2009 Altima.

    I found the following link that will provide free price quotes and the actual contract (from a Nissan dealer in Ga.) I would suggest using this link for comparison purposes:

    Here are the prices I received for a 2009 Altima (from the above link). This info let me know that I obtained a fair price from my local dealer for my service warranty.

    Nissan Security+Plus Gold 72 mo. 100,000 mi. 0 Deductble $1,677
    Nissan Security+Plus Gold 72 mo. 100,000 mi. 50 Deductble $1,513
    Nissan Security+Plus Gold 84 mo. 70,000 mi. 0 Deductble $1,647
    Nissan Security+Plus Gold 84 mo. 70,000 mi. 50 Deductble $1,483
  • tnicoltnicol Member Posts: 1

    I paid $2899 for the gold plan, after paying $2000 for a lesser plan a month ago. And was told it was not optional, but required for the financing. I told them I didn't want it, but they refused to remove it. I think I need a lawyer.

  • AbbasmoAbbasmo Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought a used 2012 Nissan Rogue. It's 121000 Kilometers. I am wondering what are my option if I want to purchase "Nissan Security+Plus" or extended warrant. Much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • samm14samm14 Member Posts: 161
    2021 Nissan Rogue S awd Gold protection 75000/72 months.
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